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Clear WiMax Business Applications Anne L Holmes IEEE Your clear contact Anne Lacey Holmes 972-839-0308 anne.holmes@cle PowerPoint Presentation
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Clear WiMax Business Applications Anne L Holmes IEEE Your clear contact Anne Lacey Holmes 972-839-0308 anne.holmes@cle

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Clear WiMax Business Applications Anne L Holmes IEEE Your clear contact Anne Lacey Holmes 972-839-0308 anne.holmes@cle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clear WiMax Business Applications Anne L Holmes IEEE Your clear contact Anne Lacey Holmes 972-839-0308 3G Broadband Limitations. Speed.

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Clear WiMaxBusiness ApplicationsAnne L HolmesIEEEYour clear contactAnne Lacey


3G Broadband Limitations


  • Slow download and upload times create delays in showing video clips, downloading clinical trial information, and daily updates to internal database and CRM tools.

Lack of Mobility

  • Unable to use your laptop anywhere you choose, your sales reps are limited to updating files with important information at the end of the day when they can find a block of time and a hotspot to perform the necessary input of information.
  • Driving around town looking for a hotspot or heading back to the office at the end of the day takes up valuable time and limits your sales team’s productivity.

Limited Access


  • Uploading confidential medical information over an unsecured hotspot connection? How can you ensure a secure transmission of data?
premise 3g devices cannot support the increased use of mobile applications

Premise: 3G devices cannot support the increased use of mobile applications

More iPhone Lawsuits Claim High-Profile

Gadget ‘Cannot Adequately Perform’

WiMax Roaming Solves

‘3G Capacity Crunch’

3G, not WiMax, over-hyped apparently

Handful filed in past several days cite quality issues, network connectivity

While being the gold standard for wireless smartphones has its advantages, Apple Inc.’s iPhone and exclusive, domestic carrier partner AT&T Mobility may be evolving into a potential gold mine in the eyes of plaintiffs’ attorneys who continue to pile on one class-action lawsuit after another.

Source: TechWorld, November 27, 2008

“The problem with 3G is in the air and the backhaul. The network was built for narrow band and now users are downloading video on iPlayer, on what is essentially a voice network. In London my calls have started dropping and on the motorway my phone drops between cells.”

… UK Blog

February 3 2009 - 1:25 pm ET | Jeffrey Silva | RCR Wireless News

“The 3G iPhones [both the 8 GB and 16 GB models] do not and cannot adequately perform due to the insufficient 3G bandwidths and AT&T infrastructure.”

From the Jan. 30 class-action lawsuit filed against

Apple and AT&T Mobility in U.S.

District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

what is clear
What Is CLEAR?
  • The largest provider of 4G wireless broadband service in the United States operating on WiMax
  • Super Fast Mobile Internet that gives you the speeds you are used to at home or at the office, but on the go
  • Internet you can take with you!
how can clear
How can Clear
  • … Increase employee productivity?
  • … Increase overall effectiveness?
  • … Increase bandwidth transfer rates?
  • … Improve upon secure communications?
  • … Save money?
  • and do more for less?
clear s solutions provide full office capabilities wherever you are

Facilitates Remote Management Capabilities

Provides on-demand conferencing and real-time collaboration

Enables high-quality video communications and distribution

Provides transparent office resiliency from employees home or other mobile locations

Delivers premium toll-quality voice services

Clear’s Solutions Provide Full Office Capabilities Wherever You Are
what can wimax do for you
What can WiMax do for you?
  • Provide citywide connectivity without having to rely on hotspots or fixed access at field locations.
  • Create an efficient use of down time during sales calls, between meetings, waiting on clients, etc.
  • High speed internet provides a personal service for clients during meetings and trainings in uploading images and files at broadband speeds
  • Field connectivity to company databases, document repositories, and other proprietary applications means fewer files to carry or forget.
clearwire s 4g spectrum advantage
Clearwire’s 4G Spectrum Advantage

Existing Utilized Spectrum

700 MHz Spectrum

Clearwire Spectrum Coverage

Largest availability of Spectrum compared to other wireless carriers









Clearwire holds average of >120MHz of 2.5GHz spectrum


Clearwire 2.5 GHz Spectrum

Source: SNL Financial Database as of May 2008

value add to your bottom line
Value Add to your bottom line

Increase employee productivity

Increase overall effectiveness

Increase bandwidth transfer rates

Improve upon secure communications




product options
Product Options

Clear Modem

Simple: No cable or phone lines

Just plug and play

Mobile: All you need is power

Fast: Speeds up to 6Mbdsp

product options1
Product Options

Clear Mobile USB

Clear Spot

Your own personal hot spot

Simple: Plugs in via USB port

Mobile: Complete Mobility

Fast: Speeds up to 6Mbdsp

Simple: Plug in your Clear USB

Mobile: Battery operated

Connectivity: Up to 8 computers

clear usb 4g
Clear USB 4G+
  • Simple: Plugs in via USB port
    • Works with PC/Vista
    • Macintosh support available within Q1 2010
  • Mobile: Nationwide coverage through 3G/4G networks
  • Connectivity: Automatic selection of best available network
  • Fast: Up to 6Mbps download,1Mbps upload on 4G Networks
    • 600-1000 Kbps download, 200 Kbps upload on 3G Networks
  • Uses: Mobile workforce and field connectivity
wimax higher productivity at a lower cost compare to other mobile wireless solutions
WiMax = Higher productivity at a lower costCompare to other mobile wireless solutions




Service Cost


clear professional offers
CLEAR Professional Offers
  • Professional Class Services (included with Business Offers):
    • 1 static IP (fixed only)
    • Port Security (fixed only)
    • 24x7 dedicated 800# Support
    • Business Service Level Agreement (SLA)
    • Planned Maintenance Advance Notification
    • Access to a Volume Discount Program (VDP)
    • Access to Sales Engineers for in-field Professional Class Solution Support



What are you waiting for?Let WiMax start working for youAnne Lacey Holmes