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Pol-Czech Crazy School Days. Czech issue. At the beginning there are two articles about our gyms! It is number one for us nowadays. Old gym and new gym.

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Old gym and new gym
Old gym and new gym is number one for us nowadays.

  • Our gyms are big. We have got two gyms. There were broken lights, broken floor, broken scoreboard.............. But now our gyms are in the rebuilding. They have done it for a long time. They are slow . Perhaps it will be nice. We know that the new gyms have orange and grey colours. Gyms have got new windows, too. They made a new heating. New gyms are also isolated. The gyms are not allowed and we do not know what they look like inside. It should be finished in March. Perhaps it will be finished.

  • David Traxl and Petr Mikš

Our gym
OUR GYM is number one for us nowadays.

  • In the middle of September they started rebuild our gym. Because there was cold,very cold. Now we can´t do sport here,we have to go to the sport hall. They should do it during the holidays,but they didn´t do it. Lots of workers work there,they are funny. One of them throw snow ball to window of our class. It was very funny. They often wave to us. We want they finish it,because we don´t want to go to the sport hall. I asked them,and they said: It will past long time.

  • Written by Maky 

Photos is number one for us nowadays.

Before and later
…before……and later…… is number one for us nowadays.

Ski trainig course
Ski is number one for us nowadays.trainigcourse

Wearrivedatthe ski trainingcourse on January 21st andweweretheretillJanuary 28 . Firstwestayedandstarted to prepareourrooms.Weweregettingready to ski. Weweredividedintothreegroups, thethirdgroupwasforbeginners. Onegroupwasforintermediateandoneforadvanced. Theycookedthereverybadly. We had to getupat half past seven in themorninganduntileightwe had breakfastthenwewent to ski andwewentfor lunch . After lunch wewentback on ski, andwecameback in theevening. Afterdinnerwe had a program. These eveningsweredifferentgames . And soitwasthroughouttheallweek. Alsowe had twodiscos: Discoswerevery nice. Thatisall!

Yourbeautifulreporters Denis and Peter

Ski training course
Ski is number one for us nowadays.trainingcourse

  • Last week we were on ski training course in the mountains. It was fine. We were skiing and cross country skiing. For me was better skiing. Next to the cottage there was a small downhill track. One day we were on a big downhill track. It was very good. Last day we had a race in skiing and cross country skiing. It was a good week .

  • David Šeliga

Chrismas at our school
Chrismas at our school is number one for us nowadays.

  • On December 22nd we had Christmas meetings .We had special event last day at school. Teachers were on the steps in the hall, they were singing carols. Parents could come there and sing or at least listen to the music. Then we went to teach normally until the last lesson. Last lesson we had Christmas talk. Then we gathered in the classroom under the tree and lit it, we gave gifts. Then we distributed the gifts and WELCOME NEW YEARS DAY. It was similar in all classes. After one hour we left our school.

  • Written by Honza Starý

Our culture
Our culture is number one for us nowadays.

  • We started on Sunday Advent. Our school was preparing for the Christmas market for a long time. We sold products made by our pupils,held down the stairs. On Sunday we lit candles at our homes. In the square there was a Christmas tree.

  • Written by Kája

December 22nd
December 22nd is number one for us nowadays.

  • Sport is number one for us nowadays.

Sport is number one for us nowadays.

  • Hello, I want to write you about St.Nicolas aerobic. It was on December 7th for the first grade. Winners went on to the next round which was on December 14th. There was second grade too. And I was there too, as every year. I exercised in front of the sportsmen as their trainer!

  • Written by Eva

The day cross our school
The day cross our school is number one for us nowadays.

  • In December there was a project day in our school. Its name was „The day cross our school“. We made four groups. In one group were kids from 3rd,7th,4th and 8th classes. We had to work together. It was funny. Older kids had to help to youngers. We made a poster of our island. Four pupils from one group went around the school and found answers to the questions. This day was boring for us I think. We wanted to go home. Teachers thought „It was funny“. But I think it wasn´t.

  • Written by Markéta

The school parliament
The school Parliament is number one for us nowadays.

  • Our school has a parliament. The parliament meets once per fortnight.Each group works on something else. They organized school events. They cooperate with school canteen for better cooking or with theteachers.

  • Written by David Šeliga

  • January 17th: is number one for us nowadays.

  • In our school there was a discussion with a famous writer. Her name is Lucie Lomová. She writes and draws comics. She devised two mice Anča and Pepík. They discovered in many comics. She lives in Prague and she has two kids. She is the most prominent writer of comics in the Czech Republic. She has written for magazine Čtyřlístek for ten years.

  • After discussion there was a workshop where we could to try draw comics.

  • Written by Nikola and Šarlota

Lucie lomov
Lucie Lomová is number one for us nowadays.

Exhibition is number one for us nowadays.

  • Special exhibition about Jewish tragedy in the Czech Republic

  • This exhibition is in the hall and pupils from other schools can visit this exhibition

  • Our pupils from History club tell them stories of Jewish children

HOROSCOPES is number one for us nowadays.

  • Lion: You will be lucky.You find money. You will have an injury.

  • Pisces: You quarrel with friends.You will go on a trip. You will get praise.

  • Virgo: You will find new friends. You will get advice from close people.

  • Cancer: You get a penalty. You will have bad visitors. You will get nice SMS.

  • Scorpio: You will travel. Death in the family. You will get new pets. You will travel to the mountains.

  • Aries: You will get big present.You will have a party in the house. This party will be boring.

  • Taurus: You quarrel with your parents. You will find a new activity, that you will enjoy.

  • Libra: You will find new partners. You will go to the cinema. You will buy new clothes. You will lose your phone.

  • Gemini: You will learn better to cook. You will get flowers from partners. Expect something bad!

  • Sagittarius: You will go to the playground and you will meet new friends here.

  • Aquarius: You start sport. You start your interest in History. Your school idol will call you. Your family will move.

  • Capricorn: You love. You will see your favourite actor. You will come to school late. You will have a problem.

Our team
Our team is number one for us nowadays.