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Unlocking The Keys To Technology Infusion

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Unlocking The Keys To Technology Infusion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unlocking The Keys To Technology Infusion. Presented by Kathy Andrzejewski And Cindy O’Dwyer. To use or infuse…. That is the question?. What is INFUSION?. Turn and talk with a neighbor about: What you know of technology infusion What you would like to know about infusion.

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unlocking the keys to technology infusion

Unlocking The Keys To Technology Infusion

Presented by Kathy Andrzejewski


Cindy O’Dwyer

to use or infuse

To use or infuse…

That is the question?

what is infusion

Turn and talk with a neighbor about:

  • What you know of technology infusion
  • What you would like to know about infusion
using technology according to loti
Using Technology According to LoTI
  • Focus is more on computer use than on the critical content
  • Technology-based tools are used to supplement the existing instructional program
  • Technology is used as an extension activity, an enrichment exercises, or a technology-based tools
  • Technology use reinforces lower cognitive skill development
infusing technology according to loti
Infusing TechnologyAccording to LoTI
  • Emphasis is on higher order thinking and problem solving strategies linked to critical content
  • Technology based tools (spreadsheets, Internet, publishing applications) compliment instruction
  • Curriculum based, student centered, problem based learning supported by technology
loti challenge
LoTI Challenge
  • Dr. Moersch challenged our school to reach Level 3 Infusion
  • Three years ago majority of teachers were on levels 0,1,2 in LoTI (Exploration)
  • Currently majority of teachers are functioning on levels 3,4(Infusion,Integration) in LoTI
brandywine springs school chooses infusion
Brandywine Springs School ChoosesINFUSION
  • Directly supports curriculum
  • Directly supports constructivist model of instruction
  • Directly supports higher level thinking skills
tech time infusion model
Tech Time Infusion Model
  • Tech Time Weekly Special
  • Teacher reinforces curriculum topics
  • Teacher utilizes Inspiration,

United Streaming assignments, blogging, IKeepbookmarks, Orchard software

  • Teacher supports school initiatives such as the Stock Market Game, Accelerated Reader and Numbers Bee
tic time collaboration model
TIC Time Collaboration Model
  • Bi-monthly sessions
  • Technology specialist coaches and collaborates with teachers
  • Topics support classroom curriculum
technology hardware
Technology Hardware
  • 2 Computer labs with 30 computers
  • 2 Smart Boards in labs
  • 2 sets of 30 handheld computers
  • 2 laptops with LCD projectors
  • 4 digital cameras
  • 2 or 3 desktops per classroom
real world applications
Real World Applications
  • Topic- Excelling
  • GLE’s-
  • Organize and informally represent categorical data
  • Interpret data by making comparisons of categorical data
  • Objective- To gather, interpret data, and represent data in various ways
tools for the task
Tools for the Task
  • Technology Hardware-

handheld computers, desktop computers, printer

  • Technology Programs-Excel
  • Students gather data about their favorite character on the Axim using Excel
  • Data is consolidated and students compare and discuss data
  • Students use the desktops in the lab to transfer results into a column table
  • Students use Chart Wizard to create graphic representations of their data
  • Students discuss and compare graphs
  • Students applied what they learned and created a new data table during center time
  • Student work was then assessed by the teacher
  • Students demonstrated what they had learned in writing
next steps
Next steps
  • Using student knowledge about data tables have students create a table in Word that will become a calendar page
calendar skills
Calendar Skills
  • Topic-Calendar skills
  • Essential Question- How are measurement and counting related?
  • Objective- to develop an understanding of time on the calendar
  • Technology Hardware- handheld computers, desktop computers
  • Technology Resources- Calendar resource on handheld, Excel, Word
  • Other resources- Large model of calendar page, differentiated word problem worksheets
  • Students create a calendar page from a table in Word
  • Students utilize the calendar feature on the Axims
  • Students develop understanding of determining dates and lapsed time

(yesterday, tomorrow, 4 days from now)

  • Differentiated skill sheets
  • Anecdotal records
  • Student created word problems and solutions
wondrous words
Wondrous Words
  • Topic-Vocabulary Building Dictionary Skills, Math terms, reading comprehension strategy of inferring
  • GLE-
  • To identify, select and use multiple sources of information (dictionary),
  • To use technology tools to enhance learning, use traditional and electronic search tools
  • To see appropriate strategies to comprehend and infer
  • Objective-To develop an understanding of unknown words in text, to develop understanding of the dictionary and how to use the dictionary, and to apply dictionary skills to create a math dictionary to develop understanding of math terms
tools for the task22
Tools For the Task
  • Technology Hardware- Desktop computers, handheld computers
  • Technology Resources- Wondrous Words vocabulary form, Power Point
  • Other Resources- Books, dictionary, vocabulary worksheet
  • Students explore a dictionary
  • Students use vocabulary form to list unknown words in reading text
  • Students transfer words onto online form, add images, and determine meaning
  • Students return to text and determine meaningfulness of definition
process continued
Process Continued
  • Students transfer understanding of dictionary skills to create a classroom

dictionary of math terms

  • Students choose a math term, define it, create a picture representing it on a Power Point slide
  • Class wide Power Point will be copied into a book for students
  • Students will create a page for the math dictionary to model understanding of dictionary skills


  • It is when you have two numbers which make a higher or lower number.
  • It always equals something.
    • Logan

5 word wall words

+5 word wall words=

10 word wall words



  • A device for keeping a count
  • It looks like a strait line
  • You use them in groups of 5.
  • Haley

I used tallys to

make groups of 5

phabulous philadelphia
“Phabulous” Philadelphia
  • Topic-A Technology Infused Field Trip
  • Objective-To have the students gather information to use for writing prompts and media projects
  • Technology Hardware- Handheld computers, digital cameras, desktop computers
  • Technology Resources- IKeepbookmarks folder with Philadelphia resources, Power Point, Word
  • Students utilized a variety of online resources about Philadelphia to prepare for a field trip
  • Students selected a landmark in Philadelphia and recorded notes and observations
  • Students will use data they gathered to create a media project and writing piece to persuade people to visit the landmark

United States Constitution Center

Brandywine Springs School’s trip to Philadelphia

Presented by:

Will Barndt, Will Johansen, and Jeffrey Leggio


Flags of all States

  • When you enter the Constitution Center, look up.
  • You’ll see every state’s flag.
  • We focused on Delaware’s flag.
hall of signers
Hall of Signers
  • Using our axim, we recorded the name of every signer, the age they signed it, and their professions.
  • Some were lawyers, some were farmers, others were politicians.
  • Delaware’s signers were: Jacob Broom, Gunning Bedford, George Read, Thomas McKean and John Dickinson.
so we ask you now
So we ask you now…

To infuse or to use…

That is the question?

You make the decision