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Fingerprint Attendance System

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Fingerprint Attendance System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fingerprint attendance is a weary system if not overhauled by new technology doing the rounds. The vascular biometrics fingerprint attendance system is the new and by far the most popular modality in the biometrics recognition system.\n

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Fingerprint attendance is a weary system if not overhauled by new technology doing the rounds. The vascular biometrics fingerprint attendance system is the new and by far the most popular modality in the biometrics recognition system. The evolution has brought many new upgrades and of course, higher capabilities when it comes to managing work force through virtual attendance system.

Here are 6 flawless features of the latest fingerprint attendance system doing the rounds these days—Vascular Biometrics.


1. A step ahead of fingerprint

Fingerprint attendance systems are getting more secure and stricter with each passing day. To live up to the demands of privacy and additional security, varicose biometrics are based on the vein recognition and vein patterns that deliver personal authorization using hand scanning.


2. Finger veins and palm scanner

The console for fingerprint can also be used to identify varicose biometrics by recognising the finger vein or the palm vein. The image is converted into an encrypted biometric code or a mathematical template matched to the facial recognition. The varicose biometric can be integrated with the iris recognition biometric system for authentication.


3. Higher cost of installation, but higher accuracy

The Varicose biometric systems are priced higher than the basic fingerprint attendance system. The high initial cost of investment gives immediate returns in the form of 100% accurate authentication and template documentation. The higher accuracy is consistent and follows a steady workflow even with scalable platform when new users are added to the portfolio.


4. Duplication risk is least

The cost of managing the biometrics data is very high. It also covers the cost of duplication, storage and destruction. The Varicose Biometrics system comes with the least rate of duplication, even lower than the Iris Recognition Biometric technology. The size of the template is low as well, thus saving storage cost and management hassles.


5. Low FAR/ FRR

False Acceptance Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR) in Varicose Fingerprint biometric systems is very low. This is due to close rang imaging made by high-definition camera and sensors. Theoretically, the FAR is a factor derived from the percentile chances that the biometric system could possible accept an incorrect input from an unauthorised user. The FAR is the ratio of number of false acceptances to the total number of biometric identification attempts, expressed either as a number or as a percentage. Obviously, lower the FAR, higher is the efficiency and credibility of the system.


6. Clear distinction between identification versus verification

Varicose biometric technology integrated with the fingerprint attendance system can do both—verification & identification. For identification through biometric systems, a template is used as a reference to find the degree of similarity between the pattern and the template. For proper access, this degree of similarity has to exceed a certain level, otherwise the pattern is rejected.


For verification, the biometric system is claimed only as a priority. Depending on the technology used, the Varicose biometrics can easily differentiate between a real person and an imposter trying to infiltrate into the system with malicious objectives.


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