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book written by kao kalia yang power point by steven xiong n.
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Book Written By: Kao Kalia Yang Power Point By: Steven Xiong PowerPoint Presentation
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Book Written By: Kao Kalia Yang Power Point By: Steven Xiong

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Book Written By: Kao Kalia Yang Power Point By: Steven Xiong
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Book Written By: Kao Kalia Yang Power Point By: Steven Xiong

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  1. The Latehomecomer and My Life Book Written By: Kao Kalia Yang Power Point By: Steven Xiong Book Written By: Kao Kalia Yang Power Point By: Steven Xiong

  2. A Walk In The Jungle Kao Kalia *Kao Kalia parents met each other in the jungle of Laos. *Parents got married under the ages of 20. Father and uncle fought for their live getting into Thai Land. *They ran through the forest of Laos. *Kao Kalia’s mother was pregnant with a baby girl. Later they named her Dawb. (Hmong word for White) My Side *My parents met each other before the war. They met each other in Laos. *My parents got married under the age of 20 too. *My dad and uncle also did the same to in order to survive. Fight the communist soldiers in the jungle *My parent ran through the forest with my three older brother and my sister also with my grandma and grandpa.

  3. GENERAL VANG PAO This is a picture of General Vang Pao with the Hmong before they reach the U.S headquarters. This is one of my mother’s picture.

  4. Enemy Camp *Her father got separated from the kids, mothers, and wives. *Her mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law was caught by the Pathet Lao soldiers. *They were placed at a camp and was being watched. *They waited for many months. Then they were rescued by her father and their uncles. *They made it across the river and yet Dawb survived the cold water. *My parents was never captured by the Pathet Lao soldiers. *My dad and family all crossed the Mekong River but my grandpa died due to drowning. *From there on my parents was put on the same camp in Thailand.

  5. Refugee *My parents never went to a different camp. They were transported directly to the Transition Camp in Thailand. • Kao Kalia’s parents then • was transported to a • different camp in Ban Venai. • Their they meet some • Relatives and they all lived • In the same huts on until • Further more known.

  6. The Second Leaving *The second leave is hard on Kao Kalia’s grandma. *The left made every family hard and cried very much. *But the one on the bus was happy because they were looking forward to get to America. *Devastating yet looking forward on getting a new life. *My parents were all transported directly to the learning and transition camp to get ready to come to America.

  7. Kao Kalia And My Family This is Kao Kalia’s Family This is my Family

  8. Phanat Nikhom Transition Camp To America *Kao Kalia and her sister Dawb both were coming back from school when Kao Kalia dropped one of her shoe and Dawb jumped in and came out with Kao Kalia’s shoe. *Kao Kalia well always get kick out of class and she well tell her grandma to stand outside the building then they well go and eat out in the shop of the city. *While my family are in the transition camp, my brother and my sister did not go to school. *My parents was learning the things they need to know in order to come to America. *My grandma also watch my brother and sister just like Kao Kalia’s grandma.

  9. The Care Taker “My Grandma” “Kao Kalia’s Grandma”

  10. A Return To The Clouds *Kao Kalia and their family are in the Airplane to America. *They stopped at an Airport in Tokyo and Kao Kalia needed to use the bathroom. *Kao Kalia knew that her dad talked to the uniform lady and there on she knew her dad will take care of them in America. *When my family got to America they were in Sacramento California first. *They then was flown over and started our new life in North Carolina. *There they only met a few of our relatives but yet my dad had to find out a way to live in America. *There they had my brother Chi Nou.

  11. A Return To The Clouds *When they reach America they were in Sacramento California. *Kao Kalia asked how far do they have left before getting to Minnesota? *Her mom replied that they don’t know and they will have to wait patiently. *When they arrive they saw their uncle who left earlier and now they live under one roof in America. *Then five years later my family move to Minnesota. *We then live in then were able to get a house in the projects off of Hwy 55 or Olsen Highway.

  12. Before The Babies *In this chapter Dawb and Kao Kalia also their parent with the the other Hmong family struggles. *The hatred came from the Americans all over the country. *Then Kao Kalia and Dawb wanted to see their grandma in California with their parents but in America you need money to travel. *My brother and my sister didn’t start school until they got to Minnesota. *When they got to America they started out school at Hamilton Elementary School. *My whole family besides my youngest brother went and graduated from that elementary school.

  13. Before The Babies *Dawb and Kao Kalia soon were placed in schooling. They registered at Battle Creek Elementary School and the first day they got into a fight. Then was kicked out of school. *Later tried to go to Ames Elementary but they didn’t have the class for Dawb and Kao Kalia. *They then got accepted by north end elementary. *Later on in schooling Dawb and Kao Kalia got split up and then Dawb learned English and later won the spelling bee at their school and took home 50 dollars. *Sooner Kao Kalia didn’t speak much in class and she wrote her first small novel about a girl and the watermelon.

