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Who is John Locke?

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Who is John Locke? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who is John Locke?. Short Biography. Born in 1632 - died in 1704 (England) Born to Puritan Parents. puritans. Short Bio Continued. Graduated from Oxford University Philosopher during Enlightenment. The Two Treatises of Government. In order to understand

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short biography
Short Biography
  • Born in 1632 - died in 1704 (England)
  • Born to Puritan Parents


short bio continued
Short Bio Continued
  • Graduated from Oxford University
  • Philosopher during Enlightenment
the two treatises of government
The Two Treatises of Government

In order to understand

the document you must first understand…

“the divine right of kings”

divine right of kings
Divine Right of Kings

Divine=Divinity = God

The Divine Right of Kings means that God choose some people to rule on earth and do his will.

Therefore, whatever the king decided was the will of God.

divine right of kings1
Divine Right of Kings

God chooses a king.

What the king said was the will of God.

If you criticized the king you challenged God.

the two treatises of government1
The Two Treatises of Government

1st Treatises John Locke said:

There was no legitimate government under The Divine Right as King Theory.

Divine Right Theory



the two treatises of government2
The Two Treatises of Government

2nd Treatises said:

  • Everyone born with certain rights
    • Life
    • Liberty
    • Property

Role of the government to protect these rights.

If government didn’t provide protection than the people had the right to overthrow the government.

john locke s influence
John Locke’s Influence

His ideas from The Two Treatises of Government

were incorporated into the Declaration of Independence.