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  1. AIMS

  2. What is it ? An Enterprise Solution for Development of Business Applications, which has given us momentum to fixed growth, through various businesses Applications. Artificial Intelligent Management System allows you to develop business critical software with ease and at most accuracy.

  3. Why is it required ? Computerization in Business frontiers started with banks a few years ago. Simple Accounting Systems • It Spread to various business segments to maintain accounts and other Billing related system • Complex Accounting Systems • Large Businesses with multitude of complex Business Processes with well defined Administration. • Complex Business Process

  4. With what we can Develop ? Simple Accounting Systems Cobol, Clipper, FoxPro Complex Accounting Systems RDBMS & Front End (VB, C#, PHP, Java) Complex Business Process AIMS

  5. Why is AIMS required ? Years of Software Development has led to innovative programming abilities which emerged to show case better software’s. This has led to rapid change in software industry making present software’s unusable in future. Software’s are not able to face the ravages of time and fail to satisfy customers in a short span of time. Software’s developed in any programming language becomes obsolete and is treated as legacy system.

  6. What is AIMS? AIMS is an Artificial Intelligent Management System which allows to design applications using a simple tool bar. It has been 15 years since the development started on AIMS, even with the rapid changing software industry it has come through with flying colors.

  7. Why is AIMS popular? AIMS is popular due to its independent design with respect to Databases which it uses and the programming languages which it supports. Backend Support MS Access, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle Front End Visual Basic, Classic ASP, PHP, ASP.NET

  8. Application Development in AIMS? Application Development in AIMS is as simple as using Paint Brush. It is an art of making screens and linking module. Understanding of Business Process is the key of better software rather than the tedious coding and debugging.

  9. Advanced Developments in AIMS? Weighted Perfect Pyramid for their User data input to be controlled for not even a single mistake to come into System even by a Chance. Tendency based Copy this is a universal technique used to transfer relevant Masters from One set of Process to another Process which cannot be divulged. Gross Analogy a cumulative system to make a mass transfer from one type of system to another as the time taken to redevelop applications is quite huge.

  10. Weighted Perfect Pyramid? Removing mistakes at customer end is a long process of understanding and trying to correct mistakes made over a long period of time. This is next to impossible in the current software development life cycle as the customer data is not at all important or least significant to a software developer. If there are errors and mistakes it is deemed to be typographical errors and also that wrong user input. For example for anybody is a wrong user input because we think in logical terms and as a human being can identify that there cannot be a company named a and also that a name of the user may not be a. Even the best software in the world will accept this input as a valid input. Now coming to data being corrected over a period of time this will never occur and will treat this as invalid data. Data can be verified by various ways and means only by the top level management. The tools required for reporting is the essential part of it. The Learning process of the email ID can be set on a given term either company names, emails IDs sizes, Email references etc. The best example is the mobile number validation which has been set as 10 digits and governments around the globe are trying to figure how this problem can be overcome and change the mobile number to 11 or 12 digits which is the order of the day.

  11. Weighted Perfect Pyramid? To Sum Up: We use this weighted perfect pyramid to compose and diagnose data related ambiguities and learn from the existing available tracks which can be defined for the data to be rechecked.

  12. Tendency based Copy ? Making Large modules or software is not what at AIMS is planning we are trying to understand and accumulate software programs which are very large in terms of data and not in terms of source code which has least significance in terms of achieve the quantum required for it to be understood on a large scale and decipher the information which states the re-usage of those processes on a large number. The data structure in AIMS is designed to check the regularities on the usage and its depiction. This is a heart rendering process which has come handy to identify the parts or pieces of programs or instructions used over a long period by the end user for a period of 5 to 6 years. We can run specific data related commands on source codes available with us to achieve perfection. This information can be used to make duplicated copies of programs and enhance their efficiency.

  13. Tendency based Copy ? To Sum Up: This coping of large programs to form replicas for a different purpose is very effective and has a potential scope of minimizing mistakes and errors which are time driven for periods of more than 5 years.

  14. Gross Analogy ? Things are changing fast rather very fast. Windows 95 is never known to any one now but then windows 98 was the best a 10 years have changed the way things really work, wow windows 10 with all the bugs fixed with a proper and a stable kernel is coming out there. This is all about Microsoft, well then take other they have also changed. What has not changed in the whole world is Computerization and retrieval of information which is the same English with little bit of pictures with or without words in it. Graphs had become very popular but again age came back to English with numbers. Still there are no proper databases to search photographs using other photographs that are still stored as numbers and all that in a digital form. We have not gained image storage in any other form yet. So be it now or then the storage is always a database. But what has changed the companies with their specific instructions.

  15. Gross Analogy ? To Sum Up: A Gross analogy defines the fundamental structure and copies the architecture from one to another without any loss of the purpose and attaining proper purpose with the slightest change.

  16. Thank you Information is key to Success