  14. Grade School Picture

  15. Coming Of The Son *They have waited for nearly six to seven years. Then it came. Kao Kalia’s family receive a little boy named Xue. *Later when he gets older they will change his name to Zong Xue. Meaning forest of knowledge, forest of skill. *Like every other kids Kao Kalia still wanted to be the baby of the family. Kao didn’t believe that her mom had a baby boy. *There it was in nine years I was the baby boy with the attention then my little brother came. *Just like Kao Kalia didn’t believe it. Everything change. No more whining, less attention, just feels like I wasn’t there anymore. *Finally got over it and liked babies a lot now.

  16. Us And Our Mother “Me With My Mommy” “Kao Kalia And Her Mommy”

  17. The Haunted Section 8 House *Many Hmong believe that the house carries the old spirits. *Kao Kalia and the family sees a little boy but yet it can’t be Xue. Yet he’s too young. *Everyone sees this beside Kao Kalia’s dad. One day he was attacked by the little kid. Grabbed by the arm and then he yelled for help. No one hears then he broke free from the hold. *Then they had to call Kao Kalia’s grandma to do the spiritual house cleansing. Offering money of the dead. *There are many Hmong who lives in these hunted houses. Hmong people usually do the cleansing before moving in. *Making sure cleansing every open spot. So the spirit can’t hide. *My family have seen and have been attack or became afraid of what they seen. *Seeing is believing in the Hmong tradition. It is taken very serious. *We then did the traditional burning the money for the dead and offering many animals. (Chickens, Pigs)

  18. Our Moldy House *They have found a new house and now they want to move in. Yet the parents have to agree and yet it was hard on the family. *Kao Kalia and Dawb then slowly went on graduating from Harding High School in St. Paul. *From there they both dream of going to the University Of Minnesota. *The Welfare commercial came on saying that it will end soon. Then everyone panic. *Now education is everything. *For me and my family we have move a lot. Within five years we moved five times. *From Minneapolis to Brooklyn Park, then back to Minneapolis. *Went to four different school. Hamilton Elementary, Woodland Elementary, Brooklyn Junior High School, and then Franklin Middle School. *Then finally came to Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis Minnesota still gaining knowledge to hit the highest point in life. (Success)

  19. Our Incredible School Patrick Henry High School Harding High School

  20. When The Tiger Comes *Kao Kalia’s grandma had a sister who Kao Kalia’s dad and the other family member’s never seen. *Told the death of the sister and the stories of the evil spirits taking good spirits. *Soon there they talked about how loneliness can force a person to change. From person to tiger there are many worries and concerns from the village. *The first natural death occurs in the family and it is Kao Kalia’s grandma. *There are many stories that I have heard. Many good and bad stories. I have live in fear of many of them. *The only tiger story that I heard of is Yer and the Tiger. *I have seen many of my grandma’s death. Many from old age and many of bad luck. *It all lies within the good spirits or the bad spirits.

  21. Preparation *Kao Kalia talks about how her grandma feels weak and starts having these dream of going back to Thailand and Laos. With their grandpa asking for her to go with him. *Kao Kalia tries to picture Her grandma at her Graduation ceremonies. Kao Kalia would ask her Grandma if she is happy And grateful for her success. Kao Kalia’s grandma would Always reply your dad is Proud of you and I am too. *To me I have heard many different death dreams. the sun setting and also the same one as Kao Kalia grandma had. *To many adult the elders rarely talks to their kids about the situation Kao Kalia is in.

  22. Good-bye To Grandma *Kao Kalia is in college at Carleton University. She heard about grandma and wanted to come home right away. Kao Kalia’s dad Wanted her to stay in school. *Kao Kalia comes home and sees Her grandma on the bed and she Get nervous. She got really sick and Then they finally call 9-1-1. *Revived by the I.V and was sent Home. *On February 18, 2003 Kao Kalia grandma past away while she is still at college. Getting the message she was speechless.

  23. Walking Back Alone *Kao Kalia and the relative Host the funeral at Metro Funeral Home. *They have slaughtered three cows and three hundred Chickens for there grandma. *They dressed her up in black, red, and white Hmong clothes. *They served three meals a day with the fresh meat of the cow and the chickens. There are plenty of food to be passed around throughout the whole three days and three night service of the funeral home. *The morning lights came through The window and Kao Kalia’s Grandma Had to get on her way to the afterlife. Everyone say there last good-bye and The funeral is over. *I have seen many funeral. but the one that I most remember are those who are close to me. My grandma and one great boy scout friend Por Vue. *In Hmong funeral the food is provided by how wealthy the family is and no matter the funerals will always last three days and three nights.