global issues unit n.
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Global issues Unit PowerPoint Presentation
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Global issues Unit

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Global issues Unit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global issues Unit
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  1. Global issues Unit Review & reflection

  2. Human Rights Review • What are human rights? • Two categories? • How does membership in the UN promote hr? • What is significance of UDHR? • What additional documents make up international law? • Who oversees human rights violations? • Valid?

  3. Human Rights Review • How can governments integrate human rights into foreign policy? • What is the paradox of US human rights policy? • What role can social movements play in promoting human rights? • How has globalization impacted the human rights movement?

  4. Enviro/Health Review What is climate change and what causes it? Examples of environmental degradation? (CHART) Majority of world’s energy comes from what 3 sources? Issues? Alternative forms of energy and their benefits/drawbacks? How are population growth & consumption impacting the environment?

  5. Enviro/Health Review Explain the global North-South divide. How can environmental issues impact global security? What is the significance of the 1992 Rio Earth Summit? What is the Kyoto Protocol and where does the US stand? Identify obstacles to international cooperation on the environment.

  6. Enviro/Health Review Define global health. Explain 4 major diseases. What is the paradox of global health? What are the goals of the UN MDG’s? What has Bill Gates done to advance global health? What is the relationship between global climate and health?

  7. Reflection 1 of 3 • Content Reflection • What social, economic, and political conditions characterize countries with the most severe human rights, environmental, and health issues? • Do political and civil rights outweigh economic, social, and cultural rights? Are they indivisible? • Do international organizations have the right to violate a country's sovereignty in order to protect human rights? • Do national governments have a responsibility to accept/enact climate legislation to protect the environment? • Is it significant that global human rights, health, and climate issues are addressed at the international level?

  8. Reflection 2 of 3 • Project Reflection – Think about the process of creating your PSA or infographic. Answer each question based on your experience. • Describe your planning and research process. What questions led to your topic selection? How did you go about selecting your research databases and content? • How did creating a PSA or infographic affect your opinion about your topic? What message do you hope your PSA expresses to viewers? What does your final product mean to you? • Describe the creation process. How did you go about selecting images? Why did you choose the effects and transitions used? How did the words or voiceover add to the meaning? • What did you like or dislike about the project? Suggestions?

  9. Reflection 3 of 3 • Unit Reflection • What did you like/dislike about unit structure? Think lessons, activities, video, daily breakdown. • Suggestions?