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  1. Introducing… David Wilding (O) 972.543.3458 (M) 214.264.6122

  2. Who is TelStrat? Founded: February, 1993 Headquarters: Plano, Texas Business: TelStrat develops, manufactures and globally distributes high quality, innovative communication products that support telephony, data networking and video delivery solutions. TelStrat utilizes reseller partners in penetrating the enterprise market. Products/Services: Global Solutions to Nortel Networks™ Under OEM Agreement Carrier Remote (CR), Mini CR, Fiber Remote, 9150, 9115, TII, Lineside T1, etc. Engage Contact Center Suite and CallParrot Conversation Recording

  3. Contact Centre Needs Archiving Multiple Skills Email Input PCI Compliance Adherence Operational Workforce Optimization Full-Time Recording Workforce Management Agent Preferences Quality 1 of N eLearning Performance Management Agent Scripting Linked To A Call Score Cards Screen Capture

  4. Engage Portfolio Overview Engage Record Auto or On-Demand Call Recording with Exclusive Conversation Save™ Technology Engage Capture Complete Screen Capture and Playback, Synchronized with Audio Recording Engage Score Intuitive Agent Evaluation with Weighted Scoring and Reporting Engage Coach • Comprehensive Agent Evaluation, Performance Management & e-Learning Engage Assist • Powerful Scripting, Call Automation, & Agent Productivity Enhancement Engage Manage • Enterprise-Scale, Multi-Site Workforce Management, with Scheduling, Forecasting, Planning, & More Engage Analyze • Voice Analytics (Available Q1)

  5. Why TelStrat/Engage? • Award-Winning Solution since 2000 • More than 200 Distributors and 1500 Systems Deployed Worldwide • Analog, Digital, VoIP, Radio….recorded all with 1 Server! • Record On Demand: Even back to the beginning of a call! • The Only “In-Skin” Solution for the Nortel CS1000/M1 • Duplicate Media Streaming-We OWN the Patent! • All the standard capabilities • Call Logging, Quality Monitoring, Selective Recording, Standard On-Demand, Advanced On-Demand • And many more: • Engage Assist, Engage Coach, Engage Manage, Engage Evaluate, Engage Capture, SAN storage, Windows Clustering • Highly Scalable, Redundant, and Enterprise Class • Integrates with Nortel’s Norstar, BCM, CS1000/2000, M1, SL100, and other industry leading solutions. Growing Worldwide Momentum

  6. Formerly known as CallParrot Engage Record electronically archives customer calls in a multimedia format that can be reviewed, emailed or posted for staff to enhance customer service or resolve legalities. Boost revenue, reduce costs and prevent losses by permanently documenting all conversations and accurately recalling what customers requested, what promises were made, and sometimes, more importantly, what promises weren’t made.

  7. Why Conversation Recording? Improve Customer Service Ensure Quality Standards Identify Training Needs Measure Performance Sales Verification Evaluate Customer Satisfaction Liability Protection Threat Tracking Capture Testimonials Meet Regulations Share Information Identify Customer Expectations Productivity Improvement Resolve Disputes 81% of Call Centers use Call Recording Non-Call Center Environments Are Increasing Usage

  8. Who is Using Conversation Recording? • Health Care • Clinics • Doctors Offices • Hospitals • Medical Insurance • Pharmacies • Financial • Banks/Brokerage Firms • Mortgage Companies • Collection Agencies • Commercial Real Estate • Insurance Agencies • Law Firms • Government • Schools/University • City/County/State Government • Homeland Security • Intelligence Agencies • Call Centers • Service Companies • Telesales • News Agencies • Newspapers • Television Stations And Many Others

