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ANTARES - AZV LTD. SETAVA s.r.O. ANTARES –AZV LTD is a modern, fast growing company, whose main aim is the development and application of technologies for industrial cleaning and decontamination of the surfaces. CLEANING AND DECONTAMINATION OF THE PIPELINE NKT 73 ( Kazakhstan ) ‏.

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is a modern, fast growing company, whose main aim is the development and application

of technologies for industrial cleaning and decontamination of the surfaces.


RADIATION LEVEL 2.680 uR/h Ra 226, Ra 228, K40





Our personnel consist of 45 employees and our vision is to become a leader in the area of A.S.P.O.

industrial cleaning and N.O.R.M. deactivation.

All our technologies are tailor-made according to customer's demands, thus improving the efficiency

in operations in production activities, waste management, and all while helping save our environment.

Technologies are very specialized :

A.S.P.O. – design for removal of carcinogenic agents and for perfect cleaning of surfaces from

corrosion, paraffins, mineral deposits, asphalt-pitch deposits and and any other


N.O.R.M. – design for 100 % deactivation of the surfaces contaminated by radionuclides of the class

N.O.R.M. ( Ra 226 - 228, Barium, Thorium, Cesium and others )‏

Our management, research and scientific teams strive for excellence, quality, and we take pride in

everything we do.



The basic element of our technology consists of a closed cycle of chemical treatments, which enable perfect cleaning

and progressive 100 % deactivation of the contaminated surfaces by applying specially developed solutions.

Solution IFT- C - removes paraffin, asphalt, oil tar and other soft deposits.

Solution IFT- D - removes corrosion, scales and accomplish 100% N.O.R.M. deactivation.

Solution IFT- N - neutralize and preserve surfaces after the cleaning and deactivation.

Operation principle of the IFTsolutions

After a certain period of time the bounding forces between homogenous material and polluted layer of radionuclides

balance each other out. Thanks to the de-emulsifying and sedimentation abilities of the IFT solutions the washed away

radionuclides, salts of other chemical elements, scales and corrosion are separated from the solution and create a

separate waste in the form of sediment at the bottom of the baths. Waste is in solid and insoluble form. Paraffins and

other light deposits float on the surface.

place and the deactivation solution is not contaminated. Impurities from the surface are

very easily removed by flooding of the surface and heavy sediments from the bottom are removed from the solution by

special filtration unit and stored in appropriate plastic containers for permanent storage.

It is possible in some cases to return this radioactive waste back to deep underground.

After the filtration the working solutions used for chemical treatment are replenished to the relevant concentrate and can

be consequently 100% re-use for cleaning.




IFTtechnologies always use water solutions with tensides and inhibitors – on the other hand all other technologies utilised so far are based on the application of concentrated acids and lye.

It practically means that :

  • radioactive coating together with the whole surface microstructure will always be dissolved into the working solution

  • huge volumes of radioactive and saturated acids are created – makes storage a difficult and expensive task, and are also always a threat for the future

  • the surface of the treated material is being damaged-dissolved, and free radical Hydrogen is created, which significantly damages the treated material

    On the other hand:

  • our cleaning and deactivation solutions are not acids or lye

  • whilst using our solution, chemical reaction does not occur during the treatment and the solution is not saturated with salts or radioactive elements or radionuclidesN.O.R.M.

  • free radical Hydrogen is not created, and the result is 100% clean and deactivated equipment prepared for re-use

  • cleaned and deactivated surface is always clean without any corrosion, scales or incrustation and with the radioactivity at normal level

  • While using our technology, the volume of radioactive waste shall immediately decrease, furthermore the waste will be in solid form, which does not cause any problems when it comes to storage

  • acquired waste is very resistant to most chemical substances and contains high chemical-molecular stability, which has been proven by experiments conducted in the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Almaty in Kazakhstan.

  • , Kazakhstan.



Technologies IFT-N.O.R.M. and A.S.P.O. have already been used for deactivation and cleaning of

  • drilling equipment for geological research, production of crude oil and natural gas

  • NKT pipelines and deep-mined pumps

  • ground and floating facilities for production of crude oil and natural gas

  • pipelines for transportation of crude oil, natural gas and water collectors

  • stocking and transit equipment for transportation and stocking of crude oil, natural gas and uranium

  • railway cisterns and special trucks for transportation of crude oil, natural gas and uranium

  • preliminary treatment of the surfaces for hot-dip galvanising

  • periodic maintenance of technical equipment in nuclear power stations and nuclear submarines

    Economic informations about cleaning and deactivation of IFT technologies

  • IFT– C cleaning solution, consumption from 20 to 60 g/m2 depending on the contamination

  • IFT– D disactivating and infesting solution, consumption from 30 to 50 g/m2 depending on the level of the

    contamination and corrosion

  • IFT– N passivation and neutralization, consumption 5 g/m2



Area and weigh ratios of polluted and contaminated components and equipment before and after the deactivation

are overwhelming – from experience with the cleaning and deactivation of almost 340.000 tons mining pipeline and

deep pumps, we can successfully confirm that weight and area minimalization are around 95-97 %!

