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Colchester “conquers” the challenges 2014-2015 PowerPoint Presentation
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Colchester “conquers” the challenges 2014-2015

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Colchester “conquers” the challenges 2014-2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology. Grants. Capital. Teacher Leaders. Common Core. Teacher Evaluation. Co-Curricular Clubs, Advisory. School Readiness. Health Insurance. Technology Management Efficiencies. Colchester “conquers” the challenges 2014-2015.

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Colchester “conquers” the challenges 2014-2015

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Teacher Leaders

Common Core



Co-Curricular Clubs,


School Readiness

Health Insurance




Colchester “conquers” the challenges


calendar for 2014 2015 colchester board of education budget
Calendar for 2014-2015Colchester Board of Education Budget


  • 10/18/2013: BOE meeting with Superintendent, Principals, Directors to develop timelines and parameters
  • 1/28/2014: Presentation of Superintendent’s Proposed Budget and Presentations of Curriculum, Special Education, and Capital Budgets
  • 2/25/2014: Special Meeting for 2014-2015 Budget Approval.
  • 3/5/2014: BOE presents to Board of Finance
  • 3/6/2014: Board of Finance Reviews BOE Budget
  • 3/10/2014: Budget Forum
  • 3/31/2014 Budget Presentations to the Town

& 4/1/2014:

  • 4/23/2014: Town Meeting on the Budget
  • 5/6/2014: Town Referendum on the Budget
presentation goals
Presentation Goals

As a result of this presentation on January 28, 2014, Board of Education members and community members will be able to:

  • Describe major budget account increases and decreases and explain how the budget proposal specifically impacts educational programs.
  • Describe the instructional technology and Technology Efficiencies to keep the students of Colchester 21st Century learners.
  • Identify the capital and maintenance needs.
budget development guiding principles
Budget Development Guiding Principles
  • Making Data-Based Decisions
  • Continuing to Improve Teaching and Learning
  • Ensuring Healthy, Safe environment
  • Technology Demands, Instructional and Maintenance Efficiencies
  • Exploring Additional Low-Cost/No Cost Solutions, Partnerships, and Grants
colchester public schools budget development parameters 2014 2015
Colchester Public SchoolsBudget Development Parameters2014-2015

Our 2014-15 Education Spending Plan Proposal will develop funding priorities to:

  • Target the Board’s identified focus areas of our Strategic Plan which represent the Board’s and Community’s priorities for the ongoing improvement of our school system and serve as the foundation of our budget proposal
    • Improved student learning
    • Retain, hire, support and value highly effective staff
  • Address changes in enrollment
  • Meet requirements of the Common Core Curriculum so that all students graduate from high school “college and career ready”
  • Fund educational programs mandated by the state and federal governments and accrediting agencies
  • Improve our School Performance Index (SPI) and District Performance Index (DPI) for reading, writing, math and science
  • Address health, safety and security concerns
  • Improve technology for:
    • Effectiveness and efficiency
    • Increased student learning using 21st century skills
colchester conquers the challenges
Colchester“Conquers”The Challenges

Yankee Institute for Public Policy

June 14, 2013

“Colchester educated its students most efficiently of the 111 districts reviewed, spending only $129,099 over 13 years.”

Source: http//

what does this budget sustain advance
What Does This Budget Sustain/Advance?
  • Academic Courses
  • Technology
  • Professional Development
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Capital
  • Operational Building Needs
  • Co-Curricular Clubs
  • Department Head
  • Athletics
  • Performing Arts

DRG D Comparison of

Per Pupil Expenditure

2012-2013 (P.P.E.)

Source Document: CT State Department of Education: 2012-2013 Net current Expenditures Per Pupil


Surrounding Towns

Per Pupil Expenditure (P.P.E)


Source Document: CT State Department of Education: 2012-2013 Net Current Expenditures Per Pupil

drg d and surrounding towns per pupil expenditure summary
DRG D and Surrounding TownsPer Pupil Expenditure Summary

If Colchester spent the same as East Granby, (DRG D), the difference in PPE would be $3,506 or $9,592,416 per year.

If Colchester spent the same as District 18 (Lyme/Old Lyme), the difference in PPE would be $4,871 or $13,327,056 per year.