  9. Engage RecordComprehensive Solution • Any Switch Platform Support • Trunkside E1/T1 PRI/Analog • Lineside Analog Nortel Platform Support Meridian/SL100 Remote Solutions Succession IP BCM/Norstar Business Focused Features On-Demand Recording Scheduled Recording Agent Evaluation Screen Capture “Only In-Skin Solution for Nortel” Cisco Platform Support CUCM 4.2 , 5.1, 6.x CUCM Express UC 500 Device Flexibility Analog Sets Digital Sets IP Sets Remote Digital Sets Conventional Radio DISA Trunks Simple Administration and Playback Simple, Integrated, and Cost Effective

  10. Engage RecordRecording Made Easy • Automatic (Pre-Programmed Rules) • Call Logging - Automatically Records ALL CALLS • Quality Monitoring – Automatically Record “1 of n” calls • Selective Recording - Based on Pre-Configured Recording Rules • On-Demand (During a phone call) • Phone Key Press (Digital Phones Only) • PC Desktop (Digital and IP Phones) • Manager Initiated Recording • Client-Based (Digital and IP Phones)

  11. Date/Time Range Day of Week Percentage Based Call Length Engage RecordAutomatic Recording Programmable Rules based on: • Dialed Number (DNIS) • Calling Line ID (CLID) • Agent ID • Entire Phoneset • Individual DN Keys Easily choose criteria as required for each schedule Utilize multiple schedules to meet recording objectives Simple To Define and Adjust

  12. Engage RecordOn-Demand Recording Phone Set Buttons on M1/CS1000/SL100 Digital Sets Record Record portions of a conversation Conversation SaveTM Record entire call at any point during the call Delete Recording Ensure a conversation is not recorded

  13. Engage RecordSPRE Code Initiated (BCM/Norstar) Record LCD Message for Recording Confirmation SPRE Code Dialed Record portions of a conversation Conversation SaveTM Record entire call at any point during the call Delete Recording Ensure a conversation is not recorded

  14. Engage RecordAdvanced Desktop On-Demand One-Touch Individual Phone recording • Mouse click activated • Engage Icon in Windows System Tray • Dual Functionality • “Record” = Record portions of a conversation • “Conversation Save” = Record back to the • Visual “Recording” Confirmation • No additional cost

  15. Engage RecordManager Initiated On-Demand • Select call to record • Right click mouse • Select Record • Manager/Client initiated recording Operates as “CONVERSATION SAVE”

  16. Engage RecordAdministration and Playback • Engage Record Client • Access Permissions: • Administrator • Complete Access to • ALL System Functions • (with the exception of “Call Scoring”) • System User • Limited Access • Based on Permissions

  17. IP WAN Engage RecordAdministration and Playback Administer and Playback from any PC with network access to the Engage Record Server Playback Client LAN • Clients • Installed on PC - JAVA • Web-Based • Playback • Windows Media Player • TelStrat Media Player • Speakers/Headset/Handset connected to PC Conversation Recording and Playback Server Playback Client

  18. Engage RecordSearch, Playback, and Share JAVA Client • Double click on call to play • Fast Forward, Rewind, and Replay as Needed • Download standard .wav file if so desired • Archive to DVD or SAN for permanent storage • Search with ease based on the following parameters: • Dialed Number (DNIS) • Calling Line ID (CLID) • Agent ID • Phoneset • Individual DN Keys • Date/Time Range • Day of Week • Call Length • Remarks Web Client

  19. Engage Record – Optional EnhancementsCentralized Management • Manage up to 8 Servers Seamlessly (over 3,500 Phones) • Same Intuitive Look and Feel • Maintain Security • Administrators and Management • Provided Centralized Access • Generic Users Continue to • Utilize Single Server Client • Single Tasks Across Multiple Servers • Simplify Search and Playback Across Multiple CallParrot Servers Saves Time and Effort and Costs

  20. Engage Record – Optional Enhancements Mass Archiving • Mass Storage External to Engage Voice Recording Server PSTN Drive Letter Accessible Mass Storage (SAN, NAS, etc.) Search. Playback, & Administration Client Voice Recording Server LAN • Drive Letter Accessible Mass Storage • MS-SQL Express or MS-SQL Server Database Application on Recording Server • SAN or DVD Archiving (not both) • If DVD Archiving Exists, and SAN is ‘Enabled’, Previously Written DVDs are Read Only

