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Metadata Frameworks

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Metadata Frameworks. Fall 2003. Metadata Frameworks. ADN - for online/offline resources ** DLESE-IMS - for online resources Annotation - resource reviews, comments ** Collection - collection characteristics ** News-Opps - announcements

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metadata frameworks1
Metadata Frameworks
  • ADN - for online/offline resources **
  • DLESE-IMS - for online resources
  • Annotation - resource reviews, comments **
  • Collection - collection characteristics **
  • News-Opps - announcements

**Design - Venetian Blind with chameleon namespaces

Overall Challenge - Jan 2004 metadata workshop - whole ball of wax per Mike Mayhew

adn records
ADN records
  • Web-based resources where resources are:
    • Modules, lesson plans, activities, etc.
    • Datasets (remote sensed, in-situ, model)
    • Guides, text, visuals, imagery, etc.
  • Strong data-typing with enforced required fields
  • Has educational, technical, geospatial, temporal, relations, right, cataloger, creator, general categories

Challenge - no direct meta generation support

dlese ims records
DLESE-IMS records
  • No data-typing;
  • Required metadata not enforced
  • Same ADN categories just less info in each category
  • Geospatial and temporal are completely different than ADN (causes problem records for ADN)
  • Has metadata generation support
annotation records
Annotation records
  • Are the gatekeeper to the Reviewed Collection
  • Are the gatekeeper as to whether library users can read or contribute reviews
  • Can exist without ADN records
  • Only 1 annotation type per record
  • Annotations are in the record or a URL sends library user to a new site for the annotation
  • Strong data-typing with enforced required fields

Challenge - no direct meta generation support

collection records 1
Collection records (1)
  • Overall collection characteristics (title, descr.)
  • Contains DPC collection key and metadata format (how to track collections through DPC)
  • Indicates how a collection arrives at the DPC
    • Is the collection OAI harvestable & the OAI info
    • Is the collection generated at the DPC
    • Is the collection emailed, ftp’ed or what
  • Moderate data-typing with enforced required metadata
collection records 2
Collection records (2)
  • Indicates if/how collections can be redistributed
  • Info about item-level catalog record #’s
  • Indicates super/sub/associated collections
  • Can indicate ADL buckets for a collection
  • Captures the additional info needed for NSDL
  • Tracks accessioning and alignment with DLESE collection policies per requirement of the Collections Accessioning Taskforce
collection records 3
Collection records (3)

Challenge - not sure if framework has all needed information

Challenge - to produce valid records requires both DPC staff and a collection builder to create record

Challenge - need to incorporate into other DLESE systems (DDS, histograms, OAI)

Challenge - no metadata generation support

news and opps
News and Opps
  • Allows for different announcement like grants, conf. wrkshps, interns. and start/stop, post/archive dates (non-standard)
  • Has metadata generation support
  • No vocabs or data typing except in GUI
  • No longer valid records
  • Mixes presentation with data (html, special chars issues)

Challenge - per Karon, core services involvement; need better discovery and framework revamp?

dependencies and versioning 1
Dependencies and Versioning (1)
  • All frameworks are independent; even though some have same fields (good or bad???)
  • All controlled vocabularies are individual schemas so that they can be plugged into any framework (namespaces are hidden)
  • Collection, ADN & Anno are versioned in CVS
dependencies and versioning 2
Dependencies and Versioning (2)
  • Collection, ADN & Anno records validate at schema locations on the metadata website through their overarching wrapper schema
    • Metadata/adn-item/0.6.50/record.xsd
    • Metadata/collection/0.1.01/collection.xsd
    • Metadata/annotation/0.1.01/annotation.xsd
  • New framework versions are issued when
    • a tag is changed
    • a vocabulary is changed (add/delete)
    • or a new or modified field causes a structure change
dependencies and versioning 3
Dependencies and Versioning (3)

Challenge - the schemas enforce *lots* so they have lost some plug-n-play & the records are less flexible in coping with change

Challenge - if give up some enforcement, records are more flexible when changes occur but data is more suspect (this philosophy needs to work closely with a UI because the UI would have to pick up some of the data enforcement)--- Probably not good for ADN but worth high consideration for News & Opps.