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Easter Island

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Easter Island. Who created those wooden heads and why? This mystery will soon be uncovered. By: Jacob L. History of Easter Island.

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easter island

Easter Island

Who created those wooden heads and why? This mystery will soon be uncovered.

By: Jacob L.

history of easter island
History of Easter Island

If you have no idea what Easter Island is, think back to the movie “Night at the Museum.” It is that big, mean head that says, "YOU! DUM-DUM! BRING ME GUM-GUM!” That is exactly what this mystery is about. What were the origins of these creatures who built these heads? What was there purpose in building these? People have wondered this, and now we will discover the mystery of Easter Island.

more background information
More Background Information
  • What everybody wants to discover is who created these statues, and why.
  • We do know, however, that the Easter Islanders (Rapa Nui) were Polynesian sailors who found Easter Island and settle there. This area is part of the country Chile, but they never knew. They eventually figured they were the only people on Earth until Jacob Roggeveen (will be explained later) landed on it.
more background information1
More Background Information
  • Jacob Roggeveen, a Dutch explorer, found the island on Easter Sunday (hence the name “Easter Island”) in 1772 while searching for David’s Island. He originally named it Paasch-Eyland, which is 18th century Dutch for “Easter Island.”
science fiction theories
Science Fiction Theories
  • Some say that aliens created these wooden statues and they just left them there. I find this theory unbelievable, for nobody has proven that aliens existed, let alone that they created those heads.
  • Another theory is that Atlantis created these statues. There is no detail or support that I found with this. It just said, “Wild speculation about UFOs, Atlantis…has always been part of the Easter Island debate.” I find this theory false
scientific explanation
Scientific Explanation
  • A main theory is that a group of Polynesian settlers started at sea, were stranded there for an extensive period of time, and found Easter Island. Then they simply changed and made those statues. From then on they were known as the Rapa Nui.
  • This could be factual based on what people think and feel. For instance, would you change if you were stranded on an island without any other contact to the outside world? It is not 100% certain, but it is a good possibility.
  • I feel this theory is a very good example of factual evidence, and I feel that this evidence is true.
your reasoned judgment
Your Reasoned Judgment
  • I Agree with the scientific facts and believe that the Rapa Nui created these heads.
  • With such craftwork, how could have aliens or Atlantis create these detailed carvings? The answer is simple: they didn't.
  • I agree with this because of how far fetched the other theories are. I mean, aliens, Atlantis, that is not probable. I rest my case.
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