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Snapper Rocks

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Snapper Rocks. By David Neville. About Snapper Rocks. Located in Coolangatta , Australia. Fairly new break created due to beach replenishment Worlds Longest, and most consistent point breaks. S outhernmost tip of the Gold Coast.

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Snapper Rocks

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    1. Snapper Rocks By David Neville

    2. About Snapper Rocks • Located in Coolangatta, Australia. • Fairly new break created due to beach replenishment • Worlds Longest, and most consistent point breaks. • Southernmost tip of the Gold Coast

    3. Rainbow Bay, Greenmount Point, Coolangatta Beach, and Kirra are also other good surf spots along the superback of the Gold Coast.

    4. Surf Video •

    5. Planning a Surf Trip • Snapper Rocks’ is located on the Gold Coast. • There are many different spas and resorts to stay at. • The Mantra Coolangatta Beach Is one of many resorts close to the surf spot.

    6. Prices and Fairs • To stay at the Mantra Coolangatta Beach resort will cost you somewhere between $185 to $240 a night. • Using Qantas Airways, the round trip flight would be roughly $4,735 departing from Philadelphia International Airport.

    7. Surfing Snapper Rocks • The best tide to surf is at Medium low tide. • Best swell direction is East north east, or south east. • The best wind for surfing Snappers Rocks is a south wind. • Best seasons are late summer, and fall.

    8. Cont. • The bottom is made up of sand and rocks. • Snapper Rocks is The point where the wave refracts, creating swell down the rest of the beach. • The board of choice for this surf spot is any board your comfortable on.

    9. Negative factors • On a good day, there can be hundreds of people in the water. • The worst thing that you have to be worried about is getting dropped in on. • It is said that it is more likely to be attacked by a local then by a shark there.

    10. Weather • The temperature ranges from 48 degrees Fahrenheit t in the winter to a high of 83 in the summer. • During the Autumn and the spring, the accumulated rainfall is a medium level. • Rainfall is highest in the summer and lowest in the winter. • Australia is effected by both el Niño and la Nina weather patterns. • Wet season is November to April • May to October is the dry season.

    11. Cont. • Best time to go surfing at snapper rocks is between December and march. • For 6 months of the year, you can use board shorts. • During the dry season a spring suit would be the most comfortable.

    12. Wave and Swell Chart

    13. Surface Wind Chart

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