Multiple intelligences
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Multiple Intelligences. How are you smart?. Multiple Intelligences.

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Multiple intelligences

Multiple Intelligences

How are you smart?

Multiple intelligences1
Multiple Intelligences

In 1983, a psychologist by the name of Howard Gardiner wrote a book called Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  Gardiner believes that each person has many different types of intelligence, and that some are stronger than others. 


Verbal linguistic
Verbal Linguistic

  • Books are very important to me.

  • I enjoy word games like Scrabble.

  • I am good at remembering, talking and interacting.

  • Tongue twisters, rhymes and jokes are things I enjoy.

  • I can often hear the words in my head before I speak or write them down.

  • When I am out, I usually notice what signs on the road or at the mall say.

Logical mathematical
Logical Mathematical

  • I enjoy math and/or computers.

  • If something breaks and won't work, I look at the pieces and try to figure out how it works.

  • I enjoy solving brainteasers and other types of problems.

  • In my head, I easily see how numbers fit together or come apart (12 = 10 + 2, 6 + 6, etc.)

  • I love playing chess, checkers or Monopoly.

  • My mind searches for patterns and logical sequences in things.

Visual spatial

  • I enjoy jigsaw puzzles, mazes, and other visual puzzles.

  • I like to draw or doodle.

  • I like movies and photographs.

  • I am sensitive to colour.

  • I prefer to look at reading material with lots of pictures, maps and charts.

  • I rarely or never get lost.

Bodily kinaesthetic
Bodily Kinaesthetic

  • I play at least one sport or physical activity on a regular basis.

  • I like working with my hands to complete a project.

  • I often talk with my hands when explaining things to people.

  • I need to touch things in order to learn about them.

  • I find it difficult to sit for long periods of time.

  • My best ideas come to me when I am moving around.

Musical rhythmic

  • I frequently listen to music.

  • I often make tapping sounds, hum or whistle while I am working.

  • Songs from the radio or TV often run through my head.

  • If I hear a song once or twice, I can sing it back without many mistakes.

  • I can tell when a musical note is “off key”.

  • I play a musical instrument.


  • I prefer group sports like baseball or basketball.

  • I have at least 3 close friends.

  • I feel comfortable in a crowd of people.

  • I would rather spend time with friends than stay home alone.

  • People often come to me for advice.

  • When I have a problem, I seek out others for help.

Intra personal

  • I regularly spend time alone thinking.

  • I have a special hobby or interest that I keep pretty much to myself.

  • I keep a personal diary or journal, even when I’m not at school.

  • I understand my own strengths and weaknesses.

  • I like learning more about myself.

  • I like to set goals for my future.


  • I like being around animals.

  • Exploring an overgrown field interests me.

  • I can easily recognize various types of plants and animals.

  • Learning about how people treat the earth is important to me.

  • I can hear animal and bird sounds clearly.

  • I have (or would like to have) a garden.


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