conservation n.
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Conservation. Dulce , Melissa, Shamar. The problem .

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Dulce, Melissa, Shamar

the problem
The problem
  • Reclamation of wasteful neglected, abandoned large areas of land. It was identified as some of the major achievements of the Roosevelt era. The U.S. gained from rapid expansion of other industries, through the variety of new products available to them. The combination of businesses gained so much power that they could have driven smaller companies completely out of business.
  • Some businessmen used methods like price fixing , underselling, and making deals with railroads to force their competitors out of business. These actions led to, or almost led to, monopolies. Some industries needed monopolies in order to function things like water electricity, and gas.
  • People thought of the land, rivers, forests as something to conquer and make use of to the fullest extent.

Americans abuse natural resources.

  • The reformers who helped to solve the problem were Jane Addams (Founder of the Hull House), Margaret Sanger(founded the organization that became Planned Parenthood), Booker T Washington (Founded the Tuskegee Institute), and President Theodore Roosevelt (created laws and regulations against monopolies and trusts that were formed during the industrial revolution)
laws that were passed
Laws that were passed
  • The meat inspection act
  • The Pure Food and Drug Act
  • The Antiquities Act
  • Sherman Anti-trust Act also known as the "Square Deal“
  • Keating Owen Act
vocabulary words
Vocabulary words
  • Conservation: the act of conserving something, in particular.
  • Progressive Era: The Progressive Era was a period of social activism and political reform in the United States that flourished from the 1890s to the 1920s.
  • Legislation: Laws considered collectively.
  • Administration: the process or activity of running a business, organization
  • Monopoly: the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade in a commodity or service.
sources for the research
Sources for the research