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London Zoo

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London Zoo

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  1. London Zoo Done by Verkhoturov Ivan and Zorin Max Form 6 “A”

  2. London Zoo London Zoo Zoological Society of London - the world's oldest zoo, engaged in research activities. It was created in London on April 27, 1828. Originally thought to use as a collection of animals for scientific research. In 1847, he was open to visitors. Currently, the zoo has one of the best collections in Britain, consisting of 755 species, represented 15,104 individuals. Office of the zoo, located in the northern part of Regent's Park (Regent channel flows through it), carried out under the auspices of the Zoological Society of London (founded in 1826). The society also has a more extensive area in the Zoo Whipsnade in Bedfordshire, which posted large animals such as elephants and rhinoceroses. London Zoo became the first zoo involved in research activities, and also opened the first reptile Pavilion, first public Aquarium, the first Hall of insects and the first children's zoo.

  3. ZooMap Log in to many pavilions equipped with double doors and the special shutters to the inhabitants of nowhere flew away and did not run away. A visitor goes inside and turns inside the pavilion, along with the animals.

  4. INTO AFRICA You can go to the pavilion Into Africa . There run around in crowds hyenas, for which you can watch from above or through a special, leading down a periscope.

  5. INTO AFRICA Exposition "in Africa", opened April 1, 2006, is equipped with high-altitude survey platform, allowing visitors a close-range to consider the giraffes. Zebras, returned to the Zoo after an 8-year absence, was placed in the main enclosure to the Rothschild giraffe.

  6. African bird safari The exposition of "The African bird safari" was open by Easter 2005, after adjustment Pavilion storks and ostriches, and the replacement of three outdated enclosures. It is located around the passage of 51 meters long and 10 meters in height, includes a bridge over the stream and tall trees.

  7. "Butterfly Paradise" Opened in May 2006, the exhibition "Butterfly Paradise" is butterflies and moths of the world's main regions - Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. Butterflies are placed in a habitat with the appropriate form of flora and fauna (plants, generating the necessary nectar, and the ranges of breeding animals). Here you can see these kinds of butterflies, like butterflies-swifts, butterflies-zebras and butterflies postmen.

  8. Meeting with monkeys Aviary "Meeting with the monkeys" (1500 square meters) was opened March 21, 2005 Noel Fielding (Noel Fielding) and Julian Barratt (Julian Barratt), actor sitcom The Mighty Boosh. This is an open exposure with no roof and no boundaries between visitors and animals. On a site with the recreated Bolivian tropical forest contains black-Sajmir included in the European breeding program and save the animals.

  9. Aquarium Special attention is given aquarium. It is believed that this word has gone from here, where in 1853 there was a first stationary tank. Prior to that vessel for containing fish called «Aquatic Vivarium». The aquarium is also a large fish tank that holds the fish brought by people lacking the necessary equipment for their content. Also, visitors can inspect the premises for breeding.

  10. Other animals The zoo contains a lot of other animals that are not part of any exposition - gibbons, vultures, tigers, lions, servals, parrots, spider monkeys, penguins, meerkats, otters, lemurs, and tapirs.