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Employee Self Service Portal PowerPoint Presentation
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Employee Self Service Portal

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Employee Self Service Portal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Employee Self Service Portal

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  1. Top 5 Reasons why Every Organization should Embrace Employee Portals

  2. Employee self-service portal is a smart integration and collaboration of different organizational elements that make administration and personalisation easy. Every enterprise with 50 or more employees can make a huge difference to how they achieve goals and how they sustain business in the 21st century. Portals sound great on paper, and even better when implemented correctly.

  3. Here are 5 reasons why business groups are evidently integrating employee self-service portals in their system. 1. Portal for employees define sophistication 2. Everything is digitalised 3. Code and diversity management for swifter decision-making 4. Automatic alerts and notifications on 5. Enquire and complain management

  4. 1. Portal for employees define sophistication Growth in terms of size and revenue can be best reviewed by identifying the level to which HR and administration have integrated automation in their employee services. Employee self-service portals reflect the level of sophistication in the organization in the true sense. From the number of employees present on the floor to how they are performing, every aspect is measured on a real-time basis.

  5. 2. Everything is digitalised Companies are increasingly taking their in-house activity online, at least for the sake of employee benefits. Powered by superior drives and online support virtualization tools, tracking the activities of employees at various locations has become so much easier. Companies offer every kind of information for their employees online, protected by access and authorisation codes, the web-driven portals signify an increasing effort on the management’s part to transform the existing traditional record-storage and maintenance into a more sophisticated one-to-one platform.

  6. 3. Code and diversity management for swifter decision-making Interpersonal relationships do affect the team dynamics in the organization. A wonderful tool for big teams and departments, the diversity management offered by the Employee self-service portals fastens the decision making of every participant. Employees can perform time-management tests to check how their projects are running based on deadline, client demands and customer reviews. Any organization of significant size can manage their personnel resources and utilities with higher efficiency. For example, if there are two printers on the floor, an employee can check if the papers are lined for dispatch or should he/she wait till the queue clears. Employee self-service portals eliminates the confusion over use of office resources—Printers, stationaries and other utilities.

  7. 4. Automatic alerts and notifications on Leaves and absence without notifications, emergency situations and transportation delays—these are top hurdles that can derail any business activity on a daily basis. Best employee self-service portals offer offline access so that an employee can push alerts and notifications over unexpected delays and absence from work, with proper information management. From booking cabs to carpooling back home, it is also possible to find your buddy passenger by checking out the employee self-service portals where requests and alerts are posted on a continuous basis.

  8. 5. Enquire and complain management Simpler than emailing, employees can actually chat with administration representatives for any issue or conflict. Employee self-service portal with compliant forms and enquiry reiteration are also available which is not shared with the third person. Without letting your direct colleagues and boss know about your concerns, the employee self-service portal allows the complainant to raise issue without any provocation or interference.

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