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Tourism Exam Review

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Tourism Exam Review. 5 Sectors. Accommodations. You need to stay somewhere You Need to Get there You have to have something to do You have to eat You may need assistance. Transportation. Recreation & Entertainment. Food & Beverage. Travel Services. 5 Reasons for Growth.

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5 sectors
5 Sectors


  • You need to stay somewhere
  • You Need to Get there
  • You have to have something to do
  • You have to eat
  • You may need assistance


Recreation & Entertainment

Food & Beverage

Travel Services

5 reasons for growth
5 Reasons for Growth
  • Increase in Disposable Income
  • Increase in leisure time
  • Technological Advances

- online booking, transportation

  • Globalization and communication/media
  • Safety of Travel
  • Stress, Stress and more Stress
terms and definitions
Terms and Definitions
  • Tourism Illiteracy
  • Leakage
  • Trip
  • Foreign and Domestic Tourist
tourism illiteracy
Tourism Illiteracy

Closed Minded?

This can happen because of TOURISM ILLITERACY- this is an educational deficiency about tourism.


Leakage is a community’s

need to import workers

and goods in order to

sustain its tourism industry

what is a trip
What is a Trip?

A trip is defined as any travel that takes a person 80kms from their home for any reason other than:

  • For school
  • For work
  • Hospital
  • Or for more than one year
tourist terms
Tourist Terms
  • Foreign Tourist – outside of country
  • Domestic Tourist – inside of country
  • Outbound
  • Inbound
types of travellers
Types of Travellers
  • Free Spirit
  • No Hassel
  • Cultural History Buff
  • Etc
authentic experiencer
Authentic Experiencer
  • Independent and curious, you love to immerse yourself in the places you visit, before, during and after.
cultural explorer
Cultural Explorer
  • Easy-going and creative, you talk to the locals, get in on the action and take the road less travelled.
cultural history buff
Cultural History Buff
  • Focusing on the cultures of others, you follow your interests with an open and detailed-oriented mind.
personal history explorer
Personal History Explorer
  • Explore your family heritage and share your discoveries with your friends when you get home.
  • Leave work behind, sit back and relax. There’s no time for stress when you’re busy getting comfortable.

Only worry in the world

is the tide gonna reach my chair

virtual traveller
Virtual Traveller
  • Follow your own schedule and keep things flexible and close to home.
travel types psychographics
Travel Types - Psychographics

1. Allo - Centric

2. Mid - Centric

3. Psych - Centric

5 scenic drives
5 Scenic Drives
  • River ValleyScenic Drive
  • Fundy Coastal Drive
  • Acadian Coastal Drive
  • Appalachian Range Route
  • Miramichi River Route
types of advertising
Types of Advertising
  • Broadcast
  • News/Print
  • Online Advertising
  • Outdoor or On-the-Go advertising
marketing mix
Marketing Mix
  • What are the 4 P’s of Marketing Mix





what is positioning
What is Positioning?
  • Give an Example

- Business:

- Positioning Statement:

tourism and web design
Tourism and Web Design
  • Color Schemes
  • Navigation
  • Photography
  • Video Quality and Use