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Market Definition. Societal Transition Committee Saturday, October 19, 2002. Outline. Introduction Defining the Market Place Size of the Market Framework for Viewing Market Space Key Findings Interim Conclusions. Current CIPS: Vision.

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Market Definition

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market definition

Market Definition

Societal Transition Committee

Saturday, October 19, 2002

  • Introduction
  • Defining the Market Place
  • Size of the Market
  • Framework for Viewing Market Space
  • Key Findings
  • Interim Conclusions
current cips vision
Current CIPS: Vision

“The professional association providing leadership in information systems and technologies”

mission commitments


“CIPS provides leadership in information systems and technologies by developing and promoting quality standards and practices, research, certification, and professional development while safeguarding the public interest.”

Mission & Commitments
  • Commitment to Learning Environments:
  • Set standards for education and training through Accreditation Councils
  • Commitment to Society:
  • Protect the public interest
  • Public Awareness
  • Commitment to Members:
  • Provide certification for professionals
  • Represent the profession on issues of importance
  • Provide opportunity for professional development
  • Provide other member benefits
  • Commitment to ICT Industry :
  • Connects the Canadian ICT Profession to the world
  • Set and maintain a standard of ethical practice
the challenge in moving to a professional society

Source: NF Interactive

The challenge in moving to a professional society
  • How big is the Iceberg?
  • What part or parts show(s) when we talk about CIPS domain?


  • What kinds of work will our future members do?
  • How many are there?
strategic issue
Strategic Issue
  • Is CIPS
    • Inclusive
      • Greater number of potential members ($)
      • Perceived - Less value to being a member!


    • Exclusive
      • More restrictions on membership
      • Greater value of being an admitted member
environmental scan
Environmental Scan
  • Mobility of ICT workers high?
    • Keeping in touch via local contact points tough if CIPS members keep moving
    • CIPS can provide contacts and a network for ICT workers moving into a new community.
  • Would like to know a lot more about CIPS demographics
  • Other professions competing
    • Engineers (software engineering issue)
    • Accountants (information management)
  • Competing and complementary organizations
    • ARMS
    • PMI
    • ITIL
questions to be answered
Questions to be answered

What is an ICT Practitioner?

What is a Professional ICT Practitioner?

defining ict occupations and hence the market
Defining ICT Occupations and hence the market
  • Accept definition as developed by SHRC and HRDC in mapping the ICT labour market as a starting point
    • This is consistent with the adoption of the OPSM as a starting point for the body of knowledge for work being done by the Certification Council
    • Does not include students and marketing and human resource practitioners
  • Provides at no charge, statistical information on the size of the market
  • May help with funding from the federal government??
  • Why waste resources developing our own definition.
skill levels
Skill Levels
  • Senior management (professional)
  • Professional occupations
  • Paraprofessional and skilled occupations
ospm job groupings streams
Informatics Business

Informatics Consultancy

Informatics Management

Problem Management

Project Management

Informatics Data

Data Administration

Database Administration

Informatics Education

Education / Training

Technical Writing

Informatics Technical

Analysis Design

Analysis Programming


Software Design and Delivery (a.k.a. software engineering)

Informatics Evaluation

Business Analysis and Service Level Management

Capacity and Performance

Technical Architecture

Informatics Integrity

Help Desk

Network Support

Quality Assurance



User / Technical Support

Informatics Operations


Operations Routine

Systems Programming

OSPM Job Groupings & Streams

Streams missed ? . . .

ICT Sales and Marketing?

ICT HR Management and Recruitment?

* Red defines professional level activity

ospm profile informatics management
OSPM Profile – Informatics Management

Full Working Level:

  • Performs tasks without supervision and may supervise other staff on a project basis; may be responsible for small projects or portions of medium-large projects.


  • You manage all resources needed to plan for and deliver properly engineered informatics and services to users at all stages of the system's life cycle. This includes managing the development of services in the definition, design, construction, testing and delivery phases. You are also usually responsible for strategy, systems, hardware, software, manpower infrastructure operation and service delivery. Other responsibilities include scheduling and controlling a quality informatics service, and acting to correct any non-scheduled or non-routine incident affecting service delivery.
ospm profile informatics management1
OSPM Profile – Informatics Management

Typical Background:

  • It would be useful to have a university degree or college diploma with 6 to 8 years experience in the ICT industry and specific job experience in this stream.


