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Platte County Health Department PowerPoint Presentation
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Platte County Health Department

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Platte County Health Department - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Platte County Health Department. Division of Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Public Information. What we are doing…. Partnership with local Emergency Management Daily Avian Flu situation reports Community Readiness Challenge with Ready in 3 Integrated pandemic flu plan

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Platte County Health Department

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    1. Platte County Health Department Division of Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Public Information

    2. What we are doing… • Partnership with local Emergency Management • Daily Avian Flu situation reports • Community Readiness Challenge with Ready in 3 • Integrated pandemic flu plan • Isolation/Quarantine Planning

    3. Partnership with Emergency Management • Discussed avian flu impact in Platte County • Performed security analysis of POD site(s) • Attend trainings and exercises to strengthen standing partnership • Discussions on how to utilize Mid-America Medical Reserve Corp (MAMRC) as well as CERT for volunteer recruitment

    4. Avian Flu Situation Reports • Researched and prepared by Public Information Officer (PIO) at the Platte County Health Dept • Includes background, symptoms, appropriate PPE, and new vaccine/treatment technology • Daily (up to three months) tracking of suspected, probable, and confirmed cases • Contact Dawn Moore ( to be added to the distribution list

    5. Community Readiness Challenge • Based on foundations established by the Ready-in-3 program • Promotes personal preparedness within Platte County • Provides ‘starter items’ for individual personal emergency ‘go’ kits • Teaches citizens the fundamentals of how to be prepared for a man-made or natural disaster • Publicly credits all participants

    6. Integrated Pandemic Flu Plan • Pandemic Flu mitigation, preparedness, and response concepts are integrated into the all-hazard PCHD Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan • Plan has been shared and reviewed with response partners in Platte County and greater KC • PCHD staff is consistently trained and exercised on plan principles • Proposes a single POD site to provide prophylaxis to community due to resource limitations

    7. Isolation and Quarantine Planning, Preparedness, and Issues to Consider

    8. Definitions • Isolation – Individual separation for the duration of communicability • Quarantine – Individual or group separation of persons not infected, but at risk after exposure • Social Distance – Planned social, economic, and geographic measure to reduce spread and/or communicability of disease

    9. Health Department Options • Quarantine • Voluntary • Individual • Group • Business/Industry • Work Quarantine • Mandatory • Individual • Group • Business/Industry (de facto) • Isolation

    10. Possible Requested Actions (General Guidelines) • Reduce hours of operation • Wear PPE (masks) in facility • Make alcohol-based sanitary wipes or gel available • Increase cleaning intervals for public/shared bathroom facilities • Limit public bathroom use • Consider closing

    11. Possible Request Actions (Industry Specific) • Restaurants/Bars • Initiate curbside or delivery service • Banks • Use only drive-thru service • Minimize number of office staff • Tourism (Casinos, parks, tours, etc.) • Eliminate public tours and gatherings (including games) • Strategically increase space between persons • Increase sanitation intervals on shared or common areas • Eliminate direct service options (cocktail waiting)

    12. Possible Request Actions (Industry Specific) • Gas Stations • Closed one side of pumps to increase person to person distance • Eliminate cash service • Eliminate access to convenience building • Offices with shared ventilation systems • Allow telecommuting • Reduce number of employees or clients allowed in building at any given time • Transportation Facility • Reduce capacity in transport mechanism • Eliminate eating or socializing areas

    13. Business Preparedness Checklist of Pandemic Flu • Plan for the Impact of Pandemic on your Business • Plan for the Impact of Pandemic on Employees and Customers • Establish Policies to be Implemented during Pandemic • Allocate Resources to Protect Employees and Customers • Communicate to Educate Your Employees • Coordinate with External Organizations and Help Your Community

    14. That’s All Folks!!! Susan Hoskins Health Services/Emergency Response Manager Platte County Health Department 212 Marshall Road Platte City, MO 64079 816-858-2412 816-935-3602 (cell)