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Django Security. About Me. Levi Gross Chapter Leader at OWASP NYC Security Consultant at Matasano Previously responsible for the development and security of a large Django application. What is Django. A web application framework written in Python MVC “Secure” by default

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About me
About Me

  • Levi Gross

  • Chapter Leader at OWASP NYC

  • Security Consultant at Matasano

  • Previously responsible for the development and security of a large Django application.

What is django
What is Django

  • A web application framework written in Python

    • MVC

  • “Secure” by default

  • Loosely coupled by default

  • Batteries included

    • Admin

    • Auth

    • Sessions

    • Permissions

Frameworks are taking over
Frameworks are Taking over

  • ORMS

    • With Parameterized Queries

  • Automatic escaping on “unsafe” data

    • Output encoding

  • Robust handling of HTTP headers

    • Eliminates HTTP Response splitting

  • Pain free secure session handling

What is new in django 1 4
What is new in Django 1.4

  • HTTPonly cookies by default

  • The SECRET_KEY is required

  • Enhanced CSRF protection

  • Cryptographic Helpers

  • Password Hashers

  • CSRF protection in the Admin Application

  • A Page dedicated to security

    • Finally!!

What is new in django 1 4 cont
What is new in Django 1.4 Cont.

  • @sensitive_variables


  • Session Cookie can be modified

  • Hashed passwords shielded with the Admin

  • Protection against cryptographic timing attacks

    • Somewhat

  • Generic views prevent HTTP verb tampering and enhance CSRF protection

  • Automatic Clickjacking protection

Password hashers
Password Hashers

  • Salted SHA1 hashes are gone! (Kinda)

  • PBKDF2 with 10000 iterations by default

  • Easy to extend and enhance

  • Bcrypt support built-in

Signed cookies
Signed Cookies

  • Signed not encrypted

  • Open to replay attacks

    • Cookie refreshes every 2 weeks by default

  • Cookie is compressed using zlib

Enhanced csrf protection
Enhanced CSRF Protection

  • Random SHA256 hash

  • Cross HTTP/HTTPS protection

  • Rejects all “safe” methods

    • 'GET', 'HEAD', 'OPTIONS', 'TRACE’

  • Now you can customize the cookie

    • Name

    • Domain

    • Path

    • Secure

Cryptographic helpers
Cryptographic Helpers

  • The key defaults to your SECRET_KEY

  • Uses Pythons built-in HMAC

    • SHA1

  • Custom key/salt

  • Time based signing as well

View protection
View Protection

  • HTTP Verb manipulation

    • Generic views require a specific method for every HTTP method

      • def get(self, request,*args, **kwargs):

      • Don’t use function based views

  • Automatic CSRF protection without any “extras”

    • no more dealing with request context

  • Regex based URL routing

Things aren t perfect just yet
Things aren’t perfect just yet

  • Invalid logic

  • Issues with timing attacks

  • Confusing code constructs

    • user.set_password(UNUSABLE_PASSWORD)

  • CRUD Permissions

    • Not object based

  • Insecure usage of standard libraries

    • Serialized data isn’t signed or encrypted

    • Pickle

    • YAML is loaded insecurely

  • Mass Assignment?

    • Django’s model forms

Xss even with autoescaping
XSS Even with Autoescaping

  • This is still vulnerable if you use the input as a HTML tag attribute

    • <span class={{user_input}} >

SQLi in Django

  • Queryset().order_by

  • Queryset().extra() does not support parameterized queries

Blind redirect on login
Blind Redirect on Login

  • Functionality relies on urlparse which does not decode the URL


  • Framework only go so far

  • Even engines cannot help us

  • We don’t educate developers properly

  • We don’t provide them with the right resources

  • We need to give them a boost!

What is djangoat
What is DjanGoat

  • A Learning Tool To Help Pen Testers Learn How To Break Django Based Web Application

  • A Point Of Reference To Learn How to Write Secure Django Applications

  • Unlike WebGoat, Djangoat Better Simulates A Real-World Application

Why djangoat
Why DjanGoat

  • Developers always making the same mistakes

    • Lack of GOOD examples

  • I am a fan of Django

Why a real web application
Why a real web application?

  • This will be a banking application

    • Developers will identify with code and constraints that they encounter daily

  • This puts the developer in the pen testers chair

  • Great for Students

  • Pen testers love full applications

Layers of insecurity
Layers of insecurity

  • There will be a range of challenges provided

  • Useful for both a developer and a pen tester

The goal
The Goal

  • Developers need to learn how vulnerabilities are introduced into applications.

  • Pen testers need an example of insecure Django code

  • Django needs to grow.

  • Django needs to be used in a security conscious way.