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Incident Safety Officer Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Incident Safety Officer Program

Incident Safety Officer Program

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Incident Safety Officer Program

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  1. Northport Fire Department Incident Safety OfficerProgram December 2009

  2. Program Know your team • Overview • Program Objectives • Plan of Action to Support & Meet Objectives • Role of Incident Safety Officer • Assignment & Identification • Mutual Aid • Accident Investigation Committee • Summary • Thank You

  3. S.O. # 1 S.O. # 2 S.O. # 3 John McDonough S.O. # 4 S.O. # 5 Know Your Team

  4. Overview • Northport F.D. Chiefs and Officers have enacted an Incident Safety Officer (S.O.) program dedicated to reduction of injury to Department members and damage to equipment and facilities. • They are committed to providing the leadership and support required to develop, implement, monitor, upgrade and/or revise as necessary the S.O. program.

  5. Program Objectives • Comply with and align to applicable government safety and health laws and all department rules, regulations and operating procedures. • Establish and maintain a safe and healthy fire/rescue ground environment as well as everyday fire department activities that benefit all members. • Eliminate, reduce and/or minimize the risk to members and public we serve from human and economic losses, such as property, personal belongings, and equipment. • Assure the security, protection, and well being of department personnel, properties, vehicles, and equipment. • Reduce the possibility of injury, damage, potential liability through active communication and various training programs.

  6. The Northport F.D. Chiefs and Officers have established an Incident Safety Officers Program and an Accident Investigation Committee Plan Of Action To Support & Meet Objectives Incident Safety Officer (S.O.) • There will be 5 Incident Safety Officers (S.O. 1-5) appointed by the Chief at each April annual meeting or as he deems necessary. • S.O. candidates will be chosen by their past leadership, experience, fire fighting knowledge and satisfactory completion and passing of Suffolk County NY Fire Academy required training courses for certification. • Attend and pass new ongoing training classes for S.O.s required by Suffolk County or other agencies with jurisdiction over the fire service.

  7. Monitor and assess safety hazards, unsafe situations on and off fire/rescue ground and report to Incident Commander or Chief(s). Develop measures as needed to ensure personnel & equipment safety on and off fire/rescue ground as extension to OSHA training. Protect the safety of responders and bystanders at all scenes through proper communications and continual monitoring. Monitor scene operations and tactics for future updates and training programs. Attend & monitor training sessions, live and classroom. Dedicated S.O. to ensure accountability system in use on own and mutual aid fire/rescue ground environment. Role of Incident Safety Officer

  8. Correct unsafe responder actions thru communicating with IC and self initiative. Assist Chiefs and Officers in pre fire/rescue planning and SOP development. Ensure proper PPE gear is worn by ALLresponders to event. Active participation in all training activities & provide input to live burn & drill layout planning. On mutual aid role may be S.O. for IC or firefighter. RIT S.O part of all RIT deployments. Role of Incident Safety Officer (Continued)

  9. Assignment and Identification • Chief’s standing order that a S.O has the authority to alter, suspend, or terminate unsafe acts or hazardous activities & can remove responders from threat of immediate danger & communicate immediately this action to S.O. with IC and to IC. • Discrepancy between company officer(s) and S.O. must be communicated immediately to IC by either or both. • IC has ultimate responsibility at scenes & may reverse action taken by S.O. • To eliminate “Freelancing” numbering and assignments are assigned to each S.O. (S.O. 1-5) • In the absence of any S.O at scene, additional responsibilities may be assigned to a responder for that incident; or a S.O. may also be assigned additional responsibilities as deemed necessary by IC.

  10. Assignment and Identification (Continued) S.O. # 1 Will Report To IC. S.O. # 2 Will Oversee Scene Safety, Accountability and Firefighter Rehabilitation. S.O. # 3 Will oversee truck and equipment layouts for potential safety and hazardous conditions. S.O. # 4 Will monitor exposures. S.O. # 5 Will monitor EMS & Serve as EMS IC liaison. General S.O Assignments

  11. Each S.O. will have special white shield attached to front of helmet with green lettering with appropriate S.O. number displayed. All S.O.s will communicate with S.O assigned to IC on concerns and any actions taken or should be taken. S.O. should be used at ALL fire/rescue scenes for good safety practice and member recognition. Assignment and Identification (Continued)

  12. Assignment and Identification (Continued) A S.O is part of overall incident control system and officers will consider S.O. recommendation but said officer will determine action based on task at hand. A All S.O. s will wear full turn out gear and ensure all responders wear full PPE at scene as required by department SOP. B

  13. Mutual Aid • The Northport F.D. will adopt the Town of Huntington NY Safety Officer’s Association Mutual aid plan and guidelines as agreed to by Town of Huntington Chief’s Council. • When called on for mutual aid within town of Huntington or outside town limits S.O.s will report to Headquarters to use 2-9-6 or any vehicle authorized by Chief of Department. • Northport F.D. S.O. will advise Northport F.D. ranking officer at mutual aid scene he/she is there and also advise overall IC he/she is available if needed, but first responsibility is to Northport F.D. responders. • Must bring and wear full turn out gear assigned to them to all mutual aid calls.

  14. Accident Investigation Committee • The Northport F.D. Chiefs and officers will establish a committee of members, S.O. and company officer to review all NFD motor vehicle accidents involving Village and NFD owned equipment and vehicles. • Using VFIS (Village Insurance Carrier) guidelines, review ALL accidents (minor/major) and make recommendation (s) of the drivers status, actions to correct the cause and forward to Chief of Department.

  15. Summary • The guidelines herein have been developed for a comprehensive ISO (S.O.) program deployment to ensure members and public safe operation on or off fire/rescue ground. • Please familiarize yourself with the S.O.s in case your safety may become compromised. • The S.O. always has a direct line to the IC at scene or for accident within Headquarters or Sub station . • This information and guidelines comply with insurance regulations, OSHA requirements and Northport F.D. procedures, rules and regulations. • Remember – your safety is job #1 and those of your other responding members are each others responsibility supported by Chiefs and Officers. • Objective – Leave no one behind – all return home safely.

  16. Thank You! John McDonough S.O. #5