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OUTLINING. -general plan of material -presents order of the topics -helps create relationship between parts -each section of your paper is a different portion. What is an outline?.

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what is an outline

-general plan of material

-presents order of the topics

-helps create relationship between parts

-each section of your paper is a different portion

What is an outline?
how is an outline organized

The most common order in outlines is to go from the general to the specific. This means you begin with a general idea and then support it with specific examples.

How is an outline organized?
thesis statement

All outlines should have a thesis statement.

This thesis sentence presents the central idea of the paper.

It must always be a complete, grammatical sentence, specific and brief, and express the point of view you are taking towards the subject (what are you proving).

Thesis Statement

Thesis: This is where I will write my thesis statement.

I. Main Idea One (Main Idea of the first detail)

A. Major Supporting Detail

B. Major Supporting Detail

1. Example One

2. Example Two

a. Specific Evidence

b. Specific Evidence

II. Main Idea of Idea Two...



Each heading and subheading must have at least two parts.

I - Writing a Paper

A. If you have a point A

B. You must have a point B.

1. And if you have one.

2. Then you must have two.



I. Introduction

A. Hook -something to grab the reading attention NO QUESTIONS

B. Thesis statement- the road map to your paper. What you are going to be proving and in what order

II. Body

A) Personal Life- The first question from the Ichart.

1. Harry Potter was born in Surrey, England on August 20th, 1990 (Smith).

2. When he was one year old both is his parents were murdered (Johnson).



~ Must be for your entire paper.

~At the end of each sentence a parenthetical citation must be placed inside the period.

~Format must be correct

~All 3 Ichart topics have multiple facts.

~MUST BE READABLE!!!! If you have questionable handwriting TYPE YOUR OUTLINE.