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CAATs. John Tyrpak Steve Sheller Philip Andrews Ginger Bean. The Difference Between CAATS and CAATTS. CAATs are Computer Assisted Audit Techniques CAATTs are Computer Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques Benefit: Now able to test 100% of data and it’s efficient. CAATs.

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John Tyrpak

Steve Sheller

Philip Andrews

Ginger Bean

the difference between caats and caatts
The Difference Between CAATS and CAATTS
  • CAATs are Computer Assisted Audit Techniques
  • CAATTs are Computer Assisted Audit Tools and Techniques
  • Benefit: Now able to test 100% of data and it’s efficient
  • Software used to increase an auditor’s personal productivity and software used to perform data extraction and analysis
  • Techniques to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of audit function
types of caats
Types of CAATs
  • Any software that assists the auditor in performing administrative tasks more efficiently. (Word, Excel)
  • Software used to manage the engagement
  • ACL – Audit Command Language (best-known software)
audit tools with caats
Audit Tools with CAATs
  • Productivity Tools
    • E Work papers
    • Groupware
    • Time and Billing Software
    • Reference Libraries
    • Document Management
  • Generalized Audit Software (GAS) Tools
    • ACL (most common)
    • AuditExpert Systems
    • Utility Software
    • Statistical Software
computer assisted audit tools

Computer Assisted Audit Tools

Productivity Tools


Creating a “paperless” workplace


Allows multi-user scheduling, planning, file sharing

Time and Billing Software

Easily account for chargeable hours and prepare bills

Reference Libraries

Efficiency in finding and reporting information

Document Management

Online storage of documents made readily available

computer assisted audit tools1
Computer Assisted Audit Tools

Generalized Audit Software Tools

  • ACL
    • Performs the routine tasks
  • Audit Expert Systems
    • Based on a series of “if-then” production rules
  • Statistical Analysis
    • Performs statistical analysis on a client’s data file
audit techniques with caats
Audit Techniques with CAATs
  • Validate Application Integrity
    • Test Data
    • Integrated Test Facility (ITF)
    • Parallel Simulation
  • Verify Data Integrity
    • Data Extraction and Analysis
    • Detect Fraud
    • Continuous Auditing Techniques
ten steps to using caats
Ten Steps to using CAATs
  • Steps 1 – 4 involve Planning
  • Steps 5 – 6 involve requesting and importing data
  • Step 7 – 9 Testing data
  • Step 10 – Documenting results
  • Set Key Objectives
  • Identify CAATs
  • Data Needed from the Client
data processing
Data Processing
  • ACL
  • CAATs Processes
final processes
Final Processes
  • Exceptions
  • Document Results
benford s law
Benford’s Law
  • The leading digit of a series of naturally occurring numbers does not follow a uniform distribution. It will follow an exponential distribution.
payroll fraud
Payroll Fraud
  • Controls in Place
  • Getting CAATs Involved
  • A Fraud Discovered
  • Core Concepts of Information Technology Auditing; Hunton, Bryant, Bagranoff
  • Bnet Business Network online;col1