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—— 宋江艳

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—— 宋江艳
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—— 宋江艳

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  1. 课题汇报 自动思维研究进展 ——宋江艳

  2. Contents • What is automatic thoughts? 1 • Articles& Ages 2 • ATQ & development 3 • Conclusion 4

  3. Automatic thoughts :The thoughts that occur constantly as our minds seek to narrate what is going on around us. They are automatic, because they are not the result of an analysis of the problem, they are a "knee-jerk" reaction to specific situations. Background Research

  4. where our automatic thoughts are born? The limbic system is the area of the brain that controls our immediate response to situations Background Research

  5. Background Research emergency or crisis positive desired and helpful quick response , depression anxiety negative

  6. Background Research • Negative automatic thoughts : sometimes called dysfunctional thinking or cognitive distortion, are characterized as plausible and automatic, specific and discrete Beck A.T.1976.Cognitive therapy and the emotional disorders. International Universities Press, New York

  7. labeling Shoulding selective abstraction cognitive distortion personality all or none overgeneralization

  8. Articles

  9. 1.Steven D,Hollon ,Philip C,etl. Cognitive self-statements in depression: Development of an automatic thoughts questionnaire[J]. Cogn Behav Ther,1980,4(4) 2 Harrell TH, Ryon NB. Cognitive-behavioral assessment of depression: clinical validation of the automatic thoughts questionnaire[J]. J Consult Clin Psychol. 1983 ,51(5) 3.Deardorff PA, McIntosh JA, Adamek CA, etl. Automatic thoughts questionnaire: a study of concurrent validity [J].Psychol Rep. 1985,57(3 Pt 1):831-4. Articles ATQ的研制 ATQ的信度、效度检测

  10. 4.Catherine S, Fichten. Self, other, and situation- referent automatic thoughts: Interaction between people who have a physical disability and those who do not[J]. Cogn Behav Ther,1986,10(5) Articles ATQ应用于学生

  11. 5 .C.V.Hill,T.P.S.Oei,M.A.Hill. An empirical investigation of the specificity and sensitivity of the automatic thoughts questionnaire and dysfunctional attitudes scale[J]. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment,1989,11(4) 6.Seok-Man Kwon, Tian P. S. Oei .Differential causal roles of Dysfunctional Attitudes and Automatic Thoughts in depression.Cognitive Therapy and Research,1992,16(3) Articles 将ATQ和DAS结合起来,研究两问卷在抑郁中的应用

  12. 7.Franko DL, Zuroff DC. The Bulimic Automatic Thoughts Test: initial reliability and validity data. J Clin Psychol. 1992 ,48(4):505-9. 8. Sahin NH, Sahin N. Reliability and validity of the Turkish version of the Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire. J Clin Psychol. 1992 ,48(3):334- 40. Articles 厌食症ATQ的研制 土耳其ATQ的研制

  13. 9 .Ellen B, David A. The positive automatic thoughts questionnaire (ATQ-P) and the automatic thoughts questionnaire—Revised (ATQ-RP): Equivalent measures of positive thinking .Cognitive Therapy and Research, 1994,18(1) Articles 对照ATQ-P和ATQ-RP ,发现检测积极思维,两者具有相等的功效

  14. 10. John B,David C. Psychometric properties of the automatic thoughts questionnaire—positive with inpatient adolescents. Cognitive Therapy and Research.,1996,20(5) Articles ATQ-P与抑郁有很大的相关性,比与焦虑的相关性要高,因而可以通过利用ATQ-P将抑郁与焦虑区分出来。

  15. 11 Snyder.J,Jeffrey Crowson,Kent Houston,etl. Assessing Hostile Automatic Thoughts: Development and Validation of the HAT Scale. Cognitive Therapy and Research.1997,21(4) 12.Steven A. Safren.G, Julie L, etl. Differentiating Anxious and Depressive Self-Statements: Combined Factor Structure of the Anxious Self-Statements Questionnaire and the Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire-Revised. Cognitive Therapy and Research,2000,24(3) Articles 研制HAT Scale 比较分析 ASSQ和ATQ-RP分别对焦虑和抑郁的效应,实际上两问卷在反映的问题上存在交互性

