Tuesday warm up 9 09 14
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Tuesday Warm Up 9/09/14. If you could EXPLORE any part of the world where would you go and why ? 5 sentences Honors 8 sentences. The Age of Exploration 1450-1750 (300 Years!!).

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Tuesday warm up 9 09 14
Tuesday Warm Up 9/09/14

  • If you could EXPLORE any part of the world where would you go and why ?

    • 5 sentences

    • Honors 8 sentences

The age of exploration 1450 1750 300 years

The Age of Exploration 1450-1750(300 Years!!)

Students will be able to explain the effects of the age exploration through the experiences of Christopher Columbus

Homework 9 09 14
Homework 9/09/14

  • Review your Cornell Notes

  • On the Margins write 1 question for each section

  • Underline _________ your question

What is the age of exploration title
What is the age of exploration?(Title )


-Some people explain it by saying “ God, gold, and glory”

-When Europeans traveled across oceans to discover new trading routes

- The age of exploration is referred to the time period when many explorers set out to discovery new land !

Reasons for exploring title
Reasons for exploring (title)

  • Motives for Exploration ( Notes)

    • Technological Advances

    • Improved Ship Design

    • Improved weapons

  • Desire for Wealth

    • Gain access to the Spice Trade

    • Find new sources of Gold and Silver

  • Tuesday warm up 9 09 14

    4. Expand their Control = More land = More Power

    5.Religious Devotion

    • Convert more people to Christianity

      6. Renaissance Spirit and Values

    • Desire to learn about new lands and people

    • Desire for adventure , fame, glory

    • Marco Polo traveled through Asia and wrote about it which sparked a new interest in foreign lands

    Main players of exploration title
    Main Players of Exploration(title)



    In competition with Portugal to find a route to Asian trade

    Opened the Americas to European colonization and trade

    • Led the way

    • Prince Henry was a navigator and encouraged exploration

    • Well situated to explore based on routes available

    • Already explored Africa to find a route to Asian trade

    Homework for wednesday 9 10
    Homework for Wednesday9/10

    • Review Cornell Notes and add a question for each section in the Margins .

    • Please _____________ your question !!!!

    Christopher columbus
    Christopher Columbus

    • Was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451

    • He studied Navigation among others things and was set to discover a quicker trip to Asia like other Explorers.

    • Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain agreed to fund his trip across the Atlantic to find a quicker route to Asian trade

    • On August 3, 1942 Columbus Set sail with three ships : the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria

    Tuesday warm up 9 09 14

    • On October 12th Christopher Columbus arrived on land . He arrived on the Caribbean Islands .

    • He looked for precious pearls, gold , silver , and spices, which he had promised the King and Queen but did not find any

    • In March 1493 he left to Spain and returned again in September and made 2 other trips

    • Christopher Columbus did not bring back gold and silver but left a desire for others to explore and take over the Americas …

    Let s set the record straight
    Let’s set the record straight



    America existed long before Christopher Columbus was alive. It was inhabited by millions of Indigenous Peoples without their own culture, language, government, and trading systems.

    He landed in what we know as the Bahamas , present day Haiti and the Dominican Republic

    He used Indigenous people for information on the land, to work, for entertainment, and for gold

    • Christopher Columbus discovery America

    • Christopher Columbus landed in the USA

    • Columbus befriended the Indigenous people

    • http://www.history.com/topics/exploration/christopher-columbus

    Effects of exploration title
    Effects of Exploration( title)

    • Columbian Exchange

    • Slavery

    • Conquistadors , Explorers, and Missionaries began to flood the North American Continent

    Columbian exchange title
    Columbian Exchange (title)

    • The “Columbian Exchange” refers to the vast exchange of people, plants, animals, ideas and diseases that began with the “Age of Exploration”


    • Because many Indigenous people of the Americas were being killed or died by diseases the Spanish settlers required other people to do the work for them .

    • These people were refereed to as slaves.

    • Slavery began in the “ New World” in the 1500s.

