5 how did you attract address your audience n.
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5) How did you attract/address your audience? PowerPoint Presentation
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5) How did you attract/address your audience?

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5) How did you attract/address your audience? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5) How did you attract/address your audience?. My Colour Scheme. Colour.

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My Colour Scheme


The colour scheme for my magazine is black, dark purple, dark red, white and grey, with some yellow included as well for the outer glows. Most of the colours I have used for my magazine are dark which is a generic convention of the rock genre so fit in with the theme of my magazine. I have used some light colours as well, such as white and yellow for outer glows and text to ensure that it would stand out. Since my magazine is also aimed at both males and females I made sure that I used colours that would appeal to both of them. I used the colour purple in my magazine which would appeal to the female audience, however I made the purple dark to make sure that my magazine wasn’t too feminine, because if it was then it put off potential male buyers of my magazine. Also with my headline I made that dark red, because I thought that any other colour would look out of place, plus if I used purple it would have made the magazine look too feminine.


The images that I included in my magazine all include the same female model, I did this to show that she is the most important part of that issue, plus it was easier for me when it came to my photoshoot to just have one model since I only had to arrange the photoshoot with one person and didn’t have to rely on too many people. Also it was easier for me to use the same female model since she is my friend, so I know her which meant it was easier to ask her and it also made her more reliable, plus I have more female friends than ones that are male. I decided to use a female model since my magazine is aimed at both males and females that are in their teenage years (late teens) up to their early twenties, so by having a female model that is in her late teens will help potential buyers of my magazine feel as if they can relate more to her. Also since she is young and attractive and uses direct mode of address in some of the images it will also appeal to the audience since they will feel more comfortable getting the magazine since she is like that.

coverlines and content
Coverlines and content

The coverlines tell us what articles will be included in this months issue of my music magazine. I have made use of the left side third by including most of the information on that side of the front cover, since this will be the first thing potential buyers will see when it is placed on shelves in the shops. I have included puffs on my front cover that also tell us some things that will be included in the magazine, such as The Ultimate Gig Guide!, and I have also used a puff to highlight a competition that people can enter to try win over £100 worth of CDs, this will attract my audience because not only will they want to win CDs by some of their favourite bands/musicians but also in my survey I found that most people want physical CDs as a means of getting their music. At the bottom of my front cover I have included a number of names of popular rock bands that will appeal to my audience, plus most of the bands I have included were mentioned in my survey so this further ensures that it will appeal to my audience. Also the coverlines and content of my magazine relate to the rock genre so I have made sure that I have kept to the theme of my magazine.


My masthead appeals to my audience as it clearly shows that my magazine is about rock. The dark purple of the masthead also appeal to both males and females, since the colour is not too feminine and it also fits in with the rock genre since it is a dark colour, so this makes it recognisable as a rock magazine. Also the masthead is cracked and broken which makes the magazine look rather edgy, rough and rebellious which is a generic convention to the rock genre so I keeps within the theme of rock.