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  1. HIRING Just a few strategies

  2. Who Am I? • Jorden ( • Someone’s mom • HR non-conformist • Praxair, Shred-it, John Deere, Halton Police, TWD Technologies,

  3. 8 Hiring Tips: • Be Yourself • Test Candidates • Hire Slowly • Be where the people are • Hire with a posse • Guts are real • Referrals • Perfection is a myth

  4. Hiring Tips for Who? • These apply for all types of employees – full time, part time, contract, co-op, intern, etc.

  5. Be Yourself • You’re pretty cool • Don’t pretend to be like other companies • If offering $2,000 to quit or providing unlimited vacation isn’t right for you, don’t do it • Be honest and clear about the gig • Post ads that reflect who you are…

  6. Job Posting There comes a day in every person's life when they realize that grass is green, and not just on the other side. When they crave a home larger than 900 square feet. It dawns on them that commuting is a waste of time. Suddenly they see that riding a hot, crowded train and being wedged between five people on the subway sucks.  Today is that day, my friend. Welcome to Burlington. Where lawns wrap around every building. Where housing is spacious and affordable. Where the only stop and go during your commute is the stop at the LCBO on the way home. And to answer your burning question, yes, we have an Apple store.  Burlington also has Canada's largest Rib Fest and the world's largest lilac collection.

  7. Test Candidates • Give tests – real ones • Behavioural interviews don’t count • Who has ever provided a bad reference? • Try things like: • invite the candidate to a meeting • write a few lines of code for a new project • answer the phone when a customer calls • complete a financial analysis

  8. Hire Slowly • What a cliché! • Take your time and make the right choice • Meet with the candidate more than once • Probation is a courtship • You will make mistakes • Here comes another cliché – fire fast

  9. Be Where Your People Are • Post where the people you are looking for hang out – don’t listen to best practices • It could be kijiji, stack overflow, Monster, Reddit, an online retailer, a blog, a video game…be creative

  10. Hiring Posse • Make sure many people meet the candidate • It doesn’t have to be formal or scripted • Try things like a boardgame, open discussion, coffee break

  11. Guts are Real • We’ve all got instincts, use them • Listen to yourself • My boss says he is really bad at this – he’ll argue that you should never listen to your gut but that you should go with data • That’s why you combine all these tools

  12. Referrals • Nothing fancy, no need for large sums of money or prestigious parking spots • Ask for referrals, interview everyone suggested, show gratitude for referrals

  13. Perfection • No one is perfect • Trying to find someone who has every quality on your list will not happen • Sometimes you can teach skills, but you can’t teach willingness, loyalty or grit

  14. After the signature • Make your onboarding process comprehensive and fluid • Introduce the new hire to the building and the team in an unstructured, simple way • Keep the door open – meet formally a few times a month and informally as much as possible

  15. Questions and Comments