PK-12 TO 2018 Based on Data

Through School Year 2013-2014

Reproduced from NESDEC Report

employee related insurance
Employee Related Insurance


+ $796,483

Current funding is approximately 91%. The goal for next year is to fund at 94%. The goal is to increase funding 2% per year until funded at 112%.

2013 - 2014: 94%

2014 - 2015: 96%

2015 - 2016: 98%

2016 - 2017: 100%

2017 - 2018: 102%

2018 - 2019: 104%

2019 - 2020: 106%

2020 - 2021: 108%

2021 - 2022: 110%

2022 - 2023: 112%

employee related insurance1
Employee Related Insurance


Current Funding is approximately 102%. The goal for next year is to fund at 104%. The goal is to increase funding 2% per year until funded at 112%.

2014-2015: 104%

2015-2016: 106%

2016-2017: 108%

2017-2018: 110%

2018-2019: 112%























Capital Budget-Remaining

colchester domain technology
Colchester Domain Technology

Responsible for 1690 computing devices (laptops, ThinClients, iPads, desktops) plus 6 physical servers and the following:

  • VMware Enterprise Management
  • Enterprise Storage Management EMC NS-120 HP Left Hand 4300 (2) and TeraStations (2) 28TB
  • 3 Virtual Data centers
  • Barracuda Firewall and Spam Filter
  • Barracuda Email Archiver
  • TrustwaveM86 Web Content Filter
  • Enterprise Security Anti-Virus Servers
  • Microsoft WSUS Update Server
  • Microsoft Legacy Exchange Hybrid Servers - 2003 (2) and 2010 (1)
  • Verdiem Power Management Server
  • Enterprise Local and Cloud Backup
  • Enterprise Wireless Networks (106 WAP)
  • M86 Security Reporting Management Server
  • 6 Virtual ThinClient Server Labs
  • Enterprise Print Servers
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Closets and Switches
  • District Wide Student/Staff /Administration
aggressive resource acquisition fy 2007 2008 fy 2013 2014
Aggressive Resource AcquisitionFY 2007-2008 – FY 2013-2014

Competitive Grants

Earned $761,361

Since 2008 to arts, health, Literacy, FCS, & PBS school climate programs

  • Partnerships
  • Collaborative for Colchester’s Children (C3) and Graustein Memorial Fund
  • Colchester CARES (C2)
  • Head Start Program
  • Parent Teacher Organizations
  • Colchester Learning Foundation Mini-Grants
  • Regional School Districts Calendar and Staff Development
  • Town Agencies

A total of $1,929,103competitive dollars has been earned, though we continue to seek new grants each year.

Early Childhood

Earned $1,167,742

C3 Grants Received Include:

School Readiness


Community Conversations

Early Literacy Partnership

Capital Improvement Grant

SDE Matching Funds

Quality Enhancement Funding

2013 2014 district highlights and accomplishments
2013-2014District Highlights and Accomplishments

Development and Renewal:

  • Common Core Standards in reading and math implemented at all grade levels
  • K-5 math teachers using a new math program, Eureka Math
  • Common Core aligned Algebra I curriculum implemented in grades 8 and 9
  • Full Day Kindergarten
  • Home Visit Program at CES
  • Addition of Technical Repair Course (STEM) and Computer Information Technology Course providing students certification in A+ PC repair or Networking Pro.
  • JJIS teachers, parents and paraprofessionals participated at the HOT School Summer Institute, the fall/spring mini-institutes and/or at various “Leadershops “(i.e., workshops)
  • Eighteen out of twenty-eight JJIS classroom teachers , are “piloting” Eureka Math
  • JJIS teachers are using Lucy Calkins writing program as a resource to guide their instruction
  • Jessie Haas, author of Saige, a story about last year’s American Girl doll, volunteered to attend Literacy Night this past October. She signed books for students and donated an American Girl doll, Saige
2013 2014 district highlights and accomplishments p 2
2013-2014District Highlights and Accomplishments (p.2)

Professional Learning:

