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Rapid Review

Rapid Review

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Rapid Review

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  1. Rapid Review

  2. Which sentence below uses the word “word” as an adjective? A. The words on the page blurred as she moved the magnifying glass. B. I word my sentences carefully, so as not to confuse you. C. I like word games, but I do not have any more in my drawer D. When playing banana grams, I did not know how to spell a word.

  3. Read the sentence.Our students are ______ than students at other schools.Which BEST completes the sentence? A. Intelligent B. Intelligenter C. More intelligent D. Most intelligent

  4. Read the sentence. Mike washed the car with more care than he washed the windows.Which word could replace the underlined part of this sentence? A. Carefullier B. More carefully C. Carefuller D. More carefuller

  5. Which sentence is written correctly? A. LaVergne Middle school is more big than most schools. B. That student is more cool than the than the others. C. Harley motorcycles have more powerful engines than Hondas. D. Books are more bigger than stories in our reading book.

  6. Read the sentence.The taste was delicious of cakes in the oven.What is the BEST way to rewrite this sentence? A. The taste of cakes in the oven was delicious. B. The delicious taste was of cakes in the oven. C. The taste of the cakes was delicious in the oven. D. The taste in the delicious oven was of cakes.

  7. Read the sentence.The dog scurried and caught a bird over the fence.What is the BEST way to rewrite this sentence? A. Over the fence, the dog scurried and caught a bird. B. The dog caught a bird over the fence and scurried. C. The dog scurried over the fence and caught a bird. D. Scurrying, the dog caught a bird over the fence.

  8. Read the sentence.The friendly, large basketball player received recognition from the NBA.What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence? A. Friendly, large B. Basketball player C. Received recognition D. From the NBA

  9. Read the sentence.Toni and Kaylin brought _____ bracelets to the dance because ____ going to sell them to raise money for the mission trip.Which words correctly fill in the blanks in this sentence? A. There, they’re B. They’re, their C. Their, they’re D. Their, there

  10. Read the sentence.We asked the teacher who’s turn it was to pass out the papers.Which is the correct way to spell the underlined word? • Whose’s • Who is • Whose • Leave as is

  11. Read the sentence.Let me know when _____ going to be home, so I can borrow _____ CD player.Which words BEST completes the sentence? A. Your and your B. You’re and your C. Your and you’re D. You’re and you’re