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The Biggest Campground PowerPoint Presentation
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The Biggest Campground

The Biggest Campground

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The Biggest Campground

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  1. The Biggest Campground By: Adam Mueller and Dylan Wilmot

  2. Introduction • You are out camping with your friends. It is summer and you’re at a huge campground for 7 – 12 year olds. You’re separating into age group cabins. The cabins have 8 bunk beds and 4 TVs with a wii or Xbox 360 hooked up to them. It has 2 refrigerators, a microwave, an oven, and a box of board games. They have 4 trails for running and walking through the 10 mile woods. Also, they have 3 trails through their 20 mile forest but there are a lot of obstacles of different animals like a bunny rabbit, snake, cockatoo, bears, wolves, deer, and ostrich. They also have a big lake that the kids go swimming in but they can’t wander too far. • There are 4 kids Peter Pencil, Kim Stool, Julia Poster, Tom Folder • You woke up in the morning you were trying to decide whether to stay around the cabin, go to page 14 • or go swimming in the lake? Go to page 2

  3. Peter and Kim decided to go swimming. They are doggy paddling around the lake then they see a HUGE slide and 2 jet skis. • Do they go on the slide go to page 4 • or go jet skiing? Go to page 10

  4. They first went to the slide with 890 stairs to the top. The slide goes up for about 10 feet than shoots down 300 feet. Then has whip lashing sharp turns for about 200 feet. They both went together down the slide until the bottom they see a magenta squirrel and a blue bunny rabbit. • Do they follow the magenta squirrel go to page 5 • or do they follow the blue bunny rabbit? Go to page 9

  5. They ran after the squirrel swinging their arms franticly. The squirrel turned around and bit Kim. Then Kim started to cry and Peter ran after the squirrel while Kim looked for band-aids in her bag. The squirrel goes into a dark cave. • Do they go into the cave go to page 6 • or go back to the campground? Go to 13

  6. They decide to go into the cave. When they get into the cave they have walk into a room and on the wall there is a question there. Below the question it says answer this right and be rewarded with great fortune answer it wrong and face dire consequences. The question is what is the square root of pie? • Do they answer it right. Go to page 7 • or do they get it wrong? Go to page 8

  7. A door on the side opens and on a rotating platform is a treasure chest. They open it there is millions of dollars and jewelry. Congratulations!

  8. The Walls start to cave in on you. You are found dead. Go back and try again

  9. They decide to follow the blue bunny rabbit and when they see it, it is so big that they pass out and die. Go back and try again

  10. They decided to go jet skiing around the lake. While skiing they wander into a tributary and look around. • Do they go farther into the tributary go to page 11 • or turn back and keep on jet skiing? Go to page 12

  11. They decided to go down in the tributary and check what was going on. They held their breaths and dove into the tributary. While they were swimming they found different kinds of fish, sea turtles, sting rays, and the most popular sharks. They were going along and all of a sudden they were surrounded by ten sharks. They got destroyed by all of them. • Go back and try again

  12. They turn around and go back to the lake. They played tag with the jet skies and were having races. They finally ran out of gas and went back to the cabin to relax.

  13. They returned to the campground to play with there friends in hid-n-go seek and tag. They went back swimming.

  14. When they wake up they decided they don’t want to go swimming and stay around the camp ground. • Do they go dune bugging Go to page 15 • or stay in the cabin playing video games? Go to page 18

  15. They decided to go dune bugging on all the trails so they first go get the dune buggies out of the shed and start out for the trails. It is about 4 miles to the trails. • Do you go on all the trails? Go to Page 16 • just ride around the whole park and go off the ramps? Go to page 17

  16. Tom and Julia decide to go on the trails to which they find Peter and Kim dead on the side of a rock. You are frightened so you head back to camp. • Go back and try again

  17. They decide to go off the ramps there is kiddy ramps, medium ramps, and humungous ramps. They go off of all the ramps. It is getting dark out so they go back to camp.

  18. They decide to stay and play video games. They play the X-Box 360 and play halo, and gears of war. They get interrupted by a knock on the window kids want them to go outside and play, but they are getting hungry. • Do they stay inside and eat Go to page 20 • or go outside and play? Go to page 19

  19. They decide to go outside and play. Some they played were football, basketball, and soccer. They were swinging on swings. They were chasing an ostrich and caught it while meeting up with Peter and Kim.

  20. They decide to stay in and bake a pizza, eat chips, drink soda, and watch TV. The TV is a 36 in. plasma screen TV, with a wii and x-box 360 hooked up and surround sound system.