  • Teacher evaluation has resulted in individualized professional learning for staff, opportunities for out of district workshops as well as online resources via BloomBoard
  • Each school dedicated time to professional learning communities, organized according to the needs of teachers and students
  • Experts brought in to work with curriculum teams to align teacher learning with common core standards and teacher evaluation
  • After school and summer book clubs and professional learning are taking place as a result of Colchester University, with materials provided by the Colchester Learning Foundation
  • Bacon Academy teacher publishes fifth book
  • Pedagogical knowledge of the new evaluation system
  • Creation of flex period to provide teachers with bimonthly collaboration/professional development.
  • Job embedded professional development
  • Staff professional book clubs
2013 2014 district highlights and accomplishments p 3
2013-2014District Highlights and Accomplishments (p.3)

Technology Expansion:

  • $541,000 grant will improve infrastructure across the district
  • Title III funds provide iPads and software
  • Students access information online, evaluate resources and critically assess their reliability and accuracy
  • WIFI added to 3 library media centers
  • Wireless provided throughout Bacon Academy
  • BA World Language Computer Lab updated with Thin-Clients
  • JJIS PTO provided funds for us to purchase “Typing Pal”, a program to encourage students to practice their typing skills at school and at home
  • CES PTO provided funds for wireless technology for entire school.
  • FASTT Math, a computer program that individualizes practice to improve fact recall
2013 2014 district highlights and accomplishments p 4
2013-2014District Highlights and Accomplishments (p.4)

Local and Regional Collaboration:

  • Regional Professional Development for specialized areas, resulted in exceptionally useful professional learning communities for teachers of Art, Music, Tech Ed, FCS, Library media, World Languages, Business, PE, and Health.
  • Collaboration with the Colchester Garden Club and National Wildlife Foundation resulted in students winning poetry contests as well as engaging in authentic learning experiences.
  • Partnership with Three Rivers Community College has resulted in more students taking College Career Pathways Courses and graduating with college credit.
  • Participation in “57” Fest
  • Colchester Cares (C2)
  • Collaboration for Colchester’s Children (C3)
  • Food Drives
  • Parent Walking Tours
  • Coffee with Counselors to provide an overview of PSAT & SAT information including College Board’s “My College Quick Start” a free personalization SAT study plan
2013 2014 district highlights and accomplishments p 5
2013-2014District Highlights and Accomplishments (p.5)

Local and Regional Collaboration (continued)

  • Four of the 5th grade classrooms are participating in a program sponsored by Project LEARN, titled, “Equal This”; classrooms are paired with inner city schools and provide hands-on math lessons and friendship created through pen pals and visiting each other’s classrooms
  • Four JJIS students were winners in the annual Martin Luther King, Jr., poster contest sponsored by UConn
  • JJIS was awarded a 2013 Arts Catalyze Placemaking (ACP-1) Connecticut Artists in Every Community matching grant in the amount of $5,000 by the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD)
  • JJIS was asked to host a Mentor Residency for a new CT HOT School artist. This fall 3 of the 4th grade teachers worked with 2 HOT School artists: This residency used visual art and poetry to enhance the fourth grade narrative writing unit
  • Two Lego Robotics Team competed in the Regional Competition and received various awards
  • District Veteran’s Day Celebration
  • Hosted a Unified Sports with other CT schools
  • JJIS students and staff along with other HOT Schools were featured in a video they created, inviting First Lady Michele Obama to the 2013 HOT School Summer Institute
2013 2014 district highlights and accomplishments p 6
2013-2014 District Highlights and Accomplishments (p.6)

Student Performance:

  • Monitoring of student growth data using NWEA MAP and Renaissance STAR
  • Increasing number of students are taking AP tests in increasing number of subjects.
  • Each year more students obtain college credit through either AP testing, ECE courses, or College career Pathway courses.
  • CMT Scores Demonstrate WJJMS is an Excelling School.
  • BA Named to AP Honor Roll
  • BA Robotics Won State Championship
  • BA Dance Team Places First in New England
  • Continued AP Success – 22 AP Scholars, 14 AP Scholars with Honors, 18 AP Scholars with Distinction, 4 National AP Scholars. One hundred sixty-eight (168) courses offered, 16 AP courses offered, 3 UConn Early College Experience Dual-enrollment courses, 12 College Career pathways (Three Rivers Partnership).
  • Students from 3 classrooms performed at the HOT School 2013 Summer Institute, showing the work they had done with teaching artist, Sally Rogers; an author study of Patricia Polacco.
  • Students run monthly Town Meetings that showcase the special talents and academic achievements of our students. Parents of students who are participating are invited to attend.