Nuclear power plants
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Nuclear Power Plants. Nuclear Power Plant Turbine and Generator. Steam. Spinning turbine blades and generator. Boiling water. Nuclear Energy Powers 1 in 5 U.S. Homes and Businesses. Uranium Is Mined and Refined. Uranium Ore  Uranium hexafluoride  Gas  Solid.

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Nuclear power plants l.jpg

Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plant turbine and generator l.jpg
Nuclear Power PlantTurbine and Generator


Spinning turbine blades and generator

Boiling water

Nuclear energy powers 1 in 5 u s homes and businesses l.jpg
Nuclear Energy Powers 1 in 5 U.S. Homes and Businesses

Uranium ore uranium hexafluoride gas solid l.jpg
Uranium Ore  Uranium hexafluoride  Gas  Solid

Nuclear energy comes from fission l.jpg

Spit atoms Assemblies


Uranium atom

Nuclear Energy Comes From Fission

Splitting atoms releases neutrons making heat l.jpg

Heat Assemblies


Splitting Atoms Releases Neutrons, Making Heat

Heat produces steam generating electricity l.jpg

Steam Assemblies


Steam produced




Heat Produces Steam, Generating Electricity

Controlling the chain reaction l.jpg
Controlling the Chain Reaction Assemblies



Control rods

Withdraw control rods,

reaction increases

Insert control rods,

reaction decreases

Pressurized water reactor l.jpg

Steam Assemblies

Pressurized Water Reactor

Safety is engineered into reactor designs l.jpg
Safety Is Engineered Into Reactor Designs Assemblies

Containment Vessel

1.5-inch thick steel

Shield Building Wall

3 foot thick reinforced concrete

Dry Well Wall

5 foot thick reinforced concrete

Bio Shield

4 foot thick leaded concrete with

1.5-inch thick steel lining inside and out

Reactor Vessel

4 to 8 inches thick steel

Reactor Fuel

Weir Wall

1.5 foot thick concrete