the culper spy ring n.
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The Culper Spy Ring

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The Culper Spy Ring. The most famousl spy ring of the American Revolution. Beginnings. Established in 1788 by Benjamin Tallmadge under orders of George Washington

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the culper spy ring
The Culper Spy Ring

The most famousl spy ring of the American Revolution

  • Established in 1788 by Benjamin Tallmadge under orders of George Washington
  • Tallmadge was best friends with Nathan Hale, who was executed as a spy in 1776. “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”
  • The spy ring operated in New York City: British Head Quarters
  • No spy was ever unmasked in the Culper Ring. Even George Washington did not know the identities of the spies.
  • Tallmadge's informants consisted of friends he made at school on Long Island, including Austin Roe, Caleb Brewster, Abraham Woodhull, Anna Strong, Robert Townsend and the still unknown 355
methods of spying
Methods of Spying
  • - To maintain the safety of his spies Tallmadge used pseudonyms Woodhull (Samuel Culper Sr.) Townsend (Samuel Culper Jr.)
  • - He also invented a numerical substitution system. 763 numbers were used. Each spy had a number assigned to them. George Washington was 711, England was 745 and New York was 727.
  • - The spies used invisible ink, ciphers, secret codes, dead drops and petticoat signals!
  • The Culper ring and other constantly informed Washington of troop movements
  • They warned Washington of an impending British attack on a French force at Rhode Island…the French escaped and would later help defeat the British at Yorktown
  • Uncovered the treasonous plot of between Benedict Arnold and British General John Andre