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Willkommen !

Willkommen !

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Willkommen !

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  1. Willkommen! Heather Fleming, Ph.D., M.A. Ed. “Frau Fleming” Room B-33 German I, II, III, AP IV, Honors V (and World Lit and two periods of Expository Reading & Writing) Advisor: German Club & Yoga Club

  2. Personal Background • California native • I learned German at an East Bay high school, just like your child! • Education • B.A. ‘87 German Literature (UC Berkeley) • M.A. ’91 & Ph.D. ’97 German Literatures and Languages (U. Pennsylvania) • M.A. Ed. ’06 (U Phoenix) • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification 2011 (Downtown Yoga, Pleasanton) • Teaching and Language Experience • I’ve taught German since 1989, and I’ve been at FHS since 2005 • Lived in German-speaking countries a combined total of about 10 years, either attending university (Göttingen, Berlin, München), teaching (Freiburg), working as a translator (Berlin), or travelling with homestays (München, Münster, Essen, Vienna) Go Falcons!!

  3. Parent/Teacher Communication • Open lines of communication • E-Mail: than telephone!!!) • Website: > Faculty & Staff > Fleming • Deutsch 1Deutsch IIDeutsch III/IV APHonors Deutsch V • Note, however, that the first point of communication should always be between teacher and student – we’re getting ready for college and the real world here! • On-Line Grades • Q: get login info through the Q team in District Office • Updated every few weeks (it’s a highly detailed task when one teaches SEVEN DIFFERENT courses) • Remember that Q will not be an accurate reflection of the grade status in the future.

  4. Dankeschön!! • I know you pull out your checkbooks for your kids‘ schools, sports, music, and other activities a lot these days, and you‘ve done so for our small program as well, and for that, I am deeply grateful. • I also know that for many people, allowing their child to study German is a leap of faith – it was for my parents too (my maternal grandfather was killed in France in WWII) – and so it is my great honor to spend the next few years with your children. • What I know most of all is that it is all worth the effort: German matters! • Just look at that great big building just over the freeway that hosts a branch of the largest software company in the world!

  5. May we boast a bit? Our standardized testing scores rock! • Year after year, at least 50% FHS German students (levels 2-5) place in the 70th percentile or higher on the National German Exam. • This means that FHS German students are among the best in the country! • The average pass rate on the AP German exam is +/-85% for Foothill German students • 90% of the students who have taken the challenging new AP German Language and Culture exam in the two years since its inception in 2012 have passed with flying colors! 80% earn a score of 4 or 5. • Alumni of the FHS German program proceed to various international study and training opportunities, with at least 1/3 of graduates studying in a German-speaking country during their college years.

  6. The Five C‘s of Language Acquisition We address all five areas

  7. The Five C‘s of Language Acquisition:three modes of communication

  8. Content Areas in Levels 1-5in preparation for theAP German Language & Culture examand beyond

  9. Classwork = Collaboration • Practicing, explaining homework • Frequent partner & group work • Cultural presentations & activities • Films, songs, kinesthetic activities • KeinEnglisch in der Deutschklasse!

  10. Homework = Review & Study Übung macht den Meister! Practice makes perfect! • Telefonpartnerarbeitexpected 3 times per week, due every two weeks. • ONE OF THE KEYSTONES OF FHS GERMAN • Parents need to sign EACH time for credit. • Objective: to improve fluency in spoken German. • NOTE: This assignment is on the HONOR SYSTEM. Students who fill out the log without doing the work will get credit... But those students who choose to cheat will NOT make progress in their speaking skills, and in time, this will become plainly obvious to me on oral assessments. By German 3 at the latest, the difference between those who practice and those who don’t becomes PLAINLY OBVIOUS. • PROFICIENT ACADEMIC FOREIGN LANGUAGE SPEAKING SKILLS MATTER IN COLLEGE!!!!! • I will get your child there, IF your child participates fully and consistently in my assignments and activities.

  11. Homework = Review & Study Übung macht den Meister! Practice makes perfect! • Daily study of all provided materials as well as reading and writing activities are emphasized • 15-30 minutes for German 1-3 (often less, sometimes more) • 30-60 for AP / Honors • Vocabulary study (10 words/expressions daily) • Students should continually review vocabulary (this is essential to acquiring a new language) • Use flashcards, a flashcard app, and/or • Revisions of tests and compositions • compositions must be typed in MLA format!

  12. Grading • Slow and steady wins the race! • Workbook & other small assignments = 5 points • Essays and projects are worth 10+ points • Grades are based on cumulative points on a percentage basis • 90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, etc.

  13. Extra Credit • NO discrete extra credit assignments! • Extra credit opportunities are embedded in regular assignments and assessments • Extra Telefonpartnerarbeit • Writing out chapter vocab lists x3 before the chapter-end test • Periodic extra credit tasks on quizzes and tests • Going the extra mile on in-class participation • Eco-friendly practices • Using pre-used paper to print out computer-generated assignments • Bringing in pre-used paper, from the office, etc. • Saving paper when printing out online activities

  14. Language Lab, or LARC • The LARC (Language Acquisition Resource Center) is everyone’s favorite! • Using it is a privilege… • Equipment must be treated with TLC or the privilege will be lost. • Students practice pronunciation and listening • Teacher may listen in on student work • Students may be required to record themselves • NOTE: The World Language Department has a new state-of-the-art lab, thanks to the support of PTO and PUSD Core Funding! Danke!!!

  15. Cultural Activities • Cultural days (i.e. Oktoberfest): we request a $10 donation to cover the cost of food for 3-4 different cultural celebrations • Immersion Day: German day camp in March • Outing to a German restaurant • Other field trips depending on availability and interest • German-American Partnership Program: reciprocal exchange program with our partner school in Halle, Germany, ongoing since 1992! • Next exchange trip to Germany: June/July 2015 All students who are interested should participate; scholarships are available for students in need who carry a grade of A or B in German and a 3.0 GPA

  16. Classroom Needs • Native speakers to provide regional cultural information to AP German students, in compliance with the new AP exam • Boxes of Kleenex • a butcher paper roller • used paper (8”x11” paper that’s been printed on one side) (we recycle because we’re umweltfreundlich!) • environmentally friendly cleaning supplies • empty ink cartridges and old cell phones (we recycle to raise funds!) • Young adult literature and magazines in German

  17. Vielen Dank