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SOLAR COOKER. BY LAM CHI FONG LI LIN KAI CHOI TSZ KEUNG WONG HO PUI LAU WING MAU. Content. Preface Our solar cooker The principles of our cooker Our test result Materials Impression. Preface.

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Solar cooker









  • Preface

  • Our solar cooker

  • The principles of our cooker

  • Our test result

  • Materials

  • Impression


  • As the world population keeps on increasing, it need more energy to satisfy with their requirement. Coal, petrol and natural gases are fossil fuels, they are non-renewable resources and will be used up sooner or later. we need to think of another renewable energy source, such as solar and wind energy, so we do this project for the sake of testing the efficiency of using solar energy to heat the water.

The principle of our solar cooker 1
The principle of our solar cooker(1)

  • The inner part of the solar cooker was covered by aluminium foils which are silvery white metal. So it can reflect the sunlight to the container and prevent the heat loss by radiation.

  • The outer part of the solar cooker was painted in black colour which can absorb heat more efficiently. We also added a layer of polystyrene between outer part and inner part of the solar cooker. It is a good insulator used to trap the air. Thus, less heat will lose by conduction.

The principle of our solar cooker 2
The principle of our solar cooker (2)

  • We also painted the container in black colour, because the black colour can absorb heat more efficiently.

  • We added two cups of mixture in the solar cooker. The mixture are acid and calcium carbonate. When they mixed, they would react with each other to form carbon dioxide, which is a noble gas leading to Greenhouse Effect. So the higher concentration of carbon dioxide, the higher temperature it will be.

The principle of our solar cooker 3
The principle of our solar cooker(3)

  • There is a side window in our solar cooker. This design is used to absorb heat from different side, because the sun does not shine vertically. Sometimes, it shines obliquely. We used transparent sheet to pack the side window, so it will allow the sunlight to pass through. We also put a convex lens outside the side window. It can converge the sunlight onto the container. It can heat the water more efficiently.

  • The principles of our solar cooker are preventing heat loss by conduction, convection and radiation. The principles have been applied in different parts of the solar cooker.

Our solar cooker test result
Our SOLAR COOKERTest result


The aim of our solar cooker is to save energy and protect the environment, so we use rubbish materials such as :

  • Paper box

  • Polystyrene block

  • Wrapping paper

  • Aluminium foil

Solar cooker

  • Wong Ho Pui 4D (37)

  • Comment : In this activities, we met a lot of difficulties. The first time we used the solar cooker, we found that it was very fragile and was damaged by the wind easily. So, we had to make another one. The design of the second one was greatly improved. It was more stable than the previous one, and it could work very well. We were very happy because the temperature of the water rose about 25oC.

My impression
My Impression

  • Li Lin Kai

  • In this project, my horizons are widened and I know more about how to insulate heat more effectively and how to absorb more heat from the sun. We use greenhouse gas to trap more heat and it is the key to our success. But our solar cooker still has many defects such as the aluminium foil is crinkled and the heat is not totally reflected into the solar cooker.

Solar cooker

  • Choi Tsz Keung 4D (24)

  • Comment: I think this activity is very interesting and excited. At the first time, we don’t know how to make a solar cooker , so the solar cooker can’t work very well.

  • But afterwards we ameliorate it and it becomes very useful and it can have the temperature risen by about 25 oC. After this activity ,we all think that we can make a very useful thing and we feel very happy.

Solar cooker

  • Lam Chi Fong 4D (27)

  • My comment: I think this project is very meaningful and interesting. I learn a lot from it. For example: using physics principle of conduction ,convection and radiation in the solar cooker so as to reduce heat loss to the surrounding. Energy is very valuable for our life so we have to think of another way to save our natural resources.

Solar cooker

  • Lau Wing Mau 4D (30)

  • My comment :I learnt many things in this activity. E.g. the greenhouse gas can trap the heat in a container, so it can raise the temperature of the water in the cooker. Our first solar cooker wasn’t very successful, but after experiencing failure we got lots of improvement in our second one. We made a very powerful solar cooker. I am very happy that we got such a large temperature rise using the solar cooker.