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  1. Unit2 Using Language Reading ,discussing and writing

  2. Step 1 lead-in If I give you a chance to clone, what will you restore then?

  3. What will you restore if you have a chance? And why?

  4. The return of the dinosaurs ?

  5. 主旨大意 • The writer of the text_____ • is excited by the possibility of cloning fierce and extinct animals B. believes that extinct animals can be brought back to life by cloning C. thinks it impossible or unsuitable to clone extinct animals like dinosaurs D. dreams of dinosaurs returning to the earth

  6. 推理判断 2. We can infer from the text that____ A. scientists are experimenting to clone dinosaurs B. dinosaurs will never return to the earth C. cloned animals will only live in the zoo D. the DNA of dinosaurs can only survive 10 000 year

  7. Step 2 Read and ansower • Why should’t you clone an extinct animal unless there is enough diversity in the group? • Why is it wrong to clone an extinct animal if it would have to live in a zoo? • Why can’t you clone the DNA of animals that have been extinct longer than 10,000 years?

  8. Why should’t you clone an extinct animal unless there is enough diversity in the group? • There will not be enough genetic variation in the group to be able to resist new illnesses.

  9. 2.Why is it wrong to clone an extinct animal if it would have to live in a zoo? It is not a good idea to clone an animal that would have to live in a zoo because it is not a suitable habitat to develop and increase its numbers.The zoo is not a natural environment for a wild animal.

  10. 3.Why can’t you clone the DNA of animals that have been extinct longer than 10,000 years? The DNA of animals more than 10,000 years old is not suitable for cloning ,for it can’t survive so long.

  11. Step 3 discussing May the best animalwin ! Which extinct animals are worth restoring by means of cloning? Choose one and use the information to help you argue why this animal should be restored to the earth.

  12. Great Auk (1844) Dodo bird (1755) Auroch (1627) Quagga (1883)

  13. I have chosen the second one---Dodo bird. I think my choice is the best for the fellow reasons: Firstly, the Dodo bird is friendly and not harmful. Then the human beings wouldn't be afraid of it. And humans would be friends with them. Secondly, Dodo bird 's large eggs and tasty meat that could be developed for food. If it is necessary, humans can take the advantage of these.

  14. Step 4 writing Paragraph1: the topic of the debate and who won Paragraph2: the ideas of the winning side Paragraph3: the ideas of the other side Paragraph4: conclusion and your reaction to the debate, together with any idea you feel they left out.

  15. A sample version: Should Medical Cloning be Allowed A Debate at Xinhua Middle School Yesterday there was a very exciting debate at Xinhua Middle School about whether medical cloning should be allowed or not .After a lively discussion a vote was taken and the side arguing for medical cloning won. The arguments for medical cloning were very strongly put by the team supporting the motion. They argued that serious il- ln-esses and people who w losing their ability to move or think could be helped by medical cloning. They explained that the procedures would be safe, quick and with no problems for the patients. They quoted that 67% of American citizens are for it to support their idea. Their arguments were very convincing.

  16. The arguments put by the team opposing medical cloning were less strong. They argued in two ways. The first reason was that the procedures were not yet secure. Their second reason was that it took many tries and many potential animals had to be killed to produce one useable embryo for research. They explained that man European countries don’t allow medical cloning research because of this. They quoted Pope John Paul Ⅱ. But their arguments were not so convincing. At the end of the debate the audience we left with a feeling of hope. They realized that diseases that seem terrible today may be able to be cured soon. Many people were excited and happy when they left they Hall .The writer of this article was among them!

  17. ordinary people 平常人;凡人 • from time to time有时, 间或, 偶尔 • bring back to life 使复生 • in vain徒劳 • pass on 传递 • the same arrangement of genes 同样的基因排列 • die of 死于 • be based on以……为基础, 依据

  18. 9. ...but others will survive and pass on the ability to resist that disease to their children. ......其他的将存活下来并传递给其后代抵抗这种病的能力。 resist 作及物动词主要有三个义项: 抵抗, 对抗; 抵挡, 防止; (与cannot, could not连用) 无法抗拒, 无法抵挡。