  21. Engage Record – Optional Enhancements External SQL Database • External MS-SQL Server/Cluster PSTN External MS-SQL Server Search. Playback, & Administration Client or Voice Recording Server LAN External MS-SQL Server Cluster • MS-SQL Database Application Running External from Engage Voice Recording Server • Engage may access MS-SQL Database Application on Single MS-SQL Server or MS-SQL Cluster • Compatible with Single Recording Server or Windows Clustered Recording Servers

  22. Engage Record – Optional Enhancements MS Windows Clustering Support PSTN Drive Letter Accessible Mass Storage • Archived Voice Recordings Single Quorum Cluster Voice Recording Servers Shared Storage SCSI, SAS, or Fiber Channel Interface • Cache Voice Recordings • Cache Call Record Database • Archive Call Record Database • Configuration Database • MS-SQL Server DB Application LAN

  23. i Engage Record – Optional Enhancements Microsoft Integrated Security • Microsoft Single Sign On Engage Account Management PSTN Search. Playback, & Administration Client Search. Playback, & Administration Client Domain Controller and Other Domain Server Apps. Voice Recording Server LAN • Leverages Microsoft Strong Password Support • Single Sign On Enables Customer Centralized Security Policy • Engage Clients and Servers Must be in the Same Domain/Forest • Engage and Microsoft Account Credentials Must Match Search. Playback, & Administration Client

  24. Engage Record – Network Architecture • Recording Meridian, SL100, and CS1000 Digital Phones • TelStrat’s Unique “In-skin” Solution • Recording Meridian and CS1000 VoIP Phones • Recording BCM and Norstar • Recording For Any Switch Platform • Trunk-side • Line-side

  25. PSTN WAN/VPN Engage Record – Network Architecture Meiridian/CS1000/SL100 Digital Stationside TALC ReplacesxDLC Make Your Switch Recording Ready • Truly Integrated • No CTI Required MDF Recording Server Admin & Playback Note: The Industry’s only “in-skin” recording solution for the Nortel Meridian/SL100 platform! LAN Admin & Playback

  26. PSTN Engage Record – Network Architecture CS1000 VoIP Stationside Duplicate Media Stream Phase II Phones Contact Center Manager/Symposium Communication Control Toolkit/MLS VoIP Traffic Duplicated to Conversation Recording System

  27. PSTN Engage Record – Network Architecture CS1000 VoIP Stationside Port Mirroring/SPANing VoIP Traffic Port Mirrored/SPANed (“Sniffed”) to Conversation Recording System Contact Center Manager/Symposium/Symposium Express Communication Control Toolkit/MLS

  28. PSTN Engage Record – Network Architecture BCM VoIP Stationside Port Mirroring/SPANing VoIP Traffic Port Mirrored/SPANed (“Sniffed”) to Conversation Recording System LAN CTE

  29. PSTN Engage Record – Network Architecture Analog Analog Loop-Start Line-Side (with or without Key/PBX/Hybrid System) • Analog Loop-Start Connection to: • Centrex Lines • Analog Key/Hybrid/PBX Ports • Analog Adaptors Conversation Playback Recorded Phone Users Customer LAN/WAN Line-Side Recording Records from the “User’s” Perspective

  30. PSTN Engage Record – Network Architecture Meridian/CS1000 Trunkside CS 1000 PRI/E1 Trunks Digital Phones IP Phones Analog Phones Contact Center Manager/ Symposium Communication Control Toolkit/MLS Conversation Playback Customer LAN/WAN Trunk-Side Recording Records from the “Caller’s” Perspective

  31. LEC Internet/WAN Engage Record – Network Architecture BCM Trunkside CS50/200/400 Analog /T1 (PRI)/E1 LAN CTE Conversation Recording Server Recorded BCM Phone Users Conversation Playback Customer LAN Conversation Playback

