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Extended ERP: The Next Frontier Kirk Teal, Partner Kirk Teal, Partner Salvaggio, Teal & Associates August 10, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Extended ERP: The Next Frontier Kirk Teal, Partner Kirk Teal, Partner Salvaggio, Teal & Associates August 10, 2010. Evolution of Government Administrative Systems. Era I Custom Developed Software 1970s. Era II Packaged “Best of Breed” Software 1980- 1995. Era III “Core” ERP

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Extended ERP:

The Next Frontier

Kirk Teal, Partner

Kirk Teal, Partner

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

August 10, 2010

Evolution of government administrative systems l.jpg
Evolution of Government Administrative Systems

Era I





Era II


“Best of



1980- 1995


“Core” ERP



Era IV





NASACT 2010 Annual Conference

Core erp functionality l.jpg
Core ERP Functionality

  • Financial Management

    • General Ledger and Budgetary Control

    • Accounts Payable

    • Accounts Receivable

    • Grant Accounting

    • Project Accounting

    • Cash Management

    • Cost Allocation

    • Asset Management

  • Procurement

    • Formal and Informal Bid Processes

    • Basic Contract Management

    • Basic Vendor Management

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Core erp functionality cont l.jpg
Core ERP Functionality (cont.)

  • Human Resources

    • Position Control

    • Personnel Administration

    • Payroll Administration

    • Benefits Administration

    • Time Reporting and Labor Distribution

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Extended erp functionality l.jpg
Extended ERP Functionality

  • Financial Management

    • Grants Management

    • Project Management

    • Travel Management

    • Budget Development

  • Procurement

    • Catalog purchases

    • Vendor registration and self-service

    • Commodity maintenance

    • Automatic “pushing” of bid opportunities to vendor community

  • Materials and Inventory Management

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Extended erp functionality cont l.jpg
Extended ERP Functionality (cont.)

  • Real Estate Management

  • Fleet Management

  • Facilities Management

  • Transportation/Linear Asset Management

  • Human Resources

    • Applicant Services

    • Employee Self-Service

    • Learning Management

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Drivers for extended erp l.jpg
Drivers for Extended ERP

  • Funding shortfalls and early retirement incentives continue to require state government to “do more with less”

  • Greater accountability and compliance requirements being placed on state government

  • Software providers are bundling ERP modules with aggressive pricing

  • These modules have been “public sector enabled” and successfully implemented by state governments

  • Allows state governments to improve efficiency by eliminating legacy systems currently providing these functions and decreasing maintenance of automated interfaces

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Grants management l.jpg
Grants Management

  • Development of funding requests to grantor agencies

  • Online receipt of grant applications, scoring, and awards to sub-recipients

  • Supports federal letter-of-credit drawdown and other billing methods

  • Tracking of required performance measures, post-award administration, and grantor/grantee reporting

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Project management l.jpg
Project Management

  • Provides lifecycle management and accounting for internal and external projects

  • Provides tools for a project manager to monitor contracts and control the change order process

  • Allows for specific information concerning a project to be maintained (e.g., correspondence, permits, insurance, disputes and claims)

  • Facilitates accumulation and capitalization of costs for projects crossing fiscal years

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Travel management l.jpg
Travel Management

  • Allows State employees to be paid quicker by submitting expense reimbursements through automated means

  • Provides ability to automate travel policies providing complete authorization, approval and reimbursement processes

  • Automatically enforcing the State’s policies concerning expense rules, preferred vendors and other controls

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Budget development l.jpg
Budget Development

  • Provides a flexible platform to support efficient budgeting, “what if” analysis, and forecasting

  • Supports development of Operating Budget

  • Supports development of Capital Budget

  • Potential to support development of Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) with extensions

  • Integrated with Financial Management modules for budget execution

  • Supports presentation and publication of the budget

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Procurement l.jpg

  • Catalog procurement

    • Internal

    • External (Punch-out)

  • Contract administration

  • Automatic “pushing” of bid opportunities to vendors that service specific commodities

  • Vendor self-service

    • Register online

    • Maintain authorized data elements (e.g., commodities they service, contact information, etc.)

    • View the status of transactions (e.g., PO issued, goods received, invoice received, payment requested)

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Materials and inventory management l.jpg
Materials and Inventory Management

  • Supports commodity code management, stockroom inventories, warehouse inventories, and stock replenishment, and stock issuance activities

  • Statewide item master

  • Tight integration with Procurement and Financial Management modules (e.g., eliminates need to enter POs and receipt information in both Inventory and Procurement modules)

  • Use of bar coding to maintain inventory

  • Standardized stock numbers for all agencies

  • Allocates inventory costs to programs and organizations

  • Processes automatic inventory replenishments via the Procurement modules

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Real estate management l.jpg
Real Estate Management

  • Supports management of real property assets

  • Streamlines and automates lease administration and space management

  • Supports acquisitions and disposals

  • Potential to support a state DOT or other State agencies’ right of way acquisition process with extensions

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Facilities management l.jpg
Facilities Management

  • Combines property and building maintenance

  • Provides maintenance budgeting, including deferred maintenance (i.e., capital budgeting)

  • Online maintenance/service requests

  • Establishes preventive maintenance schedules and maintains maintenance history

  • Integrates with Procurement, Financial Management and Human Resources modules

  • Provides a work order system, including the capture of labor efforts

  • Allows scheduling of resources for jobs in advance, based on job requirements

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Fleet management l.jpg
Fleet Management

  • Single statewide application for managing the State’s vehicles

  • Motor pool vehicle reservation, dispatch and approvals

  • Agencies complete maintenance requests online

  • Agencies able to track vehicles assigned to them

  • Provides capability for managing heavy equipment depending on specific vendor offerings

  • Fleet management integrated with Procurement, Financial Management and Human Resources functions

  • Assists in warranty tracking and recovery of cost

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Transportation linear asset management l.jpg
Transportation/Linear Asset Management

  • Provides full lifecycle management of point assets (e.g. signs, signals) and linear assets (e.g., roads, bridges, guardrails, etc.)

  • Maintenance planning – defects, conditions, performance, reporting and analysis

  • Maintenance scheduling – work order processing and preventative maintenance

  • Day cards – labor, equipment, and materials

  • Needs identification to feed into capital program planning

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Applicant services l.jpg
Applicant Services

  • Supports the entire recruiting process for vacant positions

  • Agencies can post job descriptions and requirements online

  • Allows employees and external candidates to search, view, and apply for jobs online

  • Applicants can submit applications and resumes online

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Employee self service l.jpg
Employee Self-Service

  • View pay stub, W-2, and withholding information

  • Change basic employee information (e.g., address change)

  • Change benefit options (during open enrollment period)

  • Check leave balances and request time off

  • Check status of travel reimbursements

  • Register to attend a training course

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

Learning management l.jpg
Learning Management

  • Provides ability to create online course catalogs

  • Automates the advertisement, registration, delivery, tracking, and reporting of all learning opportunities throughout the organization

  • Provides for employee self-enrollment and for automated management approval

  • Provides integration with Applicant Services for skills and knowledge updates to State applicants for completion of qualified training events

Salvaggio, Teal & Associates

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Kirk Teal

(512) 630-5689


Salvaggio, Teal & Associates