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The Data Commons

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The Data Commons. Medbiquitous Annual Meeting 5/11/2011. Theresa Roselli Kirke Lawton NBME AAMC The Data Commons Vision Where we are going….

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the data commons

The Data Commons

Medbiquitous Annual Meeting


Theresa Roselli Kirke Lawton


the data commons vision where we are going
The Data Commons VisionWhere we are going…

Build an infrastructure for real time creation of data sets across organizations in the House of Medicine.

Avoid creation of new repositories; data sets will be compiled/recompiled from existing repositories and expunged after report-out.

Organizational members will build infrastructure collaboratively and own and operate it jointly.

Infrastructure will be used to aggregate data sets for individuals, educational programs and institutions and educational research.

Data Commons will provide de-identification services when data sets are compiled for research purposes.

Individual medical professional will be able to compile data for private self-assessment or to authorize public report-out of information.

the data commons today where we are now
The Data Commons TodayWhere we are now…
  • Infrastructure (developed by NBME)
    • Data Sharing Agreement Management
    • Data Sharing Transaction Execution
    • Transaction Logging
  • ID Matching Service (Developed by AAMC)
    • Biographic Repository
    • ID Crosswalk
  • Data Sharing Agreement Implementation
    • AAMC to NBME Sharing of Matriculated Student information AAMC to NBME Sharing of Enrolled Student Information
    • AAMC to Data Commons and NBME to Data Commons sharing of biographic information for ID Matching Service
the data commons today where we are now1
The Data Commons TodayWhere we are now…
  • ID Matching Service (IDMS)
    • Integral component of the Data Commons.
    • Enables inter-organizational data exchanges without common IDs
the data commons today where we are now2
The Data Commons TodayWhere we are now…
  • Data Exchanges without IDMS
    • Each organization (A, B, C, etc.) implements agreements with each partner,
    • Each creates & maintains ID crosswalks for each partnership.
the data commons today where we are now3
The Data Commons TodayWhere we are now…
  • Data Exchanges with IDMS
    • Organizations exchange data via the Data Commons
    • IDMS provides on-demand crosswalk functionality from any ID to any other ID
the data commons today where we are now4
The Data Commons TodayWhere we are now…
  • How the IDMS works
    • Set up…
      • Participating organizations provide identifying data about the population of interest, including the organization’s “native” ID (e.g., USMLE ID) so they can be added to the IDMS.
    • On-going…
      • As new persons are added or data are updated, the organization submits a professional profile record to the IDMS via Web service.
    • On-demand…
      • As data exchanges are executed between organizations, the IDMS can be included in the exchange to allow each organization to use their “native” ID.
      • Example: NBME can request data about a student by passing in a USMLE ID, when the request is passed to AAMC to respond to it the AAMC ID has been added by the Data Commons via the IDMS.
the data commons today where we are now5
The Data Commons TodayWhere we are now…

The nature of the Data Commons is collaboration and flexibility.

The implementation is enhanced and supported by using the Medbiquitous Healthcare Professional Profile standard for all data exchanges.


the data commons today where we are now6
The Data Commons TodayWhere we are now…
  • Facts and Figures
    • Data Commons Infrastructure went live October 2010.
      • 3 Data Sharing Agreements with 8 Web Service Operations have been implemented.
      • Over 975,000 transactions have been processed.
    • Data Commons ID Matching Service went live January 2011.
      • 1,461,000 person records have been created.
      • 1,458,000 AAMC IDs have been mapped.
      • 369,000 USMLE IDs have been mapped.
the data commons tomorrow where we are going next
The Data Commons TomorrowWhere we are going next…
  • Add Research Component
    • Add functionality to compile merged de-identified research data sets from multiple organizations.
  • Leverage infrastructure by implementing additional operational exchanges.
    • Add interfaces for AAMC Electronic Residency Application System.
the data commons future what may lie down the road
The Data Commons FutureWhat may lie down the road…
  • Expand the Data Commons.
    • Invite more organizations into the Data Commons.
    • Organization may participate at varying levels.
  • Develop the E-Folio concept.
    • Establish account set up and authentication for individuals.
    • Individuals may compile data sets for self assessment or for reporting.