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Welcome to the NuVerus Barbados Presentation. NuVerus Health Prosperity Freedom. NuVerus Leadership. Mr. Michael Jareou CEO, President, Founder Digital Securities Network Physicians Wellness Group

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Welcome to the NuVerus Barbados Presentation

Nuverus health prosperity freedom

NuVerusHealth Prosperity Freedom

NuVerus Leadership

  • Mr. Michael Jareou

  • CEO, President, Founder

  • Digital Securities Network

  • Physicians Wellness Group

  • Fox News, CNN, Fortune Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, Sun Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel

NuVerus Leadership

Dr. Mike DeBord Network FounderNetworking Millionaire

International Expansion Expert

  • Dr. Drew GeorgesonMedical Director

  • Developer of euforia

  • General & Vascular Surgeon

  • Full Time Medical Director

  • Trains Associates

  • Consults with Physicians

Expert in Antioxidants

Radiation pollution infections stress

More Attack to our Cells

Radiation PollutionInfections Stress


In your Cells Everyday

Not from Nature


euforia is the Solution!

1 ounce AM & PM


4 unique anchor nutrients aloe vera black seed resveratrol curcumin 20 super foods in total

4 Unique Anchor NutrientsAloe Vera Black SeedResveratrolCurcumin 20 Super Foods in Total

Aloe vera 51 of euforia bifurcated patented certified

Aloe Vera51% ofeuforiaBifurcated (Patented & Certified)

Aloe Vera Benefits

Skin, Hair, NailsDigestive SystemImmune System


Black seed nigella sativa

Black SeedNigella Sativa


Powerful Immune System Boost

Anti-inflammatory - AnalgesicAnti-viral - Anti-microbialAnti-neoplastic


Repairs our CellsDr. Christoph Westphal(told on 60 Minutes)

Curcumin anti inflammatory anti microbial anti cancer improves heart health

CurcuminAnti-inflammatoryAnti-microbial Anti-cancer Improves Heart health

From IndiaBio-Protection for your Cells

Acai BerryHigh ORAC value300% more anti-oxidant propertiesBlueberryHigh ORAC value - Great TasteGreen TeaBeneficial on the heart and brainGojiChinese wolfberry Cardiovascular and Inflammation

MangosteenFruit from Indonesia High level of anti-oxidantsNoniHigh source of antioxidantsPomegranateBenefits date back 3000 yearsQuercetinAntihistamine – Great for Prostate

Orac score 44 500 1500 units of antioxidants per ounce 3000 is needed daily for optimal health

Certified Testing

ORAC Score: 44,500~ 1500 units of antioxidants per ounce~ 3000 is neededdaily for optimal health


Pause for Tasting

euforia . . . am & pm

For your Daily Nutrition and Anti-oxidants

Your Health is worth it

Your Family is worth it

How do You Prosperin Barbados?

This 50 + year old industry is now creating 100 Billion in Worldwide Sales and growing every year!

Do the Math . . . Network Marketers are earning 100 Billion x 40%For a total of $40 BILLION

Double Next 10 Years

Goal = 1 Billion in Sales

Millions Paid out Annually to Associates in Barbados!

Prosperity Plan

Enjoy in your Family

Share with others

Prosper via our Success System

Pre launch schedule
Pre-Launch Schedule

March 2011PreLaunch Begins

July 2011 Corporate Launch Event

Join the prelaunch
Join the PreLaunch

Associate Membership $49.95 (+ s & h)

1. 1 Year Membership 2. Wholesale Pricing 3. Website & Office 4. Upline Support 5. Marketing Kit

6. CDs & euforia Samples

Build Your PreLaunchTeam Now

Prepare forSales & Commissionsin July

Is Starts with 2 people

Do you know a Few People?

What Could 2 People Do?

2 Duplicate to 50 on each side



$500 /month

See Income Disclosure at end of presentation

What Could 10 People Do?

10 can turn into 1000’s on eachside

$10,000+ /month

See Income Disclosure at end of presentation


When you Sponsor more than 2!

SPILL FromAbove

Plus yourSPILL


Your nuverus mastercard
Your NuVerus MasterCard

Commissions Loaded Weekly

Luxury double car

NuVerus Exclusive

Luxury Double Car

$600 for Car #1 $900 for Car #2

Pre launch schedule1
Pre-Launch Schedule

March 2011PreLaunch Begins

July 2011 Corporate Launch Event

Step 1 get started
Step 1 - Get Started

Associate Kit $49.95 (+ s & h)

1. Website & Office 2. Webinars / Calls 3. Upline Support 4. Leadership / Medical Board

5. CDs & Samples

It Starts in July

In Barbados

Launch Bonus

Double Bonuses for 90 Days!

What is Possible?

$300-$500 per month

$3,000 - $5,000 per month

$10,000 - $100,000 per month

Top Leaders make Millions Annually

You Decide!

Founders package july september
Founders PackageJuly – September

euforia $399.95 ($480)

(2) x 32 oz. (75) x 2 oz.

Qualifies forProfessional Level ($999)

Monthly Health Order

$69.95 / month ($85 inc. tax & fees)

Maintains ‘Active’ for Commissions

Replenishes Personal Supply

Sample Bottles each Month

Weekly prelaunch meetings
Weekly PreLaunch Meetings

Saturdays11 AM - NoonRegency Cove HotelChrist Church


Website address
Website Address


Play the barbados recorded presentation
Play the Barbados Recorded Presentation

Share with Prospects

Via Email and your Associate Office

Look for back office updates
Look for Back Office Updates

And Weekly Email Updates

Biggest & Best Ever in Barbados

Most Millionaires - Free Luxury Cars!

Join the Prelaunch

Ground Floor Now in BarbadosSecure next Position for SPILLStart Sharing euforiaStart Sharing NuVerus

Prepare for Financial Freedom!

New Beginnings...

Unlimited Possibilities