Who is she?
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Who is she?. The. New. Girl. I hope a teacher comes to let us in soon!. I wonder who that girl in front is…. It’s starting to get cold outside!. Yeah, do you know who she is?. No idea. She must have just moved here. Time to go in! Ms. Gerch just got here to lead us inside.

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Who is she?




I hope a teacher comes to let us in soon!

I wonder who that girl in front is…

It’s starting to get cold outside!

Yeah, do you know who she is?

No idea. She must have just moved here.

Time to go in! Ms. Gerch just got here to lead us inside..

Hey, did you notice that new girl?

Everyone, this is Aya.

Aya, you can take the open seat next to Tiffany.

She just moved here from Michigan and is new to our school.

Please help her feel welcome.


She must be crazy! I’ve got to get away from her before recess!

Well, I’ve got to go meet some of my friends outside.

How about you?

Just one sister named Amanda.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?


I’m my own sister!


You’re Aya, right?

Hi, what’s your name?

I have one sister too.

I’m Tiffany.


I hope that girl recess!Aya doesn’t find me. She’s so weird!

Oh, I guess we can go on the tire swing.

So, what do you want to play?

Oh, hi…

Hi again!

Oh, I guess I can tell it to her… recess!

Maybe she’ll forget it.

590-0963. Got it.

So, what’s your phone number?



Well, I was wondering what your address is. recess!

That was weird…

Why do you want to know?

Ok, well I live at 1227 North Chicago Avenue.

Oh, yeah…

I’ll get it!

Who is this?

It’s Aya. Remember me?


No reason.

Thanks. Bye!

Hi, it’s me!

I’m recess!Aya. I just moved into the neighborhood, and I was wondering if Tiffany could play.

Of course she can! How wonderful that you two are friends!

Tiffany! Your friend is here to play!

Don’t be silly! Go outside with your friend.

Ok, Mom.

Who are you?

Oh, hi. Well, I kind of have a lot of homework to do.

Oh, hello!

I’ll go ask my mom. recess!

Hi! I was just wondering if you could come over to my house to play.

Oh, hi!

Yep, she says I can!

I only live 2 blocks away.

No, but I’ve been there, and both of my parents were born there.

Come on. We have a great climbing tree in my backyard.

My dad. He was speaking Arabic.

Wow, that’s really cool. Were you born in Egypt?

We’re Egyptian.

What was that?

When I met you, I thought you were really weird. there.

I am really weird!

I’m glad we’re friends.

Well, you’re also really nice, and you make a great friend.

Me too.

The there.