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To Kill a Mockingbird PowerPoint Presentation
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To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird

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  1. To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 21

  2. CALPURNIA • Brought a note to the courthouse and interupted the case. • Said the note had nothing to do with the case • The letter was from Aunt Alexandra and it said the children have been missing since lunch.

  3. CALPURNIA • She is very disappointed that Jemtook Scout to the courtcase and allowed her to listen to the testimony. • Jem should be ashamed of himself that he allowed this.

  4. CALPURNIA • Calpurnia said Dill could have supper with them and ordered the children to phone Aunt Rachel to tell her where Dill was.

  5. MR UNDERWOOD • Immediately pointed out that the children was sitting in the coloured balcony with Reverend Sykes.

  6. ATTICUS • Called the children down. • Atticus was exhausted. • Atticus had no idea if they have won the case.

  7. ATTICUS • He ordered the children home with Calpurnia to have supper. • Atticus said they could return after supper to hear the verdict, if it was not out yet.

  8. JEM • Jem was jumping with excitement asking if they have won? • Jem asked if they could return because they already heard everything.

  9. JEM • Jem said if you were raped under 18 you didn’t have to do anything but if you were over 18 you had to scream, and kick and had to be overpowered and stomped on preferably knocked out stone cold.

  10. AUNT RACHEL • Had been looking for Dill everywhere and might be so angry that she ships him back to Meridian the next day.

  11. AUNT ALEXANDRA • Nearly fainted when she heard they were in the courthouse. • Seemed upset that Atticus said they could return after supper.

  12. REVEREND SYKES • Kept the children’s places for them in the courthouse. • Told Jem not to be confident about the outcome because he has never seen a white jury decide in favour of a coloured man over a white man.

  13. THE COURTROOM WHILE WAITING FOR THE JURY • Atticus, MrGilmer, Judge Tayler and Bert were the only people who seemed normal. • The packed courtroom was dead quiet. • The grown people sat as if they were in church.

  14. SCOUT • While waiting Scout fell asleep, counted all the hair in the courtroom and thought if all of them thought together that Tom Robinson would be innocent, it would happen. • Scout saw the jury return and they did not look at Tom Robinson. • A jury never looks at a defendant if they have convicted him.

  15. THE JURY • They all voted Tom Robinson guilty.

  16. THE COLOURED BALCONY • They all stood up for Atticus when he left the courtroom.