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Introducing the PBL

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Introducing the PBL. Do Now:. Attach the R.S.S.E. handout to NB pg 14. Begin reading the Ecology Performance Assessment. John Muir (b. 1838 – d. 1914). My First Summer In the Sierra (1911). “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”.

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do now
Do Now:
  • Attach the R.S.S.E. handout to NB pg 14.
  • Begin reading the Ecology Performance Assessment.
my first summer in the sierra 1911
My First Summer In the Sierra (1911)

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.”

  • Great Coyote Lodge (GCL) is trying to purchase Dallenbach’s forest in order to put an extension on Crystal Springs Water Park. This proposed construction will include a hotel and indoor water park on the area that is currently forested (where we had our field trip). In addition, half of Dallenbach’s Pond would be converted into the world’s largest wave pool.
  • As an employee of the East Brunswick Environmental Protection Agency part of your job is to protect natural areas for the benefit of the community. You have been assigned to write an essay, complete with two visual aids (energy pyramids) defending the preservation of Dallenbach’s forest which you will use at the Township meeting where the fate of forest will be determined.
task statement the final product
Task Statement (The Final Product)
  • At the end of this problem based learning unit each student will provide evidence to support John Muir’s quote/claim as it applies to the above scenario using Restate, Support for Text/Activities, Support from Self and Extend (RSSE) format. You may hand write or type your response. This means you will be handing in an essay that counts as part of your Ecology Unit Test grade. This will be due on Monday, November 10th.
r s s e

Your work should contain a minimum of 6 paragraphs.

Here is how you should structure your response.

the first paragraph
The First Paragraph
  • Should contain a brief overview/summary of the entire paper; 3-4 sentences.

Paragraph 2-4

  • R: Restate the Question – use words from the question to start your answer.
  • This is how you should open each paragraph. With words from the bullet point you are answering in this paragraph.
paragraph 2 4
Paragraph 2-4
  • S: Support from the unit and lessons (cite evidence).
  • Examples:
    • In this unit I learned, …
    • When we did the ____ activity we learned ____.
    • In the textbook it said ____.
paragraph 2 41
Paragraph 2-4
  • S: Support from self – support your answer using your own words to explain.
  • Examples:
    • This means…
    • This demonstrates…
paragraph 5
Paragraph 5
  • E: Extend from experience (3-4 sentences only at the very end of the essay).
  • Examples:
    • I can relate to this because I…
    • This reminds me of ____ because ____.
    • This reminds me of a movie nameTitle because…
paragraph 6
Paragraph 6
  • Conclusion:
    • Sum it up
    • 3-4 sentences
use of vocabulary
Use of Vocabulary

Here is an example using a vocabulary word from last year:

  • The toxic leachate running from the landfill caused pollution in a nearby river.

*Notice the way the word leachate was used, it is clear that the student understood leachate is toxic and its possible, harmful effect on river.

planning sheets
Planning Sheets
  • Please do not leave this assignment to the last minute. If you are choosing to type be sure your printer is in working order. Papers received late will be penalized.
  • We have provided planning sheets to help you work through this assignment. These pages, along with any rough drafts, will be collected on the due date and graded as a separate assignment. Your planning sheets should show your work in various stages. Your final project cannot be a replication of these planning sheets.