Practical example – 110.000 tons of discarded mining pipeline NKT-73 ( unusable due to radioactive contamination )‏

were stored in the desert occupying 8 km2. After cleaning and deactivation, 95.000 tons were 100% re-usable, 11.000

tons were remelted into the high quality steel and 4.000 tons of low radioactive waste of the class N.O.R.M. were stored

in the plastic containers occupying the area of just 500m2 !!

Working solutions used for chemical treatment are refilled with the relevant concentrate and are consequently

100% re-usable – cleaned and decontaminated material and equipment are returned back into the working process.

Compared to other used technologies, our technologies IFT offer significant benefits:

1. Huge economical savings for the ,,IFT - N.O.R.M. and A.S.P.O.,, technologies user at liquidation of

radioactive dumps

2. 100% solution of current ecological problems for the ,,IFT - N.O.R.M. and A.S.P.O.,, technologies user.

3. Highly effective, economical and ecological maintenance of the production capacities of the ,,IFT - N.O.R.M and

A.S.P.O.,, technologies user.

In addition, it also offers:

- short working time – substantial increase in work efficiency

- application possible at room temperatures (22°C)

- superior surface of the treated material

- long lifetime of the baths

- ecological, easy waste liquidation

- non complex hygienic or work safety requirements



Products and Services

Apart from our services in the field of cleaning and deactivation of the surfaces we offer our technologies IFT- N.O.R.M. and A.S.P.O. for sale to companies around the world.

In addition we also provide: Establish and operate ecological complex

Cleaning and Deactivation Industrial Complex N.O.R.M. ( that can be stationary or mobile ) could be built anywhere around the world and would fill up technological and ecological gaps in servicing technical equipment.

STATIONARY cleaning and deactivation complex

Basic module is able to clean and deactivate 30 tons of mining pipeline NKT 73 in 24 hours.

Pipelines are being cleaned and deactivated up to 12m of its own length, neither binding neck or rolled thread is cut off.

Enclosure area including feeding line is 50x120m.

Energy requirement is transformer 400 V / 700kW or own supply – diesel generator or co-generation gas module.

Required crew is 6-7 people, semi-automatic and needs control.

Consumption of technical water is 3m³ daily.

Complex is air-conditioned, with a consistent temperature of 20°C.

Design is from wood, stainless steel and plastic materials,

sanitary and wash room facilities included.

Chemical mini laboratory includes monitory control of operator

and production.

Lifetime is approx.10 years.




MOBILE cleaning and deactivation complex

  • Pipelines are being cleaned and deactivated up to 10m of its own length, neither binding neck or rolled thread is cut off.

  • Module enables cleaning and deactivation of 10 tons mining pipelines NKT 73.

  • Required crew is 3-5 people, operation is semi-automatic, needs control.

  • Assembly parts fit into EURO-CONTAINERS or semi-trailers.

  • In case of the container version, the transport is provided by semi-trailers.

  • Complex is fully autonomous, with its own source of energy, water, working solutions and includes wash room, sanitary, laboratory and monitory control.

  • Module is modified to work in any climate and hard terrain

  • Enclosure area including feeding line is 20x50m.

  • Complex is air-conditioned, with a consistent temperature of 20°C.

  • Design is from wood, stainless steel and plastic materials.

  • Lifetime is approx. 10 years.

  • The module parameters may be changed according to the customer's demands.

    Delivery of the Stationary or Mobile complex includes:

  • Installation and presentation of the complex in the Czech Republic.

  • Full training course for the crew.

  • Dispatch of all customs and transport documentations necessary towards exportation from EU.

  • Dismantlement of the complex under the supervision of the trained customer crew and transport preparation.

  • Engineering supervision and assistance with installation at the final destination.

  • Engineering supervision and assistance with the start up of the complex.

  • On site supervision and and services of two engineers for three months free of charge.

    Cost of the complex

  • The cost of the delivery of the stationary or mobile complex depends on the customer's demands.

    The main parameter to establish the price is the daily production of the complex and its facilities.



Registered office:


U hřiště 82/2

750 02 PŘEROV

Czech Republic

Ing. Vítězslav Zedek

Tel.Fax. +420 581212505