    • By the late 1400s European Explorers in West Africa were trading guns and other goods for slaves

    Conquistadors and missionaries title
    Conquistadors and Missionaries(title)

    • Conquistadors are Spanish soldiers-explorers who murdered and took over the native peoples of Mexico and Peru

    • Missionaries are people who travel to spread the word of God and convert people to christianity

    Warm up 9 11 thursday 9 11
    Warm Up- 9/11 Thursday 9/11

    • Watch Nick Video on 911

    • Answer the following questions:

      • Summarize what happened that day?

      • What are some effects of 911 that you see today?

      • How do you feel about what happened that day ?

      • Write down three questions you still have about 911

    Homework 9 11
    Homework 9/11

    • Watch the news

    • Write 1 paragraph about it

      • Source

      • Summary

      • Opinion

    Friday 9 12
    Friday 9/12

    • Close Read the text on Christopher Columbus

    • Use annotations and write notes in the margins for each section

    • Both Sides

    • 10 minutes to complete reading

    Age of exploration brochure p 2 and p 6
    Age of ExplorationBrochure p.2 and p.6

    Monday 9 15 14 warm up
    Monday 9/15/14 Warm Up

    • Each of you received a print out of your grade

    • Underneath the Print out I want you to answer the following Questions

    • How do you feel about your grade for the 1st 5 weeks?

    • What do you think you did good at ?

    • What do you feel you need to work on?

    • How can I help you ?

    • 1st Homework -------- Have you parents sign your grade report !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Effects of christopher columbus voyage
    Effects of Christopher Columbus’ Voyage

    1: Columbian Exchange

    Talk about it have students copy it in their book under class notes and as a class answer the questions

    2: More Explorers began to flood the Americas p.21

    • Looking at your notebook you will complete the following map and answer the following questions

      3: Other European Countries began to settle in the Americas p.32

      2nd HW ---------- you will look at the map about other European Countries landing in the Americas

    Columbian exchange
    Columbian Exchange

    • Pg. 74-75

    • What items were brought from America to Europe during the Columbian Exchange ? ( Write all of them)

    • What items were brought from Europe to America during the Columbian exchange? ( Write all of them)

    Other explorers were
    Other Explorers were …

    • Using the Brown Books “ History Alive”

    • Pg. 21

    • Answer each question about the map found on the handout

    • Color EVERYTHING on the Map

      Including the Key

    More exploration
    More exploration …

    • Using the Brown Books “ History Alive”


    • Answer each question about the map found on the handout

    • Color EVERYTHING on the Maps

      Including the Key

    Extra credit option
    Extra Credit Option

    • Go to the following website http://www.history.com/topics/exploration/christopher-columbus

    • Watch 2 of the videos about other explorers and write a 5 sentence summary for each video

    Writing an explanatory paragraph tuesday
    Writing an Explanatory Paragraph(Tuesday )

    • 4 parts to an explanatory paragrapg

    • 1. Topic Sentence

    • 2. Evidence

    • 3. Analysis/ Explanation

    • 4. Concluding Sentence

    Topic sentence
    Topic Sentence

    • The 1st sentence of a paragraph that introduces the subject that you are going to write about .


    • Facts, Figures, Quotes, Data, or Statistics that support the topic statement/ claim.

    Analysis explanation
    Analysis/ Explanation

    • Explains how the evidence supports the topic sentence/ claim .

    Concluding sentence
    Concluding Sentence

    • The last sentence of a paragraph that closes the paragraph.

    Partner work thursday
    Partner work(Thursday)

    • Read the 1st paragraph as a team and identify the following parts of the Paragraph

    • Highlight the topic sentence

    • Underline the sentences that has the EVIDENCE

    • Circle the sentences that are EXPLANATION sentences

    • Put a star next to the closing sentence

    Wednesday 9 17
    Wednesday 9/17

    • Recap the AGE of Exploration

    • Take out your Maps of Exploration and your closed reading of Christopher Columbus

    Test for this unit wednesday
    Test for this Unit …..(Wednesday)

    • Write 1 paragraph answering this question

    • Explain the effects of the Age of Exploration through the experiences Christopher Columbus.

    • Use the

      • Maps we discussed in classed- History Alive pg.21 Explores, ethnicity, and routes and map on pg.32 European Settlements

      • The closed reading we did on Christopher Columbus and the Effects of Exploration

      • And the Diagram on the Columbus Exchange