Advantages of using biometric s ystem
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Time Labs make the systems and software’s to manage the staff attendance, payrolls, staff’s personal data and information. Employee Self-Service is one of them. For more information read the presentation.

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Advantages of using biometric s ystem

Advantages of Using Biometric System

Presented by [Time Labs]

An overview
An Overview

  • Many employees feel offended at the manual intervention while screening and updating attendance. Most of them thought that their attendance records and the presence in the office is part of the bias regime. The questions linger: Are the bosses and the pet employees also screened with so much scrutiny?

  • Let’s show you how using fingerprint attendance software in the contemporary biometric system helps saves time resources and builds seamless organization.

Building tech savvy organization
Building Tech-Savvy organization

  • When there are no manual screenings involved, employees tend to be happy and productive. Introduction of technology for interactive personnel management such as that of Fingerprint Attendance Software is definitely a step in integrating tangible components with digital assets. As per recent studies, the organizations that have expanded their operational assets pertaining to employee coordination, management and benefits using biometric facial recognition system managed to save significant amount of time and resources.

Zero biasing
Zero Biasing

  • Being popular is one thing, but being picked for attendance is another. Corporates can’t function like school where attendance is based on calling names out. The biometric facial recognition system and the Fingerprint attendance software is principally the same for the Grade IV staff as well as for the CEO.

  • It is more like a fun with technology… something cafeterias and common Hotspots do today…!

Unique identity marker
Unique Identity Marker

  • Signatures on paper can be forged. The enterprise IT model has removed this issue by giving a unique identity marker through biometric facial recognition system. The face is the unique marker. For gaining access into the restricted zones or for starting the desk PC, Fingerprint Assessment Software seems more useful. Tricky lead isn’t it?

No fear of loss of credential or past records
No Fear of Loss of Credential or Past Records

  • All corporates work with the latent danger of losing data due to fire, earthquake or human errors. All personal credentials and records are digitalized using Fingerprint attendance software. Back up is the prime savior of the biometric system for employee identity recognition.

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