Welcoming the third edition of the roman missal
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Welcoming the Third Edition of the Roman Missal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcoming the Third Edition of the Roman Missal. What is the Roman Missal?. The Book containing the prayers and instructions for the celebration of the Mass. First (written: 1970 & translated: 1973) and Second Editions (written: 1975 & translated: 1985). The Third Edition 2011.

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What is the roman missal
What is the Roman Missal?

The Book containing the prayers and instructions for the celebration of the Mass

First written 1970 translated 1973 and second editions written 1975 translated 1985
First (written: 1970 & translated: 1973) and Second Editions(written: 1975 & translated: 1985)

The third edition 2011
The Third Edition 2011

2001: Pope John Paul II gives us the Third Translation

2002 & 2003: Pope John Paul II

creates commissions: insure all translations are correct and unified worldwide

All 1,000 pages of the Roman Missal to be retranslated with the goal of accuracy

The third edition is an awesome gift along with accuracy 3 goals
The Third Edition is an Awesome GiftAlong with accuracy: 3 goals

The third edition adds or recognizes
The Third Edition adds or recognizes…

Masses for Various Needs and Occasions:

+The Gift of Human Life


New Saints Canonized by Pope John Paul II

Vigil Masses such as


Specific Easter Season prayers taken from Ancient Sacramentaries

Simplifies Prefaces:

prayers before a part

of the Mass

Dismissal Prayers

We are Body and Soul & are called to participate more fully in the Sacrifice of the Massinternally and externally


Introductory rite
Introductory Rite

  • POSTURE: The people stand from the Processional (entrance) hymn to the completion of the Opening Prayer

  • GESTURES: The people make the Sign of the Cross with the priest, but the priest alone says the words, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

  • WORDS:

    • Priest: The Lord be with you.

    • People: And with your spirit.