tips on property investment in jaipur n.
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Tips on property invesment in Jaipur PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips on property invesment in Jaipur

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Tips on property invesment in Jaipur - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Make your property invesment deal more profitable one for you. Read the following content .

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tips on property investment in jaipur

Tips on Property Investment in Jaipur


Jaipur is always in demand in term of property investment. There are many reasons behind this like its proximity to capital city i.e. Delhi or you can say a peaceful city or a well structured and well planned city. There is no doubt that if you are planning to invest in property in Jaipur, your decision will be a fruitful one. But before investing on land you should follow the following points, to make your decision a more lucrative one.


JDA approved property in Jaipur

Here JDA stands for Jaipur Development Authority. The very first thing, which investor should keep in mind while investing in property is that the land which you are going to purchase, should be JDA approved. This is because, JDA approved land gets many advantages like bank loans, proper roads, easy reselling, proper electricity and water supply, proper sewage system, garden facility and many more.


Equal directions on all sides square

This is important, that the shape of the land should be straight in nature. It means, it should be either rectangular or square in shape. A rectangle should not be a big rectangle. A good measurement of the land will be considered, front of the land as 1 time than the depth of the land must be 1 – 2.5 times.


Land should not be of extra length from any side

If the shape of the property is not regular in shape, then it will affect the selling price. So, mostly you should avoid property with irregular shapes. These types of property are generally sold at 5-15 % lower price than the current market prices.


Check the facing of the land

Mostly jaipurites believes in VastuShastra. As such, EAST facing property is in high demands. People prefer to buy property which is facing towards EAST direction. Next comes NORTH facing, then WEST facing and finally SOUTH facing. SOUTH facing property are often sold at 5-10 % less price than current market prices.


Avoid plots which is at “T” points

This is again about VastuShastra. T point is a place where three way roads meets and according to VastuShastra, it is considered bad for a health and other life issues.


Check the surrounding localities of the land

Have a check on the surrounding of the area, where you are going to invest in property. It is very important that the property you are going to buy should be near to important places like hospitals, school, market, transport, airport, bus stand, railway station, etc. these all day to day facilities play a vital role in your life.


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