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Span 340: Cultures of Spain

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Span 340: Cultures of Spain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Span 340: Cultures of Spain. Seville-Chapel Hill correspondent: Kristin Lowder u1578703.b2397846.i12685150. Objectives for Span 340. Contemporary cultural topics Personal view as foreigner Personal view from Spaniards

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span 340 cultures of spain
Span 340: Cultures of Spain

Seville-Chapel Hill correspondent:

Kristin Lowder

objectives for span 340
Objectives for Span 340
  • Contemporary cultural topics
  • Personal view as foreigner
  • Personal view from Spaniards
  • Comprehensive view of Spanish cultureforcorrespondent and Span 340 students
sample lessons
Sample lessons

Las fiestas populares:

Why are there so many celebrations in Seville and Spain in general? Kristinwillvisitany of thenearbytownsto record one of thetypicalcelebration and explainittous.

Do Spaniardscelebrate Halloween? Why?

sample lessons1
Sample lessons

Spanish youth: ‘neither-nor’ generation

Spanish youth and the global economic crisis affecting the incorporation to the job market. Young people quit their studies with the hope of finding a job, but it has become increasingly difficult for them to apply for unskilled jobs, thus creating what has been termed “generación ‘ni-ni” (neither study, nor work).

Kristin interviews the younger members of the host family. Is Spanish youth optimistic about the future? Students at UNC will then provide their opinions on this issue and establish comparisons and similarities with the Spanish situation.

why in span 204
Why in Span 204?
  • Make sure that our students abroad are making the most of the opportunities offered by the UNC-Sevilla program.
  • Take advantage of the incredible cultural resource to benefit the UNC community on a broader scale.
  • Motivate students to study abroad.
  • Kay Cee Butcher
  • Former student (span 204)
  • English major, Hispanic studies minor
  • Outgoing and enthusiastic
sample activity 1
Sample activity 1
  • Week 5: Cultural objects of Sevilla

Step 1: Kay Cee interviewed her host mother about some objects (stores, foods, musical instruments, items of clothing, etc) that she would consider typical of Sevilla and that best represent its culture. She found these objects, took pictures of them and posted them on VT and explain what they are.

Step 2: The students looked at the pictures and listen to Kay Cee’s description and explanation of their meaning and recorded their reactions.

sample activity 2
Sample activity 2
  • Week 11: Sevillanos and the environment

Step 1: The students here formulate a series of questions about Sevillanos’ attitudes and opinions regarding the environment and related ecological issues.

Step 2: Kay Cee selects some of the questions and will use them to interview people on the street. Our students will see these interview on VT and respond. Where the answers what they expected? How does the attitude of Sevillanos regarding the environment compare to Americans?

student survey
Student survey

In-class anonymous survey:

  • 15 total responses; 11 positive, 4 “negative”


  • How much did you know about Spain and Seville before taking Span 204?
  • Has your interest in Sevilla changed since taking Span 204?
  • How would you describe the experience of having Kay Cee as our Seville-Chapel Hill Correspondent?
  • Would you prefer to go back to a traditional, written and teacher led discussion forum, or continuing with Voicethread and Kay Cee?
  • Would you recommend expanding the Seville-Chapel Hill Correspondent project to other classes? Why or why not?
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