  32. PSTN Engage Record – Network Architecture Norstar Trunkside Norstar Analog /T1(PRI)/E1 Trunks CTA 100 Recorded Phone Users Conversation Playback Customer LAN/WAN

  33. PSTN Engage Record – Network Architecture “Any Switch” - Mitel, NEC, Etc. Analog Trunks (LS/GS) and T1 (23B+D)/E1 Trunks Recorded Phone Users Conversation Playback Customer LAN/WAN

  34. Formerly known as CallParrot Engage Capture records the agent’s on-screen activities along with the recorded conversation. Quality monitoring can be leveraged in multimedia playback of customer calls for a multitude of invaluable uses, including detailed monitoring of customer service quality, building agent training libraries, and pinpointing areas of inefficiency.

  35. Engage CaptureScreen Capture and Playback Suite • Capture Audio and Video • Ensure Agent Process Adherence • Verify Transactions • Improve Troubleshooting • Build Resource Library of Customer Interactions for Training Purposes • Pinpoint Errors in Customer Fulfillment • Combine with Agent Evaluation Suite for seamless Quality Monitoring Fully Synchronized Voice and PC Screen Capture Provides An Exact Record of Customer-Agent Encounters

  36. Formerly known as CallParrot Engage Score evaluates each agent with a consistent and enterprise-wide score. Simple administrative controls allow the department supervisor to customize and delegate the evaluation process to suit their preferences and environment, including specifying who can create a scoring form, who can score calls and who can generate reports.

  37. Engage ScoreAgent Scoring and Evaluation Suite • Simple to Set-up, Administer, and Use • Integrated with Playback • Complete Package • Forms Creation Manager • Agent Evaluation Entry • Flexible Reporting • Combine with Screen Capture Suite for Complete Agent Evaluation Measure, Track, and Continuously Improve Agent Performance

  38. Engage Coach aids the supervisor in identifying and evaluating call performance, whether per call, per agent or randomly. If an opportunity arises for additional training or comments, the supervisor can send bitesize tutorials for downtime learning or electronic popup windows with notes addressing improvement. Engage Coach’s unique Alignment Index tracks an agent’s performance against resident experts and other staff to improve agent consistency enterprise-wide.

  39. Engage CoachAgent Evaluation, Coaching, and Leading • Facilitation tool – Scoring & Coaching • Improve the relationship & communication between agents and supervisors • Applications: • Deliver consistency in customer service • Reduce staff attrition • Enable staff to measure and view performance improvements • Improve the morale of staff • Includes fully customisable evaluation templates • Supervisors may bookmark with ‘sound-bites’ to support scoring decision • illustrates improvement opportunities; provides praise • Provides Actionable Reports • gap analysis, trend analysis, evaluator analysis • for different ‘segments’ & at every level • Creates e-learning content (linked to a call) • improves individual & common training needs • Is undertaken in bite-sized chunks during downtimes • Captures agreed improvement goals • Fully integrated with voice & screen recorder & easy to use

  40. Engage CoachReporting Suite Team Leaders & Managers use report suite to gain insights on training needs & trends from agent to corporate level • League tables • Training needs analysis • Trend analysis • Evaluation activities • Team leader’s evaluation skills

  41. Engage Assist bolsters the call agent productivity by dynamic, automated scripting with “If-Then-Else” logic; and it simplifies the agent’s desktop by showing all customer data and processes on one screen. Processes and messages run in the background as the call proceeds. Whether the call is handled by a new or seasoned agent, Engage Assist’s call automation ensures rapid and accurate call handling by automatically triggering important call actions such as recording start/stop and other processes.

