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Why Kentucky?. Governor Ernie Fletcher Commonwealth of Kentucky. September 26-28, 2004. Introduction to Kentucky. 600 Miles. Kentucky: Quick Facts. Kentucky: Quick Facts. Population of 4,117,827 ranks 26th among the states Total land area is 40,409 square miles

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Why kentucky

Why Kentucky?


Ernie Fletcher

Commonwealth of Kentucky

September 26-28, 2004

Kentucky quick facts1
Kentucky: Quick Facts

  • Population of 4,117,827

    • ranks 26th among the states

  • Total land area is 40,409 square miles

    • ranks 37th among the states

  • Four largest cities:

    • Louisville 699,017

    • Lexington 266,798

    • Owensboro 54,312

    • Bowling Green 50,663

  • Louisville is the 16th largest metro in the country

  • Frankfort is the state capital

10 quality of life
#10 – Quality of Life

  • Cost of living 11% below national average

  • Lowest residential electric costs in U.S.

  • Kentucky has the 9th lowest crime rate in the U.S.

  • The 12th lowest median housing cost in the U.S.

  • World class sporting events

  • Cultural and recreational opportunities

  • Temperate climate

9 workers compensation reform
#9 – Workers Compensation Reform

  • Reform has reduced requests for claims by 56% from 1993-94 to 2001-02

  • Kentucky’s cost of workers compensation has declined 35% between 1996 and 2003

  • Workers compensation costs are near the national average

8 low taxes
#8 – Low Taxes

  • Our state and local tax burden is more than 15% below the national average

  • Per capita state and local property taxes are the 5th lowest in the nation

  • Manufacturing machinery is exempt from all local property taxes and taxed at a low state rate of 15 cents per $100 value

8 low taxes1
#8 – Low Taxes

  • No local sales taxes are permitted in Kentucky and most services are exempt from sales and use taxes

  • Major sales and use tax exemptions for businesses include:

    • Machinery for new or expanded industry

    • Raw materials

    • Energy used in manufacturing, exceeding 3% of production costs

7 great financial incentives
#7 – Great Financial Incentives

  • Progressive tax incentives

    • Manufacturing

    • Service businesses

    • Technology businesses

  • Grants for customized skills training are provided by the Bluegrass State Skills Corporation

6 transportation network
#6 – Transportation Network

  • Kentucky is the only state with two containerized cargo hubs, UPS and DHL

  • The July 2004 issue of Air Cargo World ranked the top 50 cargo airports worldwide

    • Louisville Airport ranked 11th

    • Cincinnati/N. Kentucky ranked 39th

  • The July 2004 issue of Air Cargo World ranked the top 30 cargo airports of North America in tonnage

    • Louisville Airport ranked 6th

    • Cincinnati/N. Kentucky ranked 17th

6 transportation network1




#6 – Transportation Network

  • Extensive highway, air, rail and waterway transportation systems

5 central location
#5 – Central Location

  • Within 600 miles of Kentucky:

    • 65% of the U.S. population

    • 87% of the Eastern U.S. population

4 attractive business climate
#4 – Attractive Business Climate

  • Ranks 12th in latest list of top 25 state business climates

  • Kentucky has the lowest overall cost of doing business, east of the Mississippi River

  • 4th lowest nationally

3 low power cost
#3 – Low Power Cost

  • Industrial electric power costs rank as the lowest in the nation

  • Kentucky’s abundant supply of coal and proximity to coal-burning utility plants should keep electrical power costs low for years to come

2 productive workforce
#2 – Productive Workforce

  • Kentucky produces more value per dollar of wage than any of our competitor states

  • Kentucky’s workforce is 5.1% more productive than the U.S. average

  • Kentucky ranks 13th among the 50 states in Gross State Product produced per $1 of wage

1 education
#1 – Education

  • Kentucky’s Workforce Training Programs are ranked 5th in the U.S.

  • Kentucky’s schools are performing better in comparison to their national peers than ever before

  • Computers are accessible to all students

  • Workers have many opportunities to enhance educational skills

Choose kentucky top ten reasons
Choose Kentucky: Top Ten Reasons

  • Education

  • Productive Workforce

  • Lowest Industrial Electric Cost

  • Attractive Business Climate

  • Central Location

  • Transportation Network

  • Great Financial Incentives

  • Low Taxes

  • Workers Compensation Reform

  • Quality of Life

International flavor1
International Flavor

  • 343 foreign-owned manufacturing and supportive facilities in Kentucky with 71,580 full-time employees

  • 160 European-owned manufacturing and supportive facilities in Kentucky with 28,485 full-time employees

International flavor2
International Flavor

  • Total international investments in Kentucky total more than $23.7 billion

    • 7th highest among the states per capita

  • Total international investments in Kentucky have created 87,700 jobs

    • 13th highest among the states


  • Angel Camacho SA

  • Grupo Antolin-Irausa

  • Acerinox, SA

International flavor4
International Flavor

  • Exports exceed $10.7 billion

    • Ranks 12th in U.S.

  • Exports to the world support 47,400 jobs in Kentucky

Success stories1
Success Stories

2nd among states in the Site Selection 2003 Competitiveness Award, based on 10 quantifiable criteria for measuring business expansion activity

(Site Selection, May 2004)

10th in 2003 Site Selection Governor’s Cup awarded annually to U.S. states with the most new and expanded facilities. KY has the smallest population of the states on the top 10 list

(Site Selection, March 2004)

Success stories2
Success Stories

3rd for 2003 State Count of Townsin the Top 100 with 12 towns (Site Selection, March 2004)

6th as a location in survey of executives considering expansion and 6th in a survey of where companies have actually located. KY is the 2nd smallest state in either ranking (Plants, Sites and Parks, January 2004)

Success stories3
Success Stories

Tied for 9th for Site Selection’s States with the Most Metros in the Top 100 with 4 metros (Site Selection, March 2004)

12th of all states in exports per capita in 2003

(Source: MISER 2003)

Vehicle production ranks 4th in the U.S.

9.8% of all cars/trucks produced in the U.S. are made in Kentucky

Success stories4
Success Stories

“For a Small State, Kentucky is a fierce competitor for both domestic and international investment. From unique programs to worker training to education reform, Kentucky is a national leader.”

Tim Veneble, Site Selection Magazine

Why kentucky


Governor Ernie Fletcher

Commonwealth of Kentucky