· Define strategies, draft original specifications and manage feasibility studies

· Coordinate high-level model development

· Take responsibility for corporate information technology solutions

· Actively determine and recommend policy and productivity tools

· Exploit corporate information technology opportunities

· Ensure quality information technology services are available, reliable and useable

· Deal with system failures, deficiencies and security breaches

· Oversee compliance with standards, procedures and methodologies

· Recruit, select, motivate, train, appraise, deploy and regulate staff

ospm profile informatics management2
OSPM Profile – Informatics Management

Skill Areas

  • Design ICT Strategy or High-level Architecture
  • Develop New Software and Databases
  • Operate the Delivery Platform (processors, networks, LANs, WANs)
  • People Management
  • ICT Management
  • Leadership
  • Working as an Individual
  • Communications
  • Developing Others
  • Languages
  • Concepts and Tools
ospm profile informatics management3
OSPM Profile – Informatics Management


  • Design ICT Strategy or High-level Architecture
    • Ability to set the ICT strategy
    • Ability to define the enterprise level data model or architecture
    • Ability to define the software development environment
    • Ability to define the delivery platform, technical architecture
    • Understanding of approaches to systems development, integration
    • Understanding of systems development tools, techniques and applications
    • Ability to identify and develop standards and implementation
certification council definition vs ospm definition of professional activities
Certification Council Definition vs OSPM Definition of Professional Activities
  • OSPM defines a baseline of skills and accountabilities for occupational roles.
  • I.S.P. Certification is intended to “determine, develop and maintain the integrity and competence of individuals active in information systems.”
  • The depth and breath of an I.S.P. applicants work experience is assessed by “measuring” the scope and extent of the relevant professional experience. Primary evidence being the job descriptor.
  • Conclusion is that the OSPM is a tool that can be used by both the applicant and the certification council to help describe a persons career activities.
career management model dr dobbs journal fall 1998
Career Management ModelDr. Dobbs Journal – Fall 1998

Four Stages of growth and development:

  • The Apprentice
    • Work is never entirely your own
    • Close supervision and direction
  • The Independent Contributor
    • Has own projects or areas of responsibility
    • Produces results that are recognized as their own
  • The Coach or Idea Leader
    • Leads multi person team
    • Mentor
  • The Organizational Leader
    • Significant influence over critical decisions in an organization
    • Helps shape future direct of an organization
size of cips market space

Employment in IT

July 2001

Summary Totals

Professional Level Jobs in CIPS Market Space

- Computer Programmer


- IS Business Analysts and Consultants


- Computer and IS Managers


- Software Engineers


- Web Designers and Developers


- Interactive Media Developers


- Technical Writers


- IS Quality Assurance Analysts


- Data Administrators


- Systems Security Analysts


- Data Administration Analysts



Professional Level Jobs that might be in CIPS Market Space

- Graphic Designers and Illustrating Artists



Professional Level Jobs not in CIPS Market Space

- Electrical and Electronics Engineers


- Computer Engineers



Paraprofessional Level Jobs (in CIPS Market Space?)

- Computer & Network Operators


- User Support Technicians


- System Testing Technicians


- Web Technicians



Grand Total


Size of CIPS Market Space
who are cips members
37% Management

22% Programmers & Analysts

11% Consultants

19% Students

3% Educators

9% Other

Who Are CIPS Members?
market size vs cips membership
Market Size vs CIPS Membership
  • Market Size numbers are applied to this framework from the Mapping the IT Labour Market
  • CIPS Member Numbers are estimated in each of the categories.
so who do we target
So who do we target?
  • First I would suggest that we do not exclude any of the job streams
  • However, we should target computer programmers, IS Business Analysts and Consultants, software engineers which make up the core of the ICT practitioner market place.
  • We need to use the OPSM job streams as a means of defining professional level activity. We must also be aware that the real jobs are some combination of these job streams and we must be able to adjust appropriately.
strategic issue conclusion
Strategic Issue Conclusion
  • Is CIPS
    • Inclusive


    • Exclusive

The committee concluded –

“CIPS should remain an open society with professionalism as its major focus.”

product context for our model
Product Context for our Model

Senior I.S.P.


Candidate I.S.P.

Non Certified Members



A defined process is important and one must be a member along the process. One must move from Non Certified member through Associated ISP to ISP.

product context for our model1
Product Context for our Model


Senior I.S.P.


  • People who have achieved and maintain a body of knowledge but have not or cannot achieve the practicing criteria. These people would have to pass a test or series of tests to prove and maintain their Associate Status. (Our Marketing and HR types fit here.)
  • These must act professionally

Candidate I.S.P.




A defined process is important and one must be a member along the process. One must move from Non Certified member through Associated ISP to ISP.

interim conclusions
Interim Conclusions
  • We need to create a value proposition that focus’ on the 2 highlighted boxes on the previous page.
  • We need to test a Senior I.S.P. and the Associate Categories.
  • We need to establish a continuing process for getting and maintaining an ISP.
  • Finally we need to take our existing mission and commitments and prioritize our resource allocations appropriately.

“Life long learners can be life long members.”

something to remember
Something to Remember….

“Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.”

Will Rogers (humourist and actor)