  16. 13. Schniering CA, Rapee RM. Development and validation of a measure of children‘s automatic thoughts: the children’s automatic thoughts scale. Behav Res Ther. 2002 40(9):1091-109. 14.Yücel B, Kora K, Ozyalçín S, etl. Depression, automatic thoughts, alexithymia, and assertiveness in patients with tension-type headache.Headache. 2002 ,42(3):194-9. Articles CATS研制和分析 紧张性头痛患者在抑郁、负性自动思维等问卷分值偏高

  17. 15.Schniering CA, Rapee RM. The relationship between automatic thoughts and negative emotions in children and adolescents: a test of the cognitive content-specificity hypothesis.J Abnorm Psyc 2004 ,113(3):464-70 16.Chioqueta AP, Stiles TC. Norwegian version of the automatic thoughts questionnaire: a reliability and validity study. Cogn Behav Ther. 2004;33(2):79-82. Articles 儿童和青少年自动思维与负性情感性的相互关系 挪威语ATQ

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  22. 25. Shyh Shin Wong. The Relations of Cognitive Triad, Dysfunctional Attitudes, Automatic Thoughts, and Irrational Beliefs with Test Anxiety. Current Psychology, 2008,27(3) 26 .Lex C, Meyer TD, Marquart B, etl. No strong evidence for abnormal levels of dysfunctional attitudes, automatic thoughts, and emotional information-processing biases in remitted bipolar I affective disorder. Psychol Psychother. 2008 ,81(Pt 1):1-13. Articles 研究认知三联征在学生考试中焦虑情况 负性自动思维与认知功能及情感信息处理偏倚在双极性精神障碍病人的身上并没有明显的相关性

  23. 27. Nobre PJ, Pinto-Gouveia J.Cognitions, emotions, and sexual response: analysis of the relationship among automatic thoughts, emotional responses, and sexual arousal. Arch Sex Behav. 2008 ,37(4):652-61. Articles 负性自动思维与情绪反映、认知及性唤起有相关性

  24. 28. Muris P, Mayer B, den Adel M, etl. Predictors of change following cognitive-behavioral treatment of children with anxiety problems: a preliminary investigation on negative automatic thoughts and anxiety control. Child Psychiatry Hum Dev. 2009,40(1):139-51. Articles 在2-12岁的儿童身上发现,焦虑与负性自动思维亦有相关性。

  25. 29.Peter Muris, Birgit Mayer,Madelon den Adel. Predictors of Change Following Cognitive- Behavioral Treatment of Children with Anxiety Problems: A Preliminary Investigation on Negative Automatic Thoughts and Anxiety. Control Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 2009,40(1) Articles • 通过认知行为干预改善儿童焦虑症,效果良好

  26. ATQ研制(80) 应用 新ATQ 不同语种 信效度检测 HAT 97 ATQ-P ATQ-RP 94 CATS 2002 土 耳 其 A T Q 92 中 国 A T Q 01 挪 威 A T Q 04 波 斯 A T Q 08 结合DAS 应用 抑郁 应用 检测 抑郁 抑郁 检测 应用 各类精 神障碍 紧张性 头痛 应用 新语种 抑 郁 焦 虑 焦虑 抑 郁 焦 虑 其 它 荷 兰 日 本 性功能

  27. 1.自动思维伴随认知心理学而产生 2.自动思维的发展不仅关注在负性自动思维,同时积极性思维也得以主见受到关注和发展 3.自动思维的进步借助自动思维问卷体现 4.自动思维的发展的方向是不断拓展新领域 5.自动思维的发展在各国主见得到重视,但起步阶段不一 Conclusion