Welcome to surry power station 2013 fall outage processing
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Welcome to Surry Power Station 2013 Fall Outage Processing. Wayne Croshaw Processing Center Coordinator Fitness for Duty Administrator. 2013 Fall Outage Processing.

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Welcome to surry power station 2013 fall outage processing

Welcome to Surry Power Station2013 Fall Outage Processing

Wayne Croshaw

Processing Center Coordinator

Fitness for Duty Administrator

2013 fall outage processing
2013 Fall Outage Processing

Gravel Neck Outage Processing will open on Monday, September 23 at 0630 am and will remain open through the first week of the outage.

The Processing day begins with a Site Orientation Briefing starting at 0700 am. The orientation is mandated by station management and must be attended by all personnel.

2013 fall outage processing1
2013 Fall Outage Processing

  • Personnel arriving each day are expected to be on site and to be seated in the orientation room prior to the start of the 7:00 am morning briefing. Personnel who miss orientation will be required to complete it the next business day.

  • Vendors will stage for orientation in the multi-purpose building directly behind the new Processing Center. Everyone must be seated and ready to begin at 7:00 am.

  • After orientation, small groups will proceed to the Processing Center for check in.

  • Food service and vending will be available at Gravel Neck.

2013 fall outage processing2
2013 Fall Outage Processing


  • Parking: All personnel reporting to Gravel Neck may park at the Gravel Neck facility in designated areas. The outer lot will be utilized for contingency and spill over parking.

  • Personnel Completing Requirements at Gravel Neck will report on site at Surry for additional requirements such as hand geometry, TLD issuance.

  • Personnel are expected to cooperate fully by moving expeditiously through the process, completing all requirements in an efficient and professional manner. Full cooperation is expected and appreciated.

2013 fall outage processing3
2013 Fall Outage Processing

. Gravel Neck will open on March 26, 2011

Valid non-expired government issued photo identification is required for processing. This is a requirement and cannot be waived. You will be turned away if you do not have proper identification.

Vendors must advise the processing center (in advance) when altering projections or substituting personnel. Dominion Site Representatives should be aware of and approve all changes.

Personnel are expected to conduct and present themselves professionally . Personnel are not to access the Gravel Neck Gas Fired Complex adjacent to Gravel Neck.

2013 fall outage processing4
2013 Fall Outage Processing

. Fatigue – Personnel arriving for outage processing are expected to arrive Fit for Duty. Personnel who present with any indications of fatigue or impairment will not process that day. The Vendor Representative will be responsible for seeing that they are provided transportation offsite.

Personnel must be able to pass medical screening and be declared medically Fit for Duty.

Personnel requiring respirator are expected to arrive with physicals updated.

2013 fall outage processing5
2013 Fall Outage Processing


Personnel are expected to self assess for the following factors prior to processing or commencement of duties:

  • Mental Stress, Fatigue, or Illness

  • Use of prescription or over-the-counter drugs

  • Any condition or impairment from fatigue, or any cause that could adversely impact the ability to perform duties safely and competently.

2013 fall outage processing6
2013 Fall Outage Processing

Personnel are expected to fully disclose impairing prescription drugs and any legal actions.

Five Hour Abstinence Rule – means that anyone consuming any performance impairing substance within five hours of reporting violates the FFD Rule. This means alcohol as well as impairing medications. Keep in mind that this does not mean that you will not test positive for alcohol if you consumed alcohol outside of five hours prior to reporting. A number of factors determine how fast alcohol is absorbed from the body including age, weight and food consumption.

2013 fall outage processing7
2013 Fall Outage Processing

Confirmed Positive Test for alcohol is declared when:

  • A reading of .04 percent BAC or higher

  • A reading of .03 percent BAC, donor at work for 1 hour at time of test (including breaks, rest, lunch)

  • A reading of .02 percent BAC or higher, donor at work for 2 hours (including breaks, rest, lunch)

    Any alcohol detected will impact site access.

    Zero Tolerance

2013 fall outage processing8
2013 Fall Outage Processing

Code of Federal Regulations - FFD Testing

10 CFR 26

“Any act or attempted act to subvert the testing process, including, but not limited to, refusing to provide a specimen and providing or attempting to provide a substituted or adulterated specimen, for any test required under § 26.31(c) must result in the immediate unfavorable termination of the individual's authorization and permanent denial of authorization thereafter.”


2013 fall outage processing9
2013 Fall Outage Processing

FFD Behavior Observation

Behavior Observation is the responsibility of every Nuclear Worker.

All personnel must report known violations of the FFD program to management and FFD Program personnel.

Failure to report known violations constitutes a violation of the FFD program and will result in revocation and denial of unescorted access.

2013 fall outage processing10
2013 Fall Outage Processing

Surry Site Information

Gravel Neck paper badges will be issued and must be worn at all times while on site until traded for the Station Badge.

ESOMS Tags must be obtained before a paper badge will be issued.

Parking on site is limited to designated parking areas. Check with your vendor representative or Security on your area. Parking passes for the site will be issued and must be displayed.

2013 fall outage processing11
2013 Fall Outage Processing

Surry Site Information

Site Representatives will be informed when badges are printed. Personnel may not report to the Processing Center unless notified of badge readiness. Your badge will not be ready any quicker because you come to check on it. We will contact the Vendor Representative , who will contact the employee, once the badge is ready and available.

Checking on badge status by individuals only distracts In-Processing personnel and slows the process for everyone.

2013 fall outage processing12
2013 Fall Outage Processing


Surry Processing Center Staff:

Wayne Croshaw: 757-365-2777

Donna Mason: 757-365-2825

Eva Livesay: 757-365-2351