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TOS VARNSDORF . Heavy duty machines. Exercise 1. BEFORE YOU WATCH. Make a list of as many objects as possible that are used on a daily basis . Share your answers and make one collective list. Who had the most items in the group ? Is there anything missi

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Tos varnsdorf


Heavy duty machines

Before you watch

Exercise 1


Make a list of as many objects as possiblethat are used on a dailybasis. Shareyouranswers and make onecollective list. Who had the most items in thegroup? Isthereanythingmissi

Whatkindsoffactories are stillproducingitems in Czech Republic? Isthere a factory in ornearyourtown? If so whatdoesitproduce? Haveyoueverbeeninside?

What are someofyourimpressionsaboutfactories? Wouldyoulike to work in one? Whyorwhy not? What are someoftheadvantagesoffactoriestoday?

Do youknowhow iron and steel are made? Checkyouranswerswithsomeresearch on-line and withyourchemistryorphysicsteachers.


Exercise 2

Are these statements TRUE or FALSE?

  • Thecompanywasestablished in 1903 and privatized in 1995.

  • Threeshareholdersown 100% ofthecompanyshares.

  • The majority oftheirproductionis sold in Russia.

  • Thedealersoftheirmachines are paid a monthlysalary.

  • Theirmachines are middlesize and canworkpiecesbiggerthan a cubic meter.

  • Theirnewmilling center from Japan enablesthem to work ten timesfaster.

  • They sold more than 1600 piecesof WHQ 13.

Exercise 3

Listen and fill in the gaps


Exercise 4

Match the English expressions with their Czech equivalent

Exercise 5


  • Work in small groups to conduct research into how employee shareholder plans work. Research shareholder models that feature employee-owned businesses. Read how they work and find examples of different types of employee-owned companies. Use these links to get you started: a list of employee-owned businesses from Wikipedia: ; a link to an article from the US National Center for Employee Ownership: and the UK Employee Ownership Association:

  • Select some examples of successful employee-owned businesses and choose one to present to the rest of class. Discuss the model that appeals the most to you in your group. Prepare a short presentation using visuals that summarizes relevant information about the company you selected. Share your results with the rest of the class. Discuss the presentations. Why did your group select the company you did? What new ideas do you have about how different companies can be structured?

Exercise 5


  • What kinds of businesses do you think would function well with this kind of ownership model? What companies do you think would have more difficulties? Discuss. What are the advantages and disadvantages of employee-owned businesses?

  • Would you prefer to be an employee in an investor-owned company or would you prefer to venture into an employee-owned business?