  42. Pre-Populated Screens & Automated Data Access Automated Workflow Agent Communication Center Agent Dashboard Automated Updates Reduce agent decisions by automating the agent workflow. Reduce agent wrap time by automatically building messages as the agent talks with caller. Utilize tabs to show the call progress. Simplify the agent navigation. Eliminatedaily handouts to agents.Present real time updates on agent desktop. Build the agent screens to present CRM data. Make caller history available to the agent. Engage AssistAgent Transition and Desktop Automation

  43. Script If, Then, Else actions Agent simply follows the screen – no complicated references to the IF window are required Engage AssistFeatures Unique scriptfor each client AutomatedMessaging Recording control As agent works the call, messages can be built & sent in the background. Script can originate call to deliver a message Present custom client and caller information to the agent. Automate the agent workflow. Automatically bookmark the recording as the call progresses. Pause and resume recording during the call.

  44. Engage Manage equips administrators and supervisors to forecast, schedule, monitor, notify, and report on-site or remote staff status in a real-time online environment. Available additions provide Web-enabled agent access for requesting vacations, scheduling variances, and other activities. Regardless of the mixture of call handling and non-demand activities assigned to agents, the sophisticated scheduling tool will increase efficiency and decrease labor costs. Engage Manage is available in a resident application or a hosted online solution.

  45. Engage ManageWorkforce Automation • Skills Based Scheduling • The right agents with the right skills at the right time! • Forecasting • Improve Customer Service Levels • Multiple Service Levels • Incorporate Web Chat, Outbound Campaigns • Intraday Management…stuff happens! • Increase Employee Satisfaction • Exhaustive Investigative Reports • Exportable • User Flexibility: What-If? • Budgeting

  46. Engage ManageProven Results – 175 Seat Call Center • 24% increase in total calls answered • 38% increase the percent of calls answered within their desired service level; • 5% decrease in the average handle time, resulting in a $340,000 reduction in operating costs • 7% reduction in the average payroll cost per hour of handle time, resulting in a reduction in their overall operating costs by $450,000 • 36% reduction in the average time members waited in queue before reaching a CSR, resulting in an annual savings of $40,000 in toll costs; • 12% increase in total monthly handle time • 25% reduction in overtime hours • 9% decrease in the percentage of calls abandoned • 10% increase in the ratio of CSRs per supervisor • ROI in 4 Months • A replacement of another WFM system

  47. Engage ManageQuestions To Ask -Does Your Solution…? • Produce consistently accurate forecasts for Calls Offered for all queues throughout the week? • Pick up on seasonal and long-term growth trends using more than13 to 16 weeks of historical data to generate a forecast? • Have the ability to forecast using special events to identify past and future occurrences of unique events that affect call volumes? Can they be weighted based on type of event? • Understand and consider the effects of busy and abandoned calls when generating agent requirements? • Produce a single optimized schedule? • Have the ability to produce an intra day re-optimization of schedule to minimize the impact of unexpected staff shortages?

  48. Engage ManageQuestions To Ask -Does Your Solution…? • Use unique and appropriate algorithms to forecast and staff for non-demand work like e-mail, chat, outbound and back office work? • Have the ability to scale from 10 to 20,000+ agents with the same software? • Have a relational database that is open to third party databases and reporting packages? • Have a Vacation Planner that can be interfaced with your HR or payroll system that is user configurable? • Have the ability to automate processes such as creating forecasts, requirements and schedules?

  49. Engage ManageQuestions To Ask -Does Your Solution…? • Produce a screen pop to notify agents when their schedule changes, when they’re out of adherence, send them an ad-hoc message, or send them to an intranet or Internet URL? • Can it regularly produce reports and export, print or e-mail them without user intervention? • Have a customizable interface by user or group of users? • Have built in application and data security within appropriate levels of your organization? • Have an interface for customized spreadsheet reporting to provide the data the way you want it?

  50. Engage ManageForecast to Actual Report Forecasting: Analyze Historical Data for accurate realistic workforce forecasting • Amount of historical data • Nature of the data • Forecasting Period • Special events: campaigns, mail drops, vacations etc. Complex Scheduling: • Agents serving different teams • Schedule agents based on skill sets & talents • Incorporate occupancy level forecasts • Schedule down to the 5 minute level • Maximize scheduling on phone, email, fax, chat or other admin tasks during the day