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TRANSPORTATION SECURITY. Transportation Border Working Group Dearborn, MI - June 1, 2005 Serge Lavoie, Surface & Multi-modal Security Policy Security and Emergency Preparedness Directorate. Context. Air India bombing, 1985 Terrorist attacks, September 11, 2001 Iraq War, March 2003

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Transportation Border Working Group

Dearborn, MI - June 1, 2005

Serge Lavoie, Surface & Multi-modal Security Policy

Security and Emergency Preparedness Directorate

  • Air India bombing, 1985
  • Terrorist attacks, September 11, 2001
  • Iraq War, March 2003
  • Madrid bombing, March 11, 2004.
  • National Security Policy (NSP), April 2004
  • Federal budgets (2001-2005):
    • $9 billion to improve security
    • Over $3 billion for transportation security.
  • Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (March 23, 2005)
    • Leaders of Canada, USA, Mexico
transport canada s strategic objectives
Transport Canada’s Strategic Objectives
  • A safe and secure transportation system that contributes to Canada's social development and security objectives
  • An efficient transportation system that contributes to Canada's economic growth and trade objectives; and
  • An environmentally responsible transportation system that contributes to Canada's sustainable development objectives
transport canada s priorities

Smart Regulation

New Security Policies and Programs

Market-basedPolicy Framework

Safety and Security Management Systems

Infrastructure, Gatewaysand Trade Corridors


Environmental Assessment

Climate Change

Environmental Protection and Remediation

Transport Canada’s Priorities

Safe & Secure


Environmentally Responsible

key drivers of the transport canada security agenda
Current and foreseeable threat level

National Security Policy

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada

Parliamentary interest – SCONSAD, OAG

Influence of US security agenda

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

Other international pressures (e.g. G8, APEC, ICAO)

Facilitate trade and economic growth

Maintain a balanced approach

Transportation security will remain a high priority

Key Drivers of the Transport Canada Security Agenda
securing an open society canada s national security policy
Securing an Open Society: Canada’s National Security Policy

Three core national security interests:

  • Protecting Canada and Canadians at home and abroad
  • Ensuring Canada is not a base for threats to our allies
  • Contribution to international security
national security policy six key security activities
National Security PolicySix key security activities
  • Intelligence
  • Emergency planning and management
  • Public health
  • Transportation security
  • Border security
  • International security
canada s nsp 2005 progress report one year later key achievements
Public Health Agency of Canada, first Chief Public Health Officer

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America

Government Operations Centre

Integrated Threat Assessment Centre

High level federal-provincial-territorial forum on emergencies

Marine Facility Security Contribution Program

Expansion of NEXUS and FAST to 11 and 19 sites

Innovative new NEXUS-Air pilot program at Vancouver International Airport

Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security

Model for National Security Committee of Parliamentarians

Canada’s NSP 2005 Progress Report One year later - Key achievements:
aviation security
Aviation Security
  • Increased passenger security (CATSA)
    • Deployment of Explosives Detection Systems
    • Restricted Area Identity Card
  • Public Safety Act (2002)
    • Use of passenger data for security
    • New/clarified legislative and regulatory authorities
    • Rationalization of confidential and non-confidential requirements
  • Other
    • Air Cargo Security
    • Security Management Systems (SEMS):Take “security is everybody's business” to the next level
marine security
Marine Security
  • International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code July 1, 2004
  • 6-point marine security plan
    • Clarifying and strengthening accountability
    • Establishing Marine Security Operations Centres
    • Increasing the on-water presence
    • Investing in secure communications technologies
    • Pursuing greater cooperation with the United States
    • Strengthening security at ports and other marine facilities
surface transportation security
Surface Transportation Security
  • Road
    • National Road Security Team (NRST)
    • Use of FastCard for Hazmat Drivers
  • Rail
    • Thorough review of rail security and the current self-regulatory regime
  • International Bridges
    • Canadian Transportation Act Review
multimodal transport security
Multimodal Transport Security
  • Intermodal Cargo Security
    • CBSA is lead
    • Customs Inspections, VACIS
  • Expand Transportation Security Clearances
    • Aviation and Marine
    • Others - TDG/Hazmat?
multimodal transport security cont
Multimodal Transport Security (Cont.)
  • National Critical Infrastructure Assurance Program (NCIAP) Initiative
  • Responsibilities in key departmental and national plans
  • Development of a National Transportation Security Strategy…
transportation security strategy
Transportation Security Strategy
  • Proactively shape the transportation security agenda
  • Look at the overall transportation system
    • All modes and critical infrastructure
  • Conduct analysis and research
    • Adopt a risk management approach
  • Engage a wide range of partners and stakeholders
    • Inside and outside of government
  • Look at the broader international context
    • Especially the US agenda
canada s road ahead
Canada’s Road Ahead
  • In partnership with the private sector and our international partners, Transport Canada will develop strategies to enhance transportation security
  • Decisions on a policy framework will be followed by further regulatory and non-regulatory action drawing upon Canadian and international, including US experiences
  • The Transportation Security Program will be developed and implemented based on the underlying principles outlined in the National Security Policy